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Late BFP?

44 replies

BeckyPfromLeeds · 04/02/2024 13:52

Hi All, 

I am just wondering if anyone on here had a really late bfp? Did anyone test negative for ages then eventually get your bfp?

I am CD34 and I have irregular cycles. This is our first month trying and wanted to do it au naturel so didn't use OPKs or check BBT. I'm also taking pregnacare conception which has dried up my CM so I have no idea when/if I ovulated. I have had symptoms but these are easily explained away. I've also had 3 x BFNs. I'm thinking I could have ovulated quite late in my cycle plus I also have a high BMI so think this could be diluting the HCG (if there is any to begin with).

If anyone has any BFP stories it would be great to hear them x x

OP posts:
BeckyPfromLeeds · 05/02/2024 07:43

Hmmm, well, negative PG test but decided to use OPK (as I pee in a cup) and I got a line straight away. So, I have either missed my period this month or it is a really long cycle and I am ovulating really late.

Or, it could be a miracle and I conceived at Xmas and my hcg levels are too high for the test (hook effect).

I don't know. I will keep testing for both and see where it takes me.

Baby dust to you all for this month ✨️

OP posts:
TheCakeIsALie18 · 09/02/2024 19:53

Hey, scrolling for answers and came across your post haha.

Any news yet? Have you tested again?

I'm breastfeeding no.1 and TTC no.2. My first PP was a couple days before New Year and I wanted to track my first cycle to see what my body was up to so kept DH at arms length. Flo guessed ovulation around CD14 (based on BBT) and I normally have a very reliable 28 day cycle. I didn't expect to be regular while still BF.

AF was due on the 28th (CD32) and on CD30 I started getting cramps which I don't normally get until AF arrives. CD31 more cramps and needed some... relaxation... and BD'd. Evening of CD32 I go for a wee only to find a ton of EWCM (6 wipes worth... sorry TMI). So I quickly Google to find BF can delay ovulation upto CD40! I took an OPK and the line was dark but not peak. So I'm guessing I actually O'd on CD33.

I'm now on CD44 and 11dpo and have so far had BFNs. But today I've been feeling so nauseous! Was nearly sick in the kitchen sink this morning. Had breakfast because it's a weird feeling, I feel crazy hungry, but eating doesn't get rid of the sicky feeling. Same happened on the run up to lunch time and same is happening now as I'm writing this. I feel sick and ravenous. But each time eating and drinking doesn't resolve the problem. I had cramps yesterday and day before.

Sorry for the long reply haha. I know I'm not out yet as still no AF and I could have implanted late but I don't know how long people have had BFNs after O before getting a BFP. Xxx

BeckyPfromLeeds · 09/02/2024 20:41

Hi @TheCakeIsALie18

Well, still nothing here. No BFP and no AF. I'm going to give it another week and see what happens. I have had cycles this length before so we will see. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed though as I have been getting cramping when I normally only have it when I'm on, so we'll see.

Fingers crossed for you too. Seems like we're at the same place at the moment. Keep me updated x x

OP posts:
TheCakeIsALie18 · 09/02/2024 20:45

@BeckyPfromLeeds ahhh yeah keep me updated too!

I've got 14 easy@home strips and a digi and rapid first response test lol so I'm going to test cheapies over the weekend and then use the digi on Monday when I should be due based on my predictions lol.

Fingers crossed for us! Xx

PickledScrump · 09/02/2024 23:29

taking conception vitamins has been known to lengthen cycle length in some women but it doesn’t dry up CM. High bmi won’t dilute hcg, it would still show on a test. OPKs always show some sort of line as your body always has LH. It’s only a positive OPK if the line is as dark or darker than the control line. There’s an app called Premom that will analyse your OPK and tell you if it’s a high or low result. Really useful app as it takes all the guesswork out.

BeckyPfromLeeds · 10/02/2024 07:07

@PickledScrump Thank you. I think I know deep down that I haven't fallen so I know I'm not 100% convinced I am PG.

I was going to start using OPKs on my second cycle but obviously my first doesn't seem to be over. I have already downloaded premom and have even upgraded to the premium version and started using OPKs on CD36, just to start getting a basline. At least I will know if the line gets darker and I actually ovulate. Although, I really thought I had ovulated mid Jan as I had some EWCM at the right time.

Anywho, there's nothing I can do at the minute except wait. If I haven't got AF by the end of Feb, I will go see my GP. Thank you for your input x x

OP posts:
TheCakeIsALie18 · 12/02/2024 23:04

@BeckyPfromLeeds any news???

BeckyPfromLeeds · 13/02/2024 06:20

Hey, nope, nothing yet. However, my LH does seem to be rising slightly so I may even ovulate soon. But that doesn't explain the feelings in my uterus.

I am in the UK and bout to get up to rest. I'm not holding my breath so we will see.

Thank younfor checking up on me x x

OP posts:
MixedCouple · 13/02/2024 06:28

OPK is unreliable during the Luteal phase as most women will have higher LH and spikes usually seen a day or 2 before AF shows up.

When using OPKs it is important to use as instructed and atop testing once peak is detected.

