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Not Quite October yet Pushchair Shed

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FlyMeToDunoon · 29/09/2009 14:19

Hello and welcome!

OP posts:
nicolamumof3 · 14/10/2009 20:38

Thats easy done tho 1leg, have a great time.

5in did you get my email this morning? i gave you her email i think? it was early, so i hope i did! tho i think she has now sold it to a lady on payment plan

nicolamumof3 · 14/10/2009 20:41

just saw norma mention this place on another thread, aparently £160 del 5in and they take pp! did you hear about your refund btw?

1legmummy · 14/10/2009 20:50

Think I am just overly panicking to be honest.

Think there is a knack to doing it quickly.

Will update you next week. xxxxx

nicolamumof3 · 14/10/2009 21:02

yes can't wait to hear all about it! you are going to have a fab time, just as the weather is turning here as well. enjoy it x

5inthetomb · 14/10/2009 21:14

Oh no Nicola! I was out all day!

No, no refund. Will resort to plan B.

Have a lovely holiday 1LM

nicolamumof3 · 14/10/2009 21:15

oh no im quite for you now.

im soooooooo bored, bloody football.

5inthetomb · 14/10/2009 21:20

Have emailed that shop Nicola, hopefully they will reply in the morning, and I can buy one!

Put a BIN in for one on Ebay, and they emailed asking me to do it off Ebay for a bit higher for what I said. Sorry, but NO!

5inthetomb · 14/10/2009 21:21

I'm glad DH isn't a footy fan

nicolamumof3 · 14/10/2009 21:27

ebayers are sooooooo weird aren't they?

BexieID · 14/10/2009 21:35

1leg - can I have dibs on the lost nipper if it ever turns up?

Knickers0nMaHead · 14/10/2009 21:39

Do Snunkie still do P&T hoods? Had a look on their site but couldn't find any.

Have emailed them too.

sal1309 · 15/10/2009 08:28

morning all

carrielou2007 · 15/10/2009 09:51

Morning all

No news from my switch seller, she said on sat he was moving house so maybe no interntet but how strange to sell something expensive on ebay the day before you move house??

Busy day washing and cleaning today as going away on another Sun holiday long weekend to Haven in Exmouth. We've still had lovely weather here though a bit nippy first thing and evenings so we are taking our hot water bottles .

lillypie · 15/10/2009 10:57

Hi carrie how are you feeling are you going away with DD's dad again?

I am having sellers regret over the yummy triumph but I really was obsessive about keeping it clean and muddy winter paths would drive me crazy

Starting to convince my self that I maybe do need an emergency stroller.Do you still have the Volo..............?

rusmum · 15/10/2009 11:14

i selling a kato if need a little spare! used for a week- lol

maxybrown · 15/10/2009 11:41

Where is everyone today I wonder??!!

FlyMeToDunoon · 15/10/2009 11:44

I'm staving off boredom flitting around!
But just off in a mo to collect from nursery.

OP posts:
nicolamumof3 · 15/10/2009 12:47

been to toddler group then into town.

xt footmuff sold on ebay woohoo, so now i can get another one.

carrielou2007 · 15/10/2009 13:32

Ha ha Lillypie I thought you hated the volo!!! Yep, I love it just don't need it as still using black xt for dd until I pack that up and store in the garage until splodge needs it. 35 and I can drop it off to you if you fancy it .

Everytime I see a pink triumph I still think I love the colour but hated he recline.

Just dd and I going away this time so will cuddle up to her in bed to keep warm!!

Nicola what will you get now then??

I want my switch!!!

lillypie · 15/10/2009 13:59

love the colour and only for VERY occasional use.Does it have a RC carrie,if so I will have it if you can hold it for a couple of weeks as I have a few things to sell.
I am very of your snuggly weekend away with DD

rusmum thanks for the offer but I really fancy the pink and black

Disenchanted3 · 15/10/2009 14:02

Hello gals!

I bought a britax strider

I really like it, though haven't been out with it yet as poorly

but it is nice.

Anyone fancy an Ice MPX?

SpookyScattyKatty · 15/10/2009 14:21

OMG Dis how many buggies do you have now! How much for M&P?

I just ordered this for my PIL's for Xmas, I just know my MIL is gonna go crazy for it! It's gonna have their nicknames on and DS's name and DOB painted on and space for their futrure DGC's. I love buying people the perfect Christmas presents

rusmum · 15/10/2009 14:28

£40 and own courier?

janx · 15/10/2009 14:51

You there maxy? that little red duffle - so cute - but so big! even my ds is too small for it..thanks its lovely. will email you just in case you don't see this.

Disenchanted3 · 15/10/2009 14:55

Ive just got them&p beata nd strider once MPX has gone!

Its really good condition with carrycot, seat unit, hood, apron for carrycot, apron for seat unit and matching footmuuf, £100

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