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Parents berated in head's letter

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UnquietDad · 19/11/2008 09:35

DD and DS's head teacher is generally very good, but does have an amusing habit of going off on one at the parents as if they were pupils.

Her latest is to send a snotty letter - personally addressed, but DD tells me "everyone got one" - saying how "disappointed" she is "that, you, as a family, have not returned your SEAL homework for this term", and "I'm sure this is an oversight". A copy of the original "homework" is attached to the note.

Aaaaagh! The reason we didn't do it the first time is that it's rubbish, it adds nothing to their education, and we haven't got time to be piddling about with such a load of shite. It's basically asking us to come up with a "home charter" of rules for our household and submit it to school. Er, no thanks. if we do that kind of thing it's for our own use only.

OP posts:
janeite · 21/11/2008 18:01

I am astonished at the school setting SEAL Homework: I don't believe SEAL was intended to become a stick to beat people with at all. I am also astonished that Bamboostalks is so irate that people think this Homework is ridiculous. And I say that as a teacher and parent who on the favours Homework - when it is sensibly used.

UQ - have you written to the head to repeat the view you expressed in your OP?! I am astonished that the head is telling parents off in this ridiculously patronising manner.

WowOoo · 21/11/2008 18:07

Good Lord!

I would have to write to the head, but then I wouldn't want my dc to get into the bad books IFKWIMean.

Just continue not to do it? Silent protest? Bloody daft.

electra · 21/11/2008 18:12

Crikey - what a bloody cheek! That would really p*ss me off.

cissycharlton · 21/11/2008 18:17

Personally, I can't stand any outside interference regarding how I parent my kids and how we operate as a family.

TsarChasm · 21/11/2008 18:22

Paper plane made out of the letter whizzing past headteachers bonce?

God what a cheek. Some of these school expectations don't half overstep the mark and then some!

peachygirl · 21/11/2008 18:25

Is your school perhaps working towards the Healthy Schools Initiativ?

This is like the Artsmark, Sportsmark, Investors in People mark' where schools get a 'mark' for being lovely and healthy.

It involves jumping through lots of hoops and sending out silly things like this. SEAL is a big part of it.

Have you perchance also had a healthy eating survey or a letter about packed lunches????

If you have ..then it's probably the HSI.

TsarChasm · 21/11/2008 18:28

OMG I've already had a row about healthy eating at school this week. Please don't tell me this SEAL rubbish is on it's way

peachygirl · 21/11/2008 18:30

I'm so shamed by my spelling I did double check it.

It should be The Healthy Schools Initiative

UnquietDad · 21/11/2008 22:08

I am tempted to send in a video of DD singing tuneless cover versions of "Kiss From A Rose", "Crazy" and "Future Love Paradise", and say "This is our Seal homework."

ah thang kew

OP posts:
abraid · 21/11/2008 22:15

Ha! UQD.

But you still haven't told us about your cutlery use.

poppy34 · 21/11/2008 22:20

go on uqd.. or you could add in the second gem from poppy's dad "don't hang around with'll get pregnant"

abraid · 23/11/2008 20:31

Completely true.

cory · 23/11/2008 20:46

Dd's old headteacher was the last person in the world I would have trusted with information about corydoras homelife. What makes these people think they are qualified social workers?

cat64 · 23/11/2008 21:06

This reply has been deleted

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