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Husband going away till end of half term

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edgarcat · 20/05/2003 13:17

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Mum2Toby · 21/05/2003 09:47

By my treatment on Mumsnet so far, I mastered that already! LOL

Mum2Toby · 21/05/2003 09:48

Oops WL... our posts crossed. I just gotta have an OHP that I can write on though.... it's a weird fantasty of mine.

edgarcat · 21/05/2003 09:49

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 09:53

i'm sorry m2t, but that has to be the wierdest fantasy I've ever heard of. and possibly the dullest. I bet you sniff the pens, too...

wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 09:54

unless, of course, the fantasy also involves the teacher with the snot-green wet hand towel. Then it is still wierd, but marginally less dull...

edgarcat · 21/05/2003 09:58

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 09:59

how do you know?!
although I hope it didn't involve an OHP.

Mum2Toby · 21/05/2003 10:04

Ooooooo... pens..... mmmmmmmmmmmm.

You should've seen the teacher though girls!

wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 10:17

am I the only person who has never had a sexy teacher in their life?
oops, no insult intended, edgarcat.
or maybe it was because I was at an all girls school where they apparently limited teaching posts to lesbians, sweet over-50 Mr Chips types and incredibly spotty, sweaty, nervous straight-out-of-oxbridge latin masters?

edgarcat · 21/05/2003 10:29

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 10:33

no, boarding school in deepest wessex. thomas hardy was a MAJOR influence...

Mum2Toby · 21/05/2003 10:47

I had a maths teacher that I fancied. Mmmmm. Very tasty. He had just got married and his wife was pregnant though. We all hated her!

edgarcat · 21/05/2003 11:14

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 11:16

actually I enjoyed it - older sister was there with me and it was a good escape from home - parents who disliked each other intensely and father who was a bit mad, frankly.
but wouldn't do it to mine unless they really wanted to go (and then I'd be racked with guilt about why they didn't want to stay with me!)

edgarcat · 21/05/2003 12:03

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 12:21

is he in j'burg? thought it was too dangerous to venture outside there, so he won't mind what the weather is like...
going to s of france next week - currently 25 and sunny, but on Sunday it is forecast to go down to 18 and is pouring with rain apparently. bloody typical.

edgarcat · 21/05/2003 19:39

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 19:42

just carried my sleepy 2.5yo ten ton son up to bed - I'm sure I shouldn't be doing this in my condition. my back is definately buggered.

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