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Moses basket - yes or no

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Nimme · 25/09/2004 09:47

I am thinking of buying a moses basket for having downstairs the first 3 months or so. I don't want to spend too much money (Daisy and Tom do lovely plain and simple one but costs £100 - without stand). Where can I get nice second hand one - and should I buy or is it waste of money???

OP posts:
Flik · 28/09/2004 20:25

could'nt have done with out my moses basket for both dd's. A well spent £50. Had it downstairs all day and used for about 4 months with each. We got ours from a place called Yew Tree Baby Farm, i'm sure they have other outlets but but's not a highstreet jobby.

Aero · 29/09/2004 13:50

Have found the hood now Nimme. Will put it all together and take a pic if you are still interested. Just wondered if you received my email via CAT.

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