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The Brave Babes Battle Bus - Posters, Lurkers, Old Or New, Come Take A Seat, This Bus Is For YOU!

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Mouseface · 24/05/2013 10:33

Hello, I'm Mouse Smile

A huge big welcome to the Brave Babes threads.

We're a varied group of posters, on this wonderfully supportive, non judgemental, gigantic Bus, and we are all heading in the same direction - towards Sobriety.

Some of us don't touch a drop of alcohol, some of us do. Some of us drink too much, openly admit it and are desperate to stop and some of us are trying to manage controlled drinking.

No matter what we're doing, we're just trying to do it One Day At A Time.

What ever you need, what ever your habit, chances are that there'll be another poster who is just like you or has been where you are now, already here, waiting to talk or just listen :)

Yes, some of us have been here for a longer time than others, some of us for just a few days but that's what makes this Bus so great imo, the variety of knowledge and understanding :)

This Bus has been whizzing along various roads now for almost four years thanks to the very desperate cry for help from THIS THREAD BY JWN

And if you'd like to read some of the other threads, maybe how we got to where we are today, then you can follow them back using the links RIGHT HERE

Hope to see you soon :)

OP posts:
Theala · 24/05/2013 13:03

Oh we're here now, good.

aliasjoey · 24/05/2013 13:07

Thank you clutter and purple and theala

I know that things often feel better after a bit, so I am just not going to think about it at all until next week, and instead focus on other things. TBH I'm almost more cross with myself for getting so upset

The good thing is I now recognise my triggers for drinking - I want to drink so that today is just a hazy memory. I don't like my emotions.

PurpleWolfe · 24/05/2013 13:10
Ladame · 24/05/2013 13:31

Makes space for Purps in the side car. Hi Purps.

venusandmars · 24/05/2013 13:37

alias sometimes I feel that I just need to let the emotion out - and the trigger isn't always something big. In fact I often find it easier to deal with the big things then fall apart because there's no milk left in the fridge.

aliasjoey · 24/05/2013 13:39

Why the hell do I get so emotional and daft?!

purple I'm sure you will recognise this as your DD is about the same age as mine, and maybe just getting to the stage where parents are, like, so, like embarrassing Grin

Last weekend she had a friend for a sleepover, and we all watched Les Miserables. I didn't really know the plot, and had always assumed 'I dreamed a dream' (as sung by Susan Boyle) was sung by an older woman, looking back over her life.

Well, Anne Hathaway - who looks about 14 - had just sold her teeth, hair and body, and started singing and the tears rolled down my cheeks... Blush DD glared at me, how dare I humiliate her in front of her friend! Lately she has been doing a lot of that eye-roll thing if she thinks I've said something particularly dumb. Soon she will refuse to walk down the street with us...

aliasjoey · 24/05/2013 13:41

Thanks venus I just feel really embarrassed to do that at work!

How is your mother today?

ohcluttergotme · 24/05/2013 14:00

Just climbing on-board, bought a monthly ridacard for the bus. Will not be drinking today/tonight.
Really want to drink. Want someone to come and take my dc away for a few days, take Monday off work and get a bottle of wine or something fizzy! Keep feeling really tempted to drink. I have had a chesty cough for going on 4 weeks now and now on anti-biotics which don't seem to be touching it, just feeling really run down. My colleague at work say's I need a drink to pickle the bug!!

Ladame · 24/05/2013 14:06

Clutter Hi! Well it truly doesn't pickle the bug. That's why am in the side car. Antibiotics still haven't got rid of mine either. But the bottle of wine I got outside of last night certainly didn't help in the slightest.

