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11 year old Dd has a moustache 😩

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MummyCool19 · 12/05/2019 18:40

Iv notice it the past month or so. At first I thought it was dirt (😂🤷🏻‍♀️) but it’s not. It’s quite dark, and definitely visible. Not commented on it, just worried about when she goes high school.

Do I leave her until she notices it? And if she does what do I do if it bothers her?

OP posts:
Abbazed · 12/05/2019 18:50

Get facial hair removal cream.

Abbazed · 12/05/2019 18:50

don't leave it. Kids are vile

sleepismysuperpower1 · 12/05/2019 18:53

my oldest dd has dark hair and so had a similar thing. she noticed it, and we used this hair removal cream which is specifically for the upper lip x

MummyCool19 · 12/05/2019 19:10

I don’t want to make it worse 😩

OP posts:
momoftwo76 · 12/05/2019 19:11

My DN had this and we used a product called Jolene. Worked a treat

sleepismysuperpower1 · 12/05/2019 19:12

@mummycool19 in what way are you worried about making it worse?

Langrish · 12/05/2019 19:12

Do what she wants to do.

MummyCool19 · 12/05/2019 19:13

Incase it’s darker afterwards 😩

OP posts:
sleepismysuperpower1 · 12/05/2019 19:13

@mummycool19 if you use hair removal cream it can't get darker as there is no hair left x

momoftwo76 · 12/05/2019 19:14

Do not used hair remover it will make it worse and can cause irritation. Use the Jolene , it's a lightener and is fantastic

Flurgle · 12/05/2019 19:15

Mine had hers threaded from early on. It was the only thing that worked well. The bleach just made it blonde, the removing cream didn’t work well, nor did waxing. Cost very little and controlled it well. She was v self conscious about it.

Baloonphobia · 12/05/2019 19:20

Definitely encourage her to do something about it. It would be nice to think that in this modern world young girls should be free to rebel against beauty standards but in reality she'll just get teased and that could really hurt her self esteem.

hullaballoonie · 12/05/2019 19:25

I used to use jolene, all it did was make the hairs lighter. Agree with PP about threading, no risk of damaging her skin with a hair removal cream and it should start to grow back thinner.

kenandbarbie · 12/05/2019 19:25

I used to use bleaching cream on mine when I was that age. I think it was called Jolen. Then I just plucked it, it's got much more sparse.

Yayswimming · 12/05/2019 19:36

I'd recommend this- easy and painless.

Yayswimming · 12/05/2019 19:46

Facial Hair Remover for Women, Anjou Flawless Painless Hair Trimmer, Rechargeable for Lady Face, Peach Fuzz, Upper Top Lip Moustaches and Chin Hair, IPX 6 Waterproof with Built-in LED Light(Upgraded)

Crazycat16 · 12/05/2019 19:54

My DN had this and we used a product called Jolene.

As did I 30 odd years ago when I was 11. Can’t believe they still make it.
BUT a word of warning it eventually turns the hairs orange.
Hair remover can leave you with burns that make sure you look like you have a face full of cold sores.
The only real solution IF she mentions it is to take her to a salon for a waxing. Once she has had it done a few times she can try herself with wax strips.
Trimmers just cut the top off so no different from shaving really.

SkintAsASkintThing · 12/05/2019 19:56

Wax it.

Kids can be arseholes.........even boys get no end of stick for bumfluff taches.........I'd get there before the bullies spot it. Waxing can be done in seconds and lasts for weeks

SkintAsASkintThing · 12/05/2019 19:58

Dont use hair removal cream.

I have scars on my chin from that stuff, I had a huge reaction after using it within issues for months. I wouldn't put it near a childs skin

Hiddenaspie1973 · 12/05/2019 20:01

I waited for dd to ask and now she has, I wax it for her. She's 12.
She's more confident now.
Do whatever your dd wants/needs.

LoafofSellotape · 12/05/2019 20:04

Get her a little Flawless Finish and she can see to it herself if she wants too.

I seriously wouldn't wax or use cream on young, sensitive skin.

froufroufoxes · 12/05/2019 20:06

Jolene is definitely an option if the hairs aren't coarse or too long.
Lightening dark hairs has to be better than starting her off on hair removal at such a young age.

I remember shaving mine a couple of times when I was at school and it's very noticeable if you have a completely smooth top lip and it grows back coarser as you've cut the end off so it's thicker.

But please don't make her feel like she has to do it.

LoafofSellotape · 12/05/2019 20:10

How is using bleach on skin better than hair removal?Confused

DrinkFeckArseGirls · 12/05/2019 20:13

I'd let her lead on that. If she asks to remove it, wax it. I wouldn't put bleaching creams on a child Confused.

funthief · 12/05/2019 20:14

Not sure if laser is allowed on someone so young but if hair is dark that might give good results? I have facial hair and I hate it, have had plenty of mortifying comments over the years. Don't leave it. People are cruel. Good luck.

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