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Parents berated in head's letter

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UnquietDad · 19/11/2008 09:35

DD and DS's head teacher is generally very good, but does have an amusing habit of going off on one at the parents as if they were pupils.

Her latest is to send a snotty letter - personally addressed, but DD tells me "everyone got one" - saying how "disappointed" she is "that, you, as a family, have not returned your SEAL homework for this term", and "I'm sure this is an oversight". A copy of the original "homework" is attached to the note.

Aaaaagh! The reason we didn't do it the first time is that it's rubbish, it adds nothing to their education, and we haven't got time to be piddling about with such a load of shite. It's basically asking us to come up with a "home charter" of rules for our household and submit it to school. Er, no thanks. if we do that kind of thing it's for our own use only.

OP posts:
Tortington · 20/11/2008 16:34

polor? i meant poor

CountessDracula · 20/11/2008 16:42

You could reply
The only house rule that we have is that there are no rules

Tortington · 20/11/2008 16:43

yeah cd...

send letter

the first fule of UDs club....there is no UDs club!"

Swedes · 20/11/2008 16:49

Tell her you are far too busy checking noone on your Christmas card list is also on the BNP membership list.

Swedes · 20/11/2008 16:53

You could send her a charter that includes a right to go on public marches. And a right to miss school in order to go on public marches.

CountessDracula · 20/11/2008 17:05

I think you should add

No women over the age of 18 allowed in unless they have brazilians

poppy34 · 20/11/2008 17:10

don't drink spirits that are aniseed flavoured -thats the only advice I can remember from when I was growing up (and my dad was right too)

LittleBella · 20/11/2008 19:36

DS is now getting talk homework.

It's to help us converse.

Because we couldn't before.

AMumInScotland · 20/11/2008 20:07

How about "Don't eat yellow snow". That's always struck me as a good rule...

Quattrocento · 20/11/2008 20:09

Yes, good advice to go private. Or perhaps you could home ed.

ScummyMummy · 20/11/2008 22:03

I would go the passive aggressive route and put it straight in the recycling bin? What crud. I would be stunned if this homework helped one child even slightly in any way.

TotalChaos · 20/11/2008 22:07

would have thought decent NHS speech therapy provision would be rather more to the point than this sort of homework for the kids who haven't had a normal conversation with emotions etc...

Candlewax · 20/11/2008 22:19

LittleBella, I have to say that your post really did make me laugh out loud! And boy, did I need that tonight. Thank you!

LittleBella · 20/11/2008 22:20

You're welcome, glad to have brightened up someone's evening!

harpsichordcarrier · 20/11/2008 22:25

dear UQD's headteacher
thanks for your letter.
no it wasn't an oversight.
yours truly

mabanana · 20/11/2008 22:37

what a farking cheek this 'homework' is. I left school more than 25 years ago (eek!) and I am certainly not going to start doing primary school homework now!
I think schools should keep their sticky beaks out of my home life. As for 'helping' disadvantaged kids, yeah, that will work, what with Angus and Jocasta saying 'we only eat organic food' and 'we always have family board games in front of the fire at 6pm on Sundays', 'we always eat at the table' and 'we always have bedtime stories' or whatever, and poor Andy and Jo saying....what? Sounds really divisive and with a huge potential for humiliation. For disadvantaged kids school can be a refuge from home.
I would write to say this is intrusive and inappropriate and I won't be doing it.

Hassled · 20/11/2008 22:42

Dear UQD's kids' headteacher,
The rules are, there are no rules.
Hugs and kisses,

UnquietDad · 21/11/2008 09:18

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!!

OP posts:
brimfull · 21/11/2008 09:32

have just read whole thread and I think you should go with CD's suggestion of no women allowed without brazilian waxes..PMSLl!!!!


squiffy · 21/11/2008 09:36


I thought I'd be able to avoid all this homework malarky with private education, but no. Every day I get a little note in the contact book along the lines of "do please try to get DS to concentrate more on learning his 'ng's and 'oa's"

She does however phrase it all very respectfully

dilemma456 · 21/11/2008 10:36

Message withdrawn

stealthsquiggle · 21/11/2008 10:51

I would, in all seriousness, write an expanded version of harpsichord's suggestion - explaining that what our 'family charter' (whatever TF that is) looks like is no business of the school's unless or until it affect the DC's education in some way, with a note to say that if the school choose to pass the letter on to whichever interfering government body is forcing them to do this nonsense then they should feel free to do so.

MadamePlatypus · 21/11/2008 11:24

And imagine the scenes if a discussion were started in class about whether shoes should or shouldn't be worn inside!

Dottoressa · 21/11/2008 11:27

Poppy - Dads are evidently good at this kind of advice. My Dad's one piece of advice to me was "if someone drives too fast, ask them to slow down."

How about that as a family rule?

poppy34 · 21/11/2008 17:43

its about as good as some of other shite on there - personally I agree with whoever suggested putting article 8 of human rights thing in

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