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Husband going away till end of half term

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edgarcat · 20/05/2003 13:17

Message withdrawn

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edgarcat · 20/05/2003 13:19

Message withdrawn

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whymummy · 20/05/2003 14:13

can my dh go with yours?oh and the in laws on a one way ticket

Mum2Toby · 20/05/2003 14:15

Yes please take mine too! Then we can all live in the Mums Arms and develop a fantastic tolerance for cyber alcohol.

sykes · 20/05/2003 14:15

Please don't worry - and thanks for your message.

easy · 20/05/2003 14:23


Not fair really, couldn't we all do with some sun in south africa too??

I am trying to remember how many/ages of your brood. If you are anywhere near the east midlands you could bring your lot over to play with my ds next week while I continue my recovery. You could make our coffee and stuff and we would have grown up conversations. I could even borrow a cuddle of your tiny one.

Never mind, if you're too far away we just have to do this mumsnet thing.

I'll be here quite a lot of the time.

edgarcat · 20/05/2003 14:24

Message withdrawn

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Meid · 20/05/2003 14:28

I think you should take comfort in the fact that in S Africa they are just going into their winter. Probably still warmer than here, though, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for a heatwave for you to enjoy while he's off!

whymummy · 20/05/2003 14:39

oh edgarcat can i come and stay with you?please,please my my in laws are coming and i need somewhere to hide

edgarcat · 20/05/2003 15:28

Message withdrawn

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Mum2Toby · 20/05/2003 15:30

I thought the Mums Arms might have had rooms. Perhaps you should think about branching out WM

edgarcat · 20/05/2003 15:40

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
whymummy · 20/05/2003 16:06

yes,we need a new refuge,mind you when theyre here ill have no chance of going on line

easy · 20/05/2003 17:17


Oh, but where abouts are you now??

and thanx for asking, I have just had major re-building work done to my left hip, and am struggling back onto the feet. Have now graduated onto crutches, which means I can stand in the kitchen to make coffee, but can't carry it thru to the sitting room, so either have to stand in kitchen and drink it all down, or keep wandering to-and-fro to keep having a sip.
DH trying to work from home as much as poss to help, but regards demands for frequent hot drinks from me as unreasonable (esp when interspersed with demands from ds to play, help him get dressed as I'm apparently not good enough, make more milkshake etc etc).

Anyway your 2 and 4 year olds would make a great team with my 3 y.o.


edgarcat · 20/05/2003 17:23

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
edgarcat · 20/05/2003 20:53

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
emsiewill · 20/05/2003 21:28

edgarcat, it's nothing to do with the fact that England are playing S. Africa (football) on Thursday, is it?
(Not that I want to put ideas in your head)

wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 09:06

edgarcat are you in salis or outside? if you are north, could do coffee somewhere like pewsey or devizes, but that is probably too far for you. esp with an 8wk old!

edgarcat · 21/05/2003 09:24

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 09:29

aha, is m2t wessex too? could be entertaining...
my dh has arranged business trips over the years to coincide with
cricket in SA
cricket in Sri Lanka
cricket in Trinidad (see any pattern here?)
England playing football in Poland
Rolling Stones in Munich
ummmm... sure I've missed some.

by the way his line of work is NOTHING to do with sport. I think I'm missing something here, my trips are always to central turkey or denmark or nowhereseville New Jersey without even any shopping potential. I must be doing something wrong...

edgarcat · 21/05/2003 09:30

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Mum2Toby · 21/05/2003 09:32

You'll all have to come up here for a party!

Guest speaker? Wow, an honour.... but I'd have to limit it to just 3 hours coz after that I'd be struggling to think of anything to say.

edgarcat · 21/05/2003 09:43

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Mum2Toby · 21/05/2003 09:46

Oh YES!!!

An OHP.... with lots of different coloured pens and a piece of horrible green hand towel stuff that used to be in the school toilet. The teacher used to wet it and wipe the ink off the acetate when he was finished. Loving it!

AND.... I get to talk about food, not only that, but a contentious issue regarding that particular food!


edgarcat · 21/05/2003 09:46

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
wiltshirelass · 21/05/2003 09:47

excuse me ladies, but here in wessex we have moved with the times.
with groovy grape-shaped bullet points that swish in from the left, please.

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