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OMAZE house

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walkinthewoodstoday · 02/01/2023 20:42

So, I'm thinking of entering this competion. Clearly as much chance of winning as me getting an Olympic gold medal, but I keep reading that these 'amazing' houses have issues. Eg one has been massively flooded and another is so close to the cliff edge that it might be uninsurable and when it falls the owners will have a massive clear up bill. The current one is in Finsbury Park and I've even been sad enough to streetview it. Can't see any obvious issues, so why is it an OMAZE house? Please enlighten me!

OP posts:

BradfordGirl · 03/01/2023 00:48

I fancy a house in London. Could air bnb to pay for running costs, and live there part time.


Squabbledee · 03/01/2023 01:04

I cannot see what you're on [email protected]# @KCandtheSunlightBand can you post a pic?


Squabbledee · 03/01/2023 01:05

I think the house is very unattractive & souless. You'd never think it was a period property looking at the interior pics.


downtonupton · 03/01/2023 01:08

I've been checking out 6th form and colleges and asked DS if he minds moving to North London... handy for concerts at Finsbury Park.

DH and I could work in the garden shed - would look much nicer with our furniture in....

I have already won it in my head!


downtonupton · 03/01/2023 01:19

Squabbledee · 03/01/2023 01:04

I cannot see what you're on [email protected]# @KCandtheSunlightBand can you post a pic?

this one - if you move slightly along it brings up a pic taken in Sept 2020 - something to do with the building work I guess.

OMAZE house

Furries · 03/01/2023 01:21

Ugh, not my taste at all. I’ll wait for a decent countryside pile!


Jenasaurus · 03/01/2023 01:31

both my DS are Arsenal season ticket holders, they would love this! Not sure if I could pay the running costs though,


Squabbledee · 03/01/2023 01:39

@KCandtheSunlightBand Lighting rigs for indoor filming. They've taken the large shades off them. They angle bright light through the windows for indoor film crews.


SwedishEdith · 03/01/2023 01:54

Here's next door. Looks like it has a massive balcony overlooking the Omaze one (pic. 5).


Squabbledee · 03/01/2023 01:59

Well spotted!


Squabbledee · 03/01/2023 02:00

I have to go back now & look at the original pics to see how they edited that out


RenovationsUnderway · 03/01/2023 02:19

Finsbury Park! Hilarious! I lived there very happily for five years, but LOL


CatNoBag · 03/01/2023 02:27

Nanny0gg · 03/01/2023 00:14

I'd have thought you'd get way more than that in London!

Not for a garden shed with access issues... just because you have a room to rent in London doesn't mean you're set for life. Until very recently I was paying £1500 for a large two bed flat in a similar type of area, but even better transport options.


Jux · 03/01/2023 02:31

DeliberatelyObtuse · 02/01/2023 21:02

I presume the winners sell them

The maintenance, insurance and fuel costs must be horrendous!

That's what I'do. There's no way we could pay the Council Tax on one of them, let alone hutility bills etc as well. I entered for the first few but haven't bothered since.


Gingerkittykat · 03/01/2023 03:17

How many tickets do they need to sell to make a profit?

If they bought the house for £3M, have secondary prizes worth more than £100K and intend to make a charity donation etc then it seems impossible and too good to be true.


Teaandtoast3 · 03/01/2023 03:22

I’m going to win the Lake District House. I’ll let you all know when I do lol


kateandme · 03/01/2023 03:43

PeekAtYou · 02/01/2023 20:49

Bloody hell. I'm glad that I clicked on this thread now.

Not trying to be dim but why would this matter?😶


Kennykenkencat · 03/01/2023 04:55

Flapjackquack · 02/01/2023 21:04

@PollyPeePants - what about the costs you will be stuck with whilst waiting for it to sell? Council tax, some level of electricity and heating, insurance, possibly security to stop squatters. The lottery costs less and the prize is much bigger!

Squatting is illegal
I suppose if they do whittle down to only allowing those that can afford 6 months of bills for the house then the people winning it won’t be too concerned with the expenses until the house sells.


Woeman · 03/01/2023 05:05

What's the news on the Lake District house? It's being drawn this week.


a1poshpaws · 03/01/2023 05:37

TheSproutOfWrath · 02/01/2023 20:48

Omaze is a bit of a con. They whittle down to a select few and do credit checks on you. If you have any debt etc you won't get picked.

Please@TheSproutOfWrath will you tell me the source of this information? Do you work for Omaze doing these checks?

As I understood it, they were completely above board: I find it hard to believe that high profile charities like The British Heart Foundation would associate with them if they had dubious practices.

Also, I can't dredge up a single reason why it would matter to Omaze whether the winner were a millionaire or Bankrupt. What possible affect would it have on them?


BrookeDavisQueen · 03/01/2023 06:20

Here's the money the British heart Foundation got from the previous one: £1m

That's a huge amount when charities are struggling.

Could the t&C's be due to the gambling commission regs? Having tried to do a PTA raffle I was surprised at how stringent the rules are on all types of raffles


Namechangedforthisonetoday · 03/01/2023 07:13

What is that enormous structure that can be seen at the back? Some sort of scaffolding?


shrunkenhead · 03/01/2023 07:17

I think these sort of "competitions" are dodgy af. Same goes for the Andi Peter's ones etc. Generally to gather data to sell on or something more sinister, scamming, people trafficking etc


Moraxella · 03/01/2023 07:18

@Woeman did they delay the draw? Seems to being plugged more than usual on social media

Didn’t enter as saw £2000/month running costs in small print and not sure it would sell easily 😌


BarrelOfOtters · 03/01/2023 07:22

It would sell at the right price. Put it on for £750k it would get snapped up and you are £750k up….

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