Ladame · 24/05/2013 14:10

I. Have. No. Willpower. None. Nada. Nein. Aucun.

aliasjoey · 24/05/2013 14:17


Ladame · 24/05/2013 14:21

Nichts (sigh). Hi Joey

ohcluttergotme · 24/05/2013 14:32

Ladame, don't be so hard on yourself, tomorrow is a new day. If you are vouching that it truely doesn't help I'm going to try hard not to. Play the video to the end, think of feeling like shit tomorrow.
Just feeling fed up of feeling not well. Had a dream of a tarantula last night,I am petrified of even the tiniest spider but in my dream I wasn't scared. The dream dictionary said this can represent feelings of hopelessness and despair Sad
Think I need to relax and stop stressing and maybe I'll get better [hopeful] Hmm

PurpleWolfe · 24/05/2013 14:52

Joey Don't worry about the 'evils' your DD shot you! What you have to do, imho, is make embarrassing her into an art form! That's what I've done! DD's friends seem to find me (and our banter) rather funny and think I'm quite cool (Jeff knows why) and DD, after an initial period of cringing, has found her ol' Mum can be rather amusing to her friends (in a good way!!) - if in a manner that takes the mickey out of her. Pre teen/teen girls and eye-rolling are inevitable. And who the buggery bollocks doesn't cry at Les Mis!?

PurpleWolfe · 24/05/2013 14:54

On my own this weekend. DC at XP's. Not a good time to be alone. x

aliasjoey · 24/05/2013 14:55

That dream interpretation doesn't sound right to me! It sounds more like you knew that a phobia of spiders isn't such a big deal and you have more important things to worry about!

PurpleWolfe · 24/05/2013 14:58

I thought the same as Joey about your dream, Clutter.

Ladame · 24/05/2013 15:03

Hmmm - maybe you're managing to confront something that would usually scare you! Goes to get the Tarot cards out of the drawer ..

Lemonylemon · 24/05/2013 15:09

Afternoon babes.... Last post before I'm orf on me 'ols....

Ladame DS (15) says to me "You're really embarrassing..." in that way that teens do. I reply sweetly "Payback time for all those years...." and we give each other the evils. Childish, yes, but hey, that's what being a parent is all about.

purps can you think of anything to keep you really busy - although I realise that it's no consolation {hug}

A good weekend to you all. Hugs to you all. I don't do hugs in real life, so you're all honoured... Wink

ohcluttergotme · 24/05/2013 15:13

I like your definition better Alias Smile
You could be right Ladame the new job I'm doing I qualified for in September 2011 but was too scared to apply for posts as the post terrifies me. Finally thought I should give it a try and if I fail miserably then at least I would always know that I tried..if that makes sense? It is really hard and stressful, prob why I'm ill but think it will only get easier by doing it Hmm x

Mintyy · 24/05/2013 15:19

Afternoon all.

Purple - can you go out? To the cinema or something?

Ladame · 24/05/2013 15:31

Lemony Ermm ... did you mean that reply for Joey, lovely? My dd is nineteen and past the being embarrassed by me stage (although not completely over the eye-rolling Smile.

Sorry you're on your own purple. I'll be sitting next to you in the sidecar in a virtual way. Wish I could swoop over and get you for the weekend and feed you lasagne 'til you pop.

PurpleWolfe · 24/05/2013 17:26

Thanks Lemony, Minty and Ladame I really should get my arse into gear and get myself out somewhere but I'm really lacking in enthusiasm at the mo'. ' Lasagne 'til I pop' sounds just the ticket Ladame! I often don't bother much with food when DC aren't here.

Mouseface · 24/05/2013 17:53

Afternoon, tis me, Mouse

Hello lovely People :)

Well, Mother Nature has clearly decided that all of this chatter about me starting to go through the menopause early was too much for her and that she needed some control back so has kindly given me the most nasty period. Sorry for the TMI. It's been 60+ days because DD has had 2 since my last bit of spotting. This is horrific, bright red and just nasty.

OP posts:
babyjane1 · 24/05/2013 18:32

Hi babes, I totally sympathise with the comments re teenage dd's, this time last year my daughter came swimming with me, she loved me playing with her hair, she thought it was cool I went to tap classes and laugh too loud, she made me feel like I was special. Now she won't go swimming cos it'll ruin her hair, my loud laugh makes her cringe and prefers no physical contact, it feels like a loss to me, my little girl thinks I'm a loser, it hurts me every day, I miss my daughter!!! My mum assures me to be patient, she'll be back someday in years to come..... alias my gran had a very wise saying "you can walk through a storm and get knocked down by a cold wind" I guess this means us mums have so many huge challenges to face which but every now and again it's the wee things that catch us out, it's ok to cry babe!!!! I've had a tough day and really want to drink, but I won't x x

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