With DC1 I had regular long cycles laating 34-40days average of 36/37.
But I knew from CM i ovulated CD24/25 that month and got a dark BFP at CD36.

Do you often have long cycles?

BeckyPfromLeeds · 13/02/2024 07:16

Yes. I have irregular cycles as per the attached. I've also attached my LH chart.

But being honest, something doesn't feel right/normal for me. I feel like I am quite in tune with my body as a couple of years ago I had really bad pains in my stomach and knew something wasn't right. I went to the emergency docs and they tried to fob me off with indigestion but I get that regularly so knew it wasn't that. Turns out I have gallstones!! My uterus area feels different. I've never had these feelings before. Sometimes they feel a little bit like AF cramps which I don't normally get unless I am on my period.

I will see what happens over the next week and if still BFN and no AF, I'll contact my GP for a blood test and for them to look into what's happening with me x x

Late BFP?
Late BFP?
Late BFP?
Late BFP?
OP posts:
TheCakeIsALie18 · 13/02/2024 08:45

@BeckyPfromLeeds sorry you've still got no news either way. In the same boat here but at least I can put mine down to breastfeeding.

Negative hCG and only 0.09 for LH reading. CD48 cramping pretty bad last two days and still no AF. I don't normally get cramps until AF arrives. But hey ho. I'm not testing anymore and with assume I've just completely skipped this one. Will continue with LH and hope that it starts to rise soon so we can try again.

Keep me posted ❤️❤️ xx

BeckyPfromLeeds · 14/02/2024 12:46

Well, CD45 and another BFN. On a plus note, it looks like my LH is on the rise. Fingers crossed I have just missed AF and I am due to ovulate soon.

This is ny first time doing OPKs so not sure what my peak normally is but we will see. Wahoo!!

Late BFP?
OP posts:
TheCakeIsALie18 · 14/02/2024 15:58

Hey @BeckyPfromLeeds I'm thinking the same has happened here. CD48 and nothing. I started opks again day before yesterday and it's risen slightly in a couple days so hopefully I'll ovulate in the next week or so too xx

BeckyPfromLeeds · 14/02/2024 16:25

I realised this afternoon that I haven't been leaving my OPKs for long enough 🙈 I was only leaving them for 3-5mins (as that is what it says for the HPTs), but it says you should read them between 5 and 10 mins!! This is what my lunchtime one said, it was 72 from 42 this morning, yay 😀

I'm so excited but I still don't know why I am getting weird feelings down there!! Oh well, looks like someone might be getting lucky tonight 😂😂

We can be cycle buddies x x

Late BFP?
OP posts:
TheCakeIsALie18 · 14/02/2024 19:47

@BeckyPfromLeeds oh yeah I usually put mine down while I do something and read them when I come back lol, around the 10 minute mark.

I took 1 early hours this morning because I had to pee when baby woke me up lol and that read as 0.12 and I've just done another one this evening and it's shot up to 0.40. Hoping that's the start of my surge and it will carry on going up over the next couple days.

Yep, hubby is getting lucky tonight too haha 🤣

Aww yeah, will be nice to have a cycle buddy ❤️ xx

BeckyPfromLeeds · 14/02/2024 19:57

I took another one when I finished work (I work from home on Wednesdays) and it had gone down again to 0.51 (from 0.72 at lunchtime). Also, he couldn't finish either 😔

Oh well, fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I hope yours is in the way up too x x

OP posts:
TheCakeIsALie18 · 15/02/2024 21:39

@BeckyPfromLeeds ahhh damn. Fingers crossed your just fluctuating before your surge.

Mine is surging currently. Peak is due tomorrow morning I guess. I'll attach the screen grab of my tests. I also took a clear blue 4day peak this morning and I have a solid smiley. So definitely ovulating in the next 24hrs or so.

Fun is to be had tonight as well as last night lol xx

Late BFP?
BeckyPfromLeeds · 15/02/2024 21:50

Wahoo @TheCakeIsALie18 that's great news 😀

My LH had gone down slightly this morning to 0.51 so not sure if yesterday was my peak or not as this is my first time ever doing OPKs. Fingers crossed it is a small dip before another surge, we will see 👀

We will be BDing tonight and hope he can finish this time 💦 (sorry) Although, I still seem to have on and off cramps so I still think something is going on down there. No sign of AF so hopefully I am ovulating. I suppose if I don't see AF in another couple of weeks, I should really see my GP. But fingers crossed we either catch an egg or AF shows her face!!

Enjoy yourself tonight 😉

OP posts:
TheCakeIsALie18 · 16/02/2024 08:35

@BeckyPfromLeeds missing a period from time to time is perfectly normal. Some women also don't have as high a peak as others. My friend peaked same time as me yesterday and her reading was over 2.00 but mine was on 0.94. My reading has dropped overnight to 0.44 and my temp has risen from 36.32 to 36.51 so I'm pretty certain I O'd last night.

Our session last night was less fun and more get it done as we were both shattered haha. I reckon it took about 6 minutes in all 🤣 baby hasn't been sleeping well so we got into bed, dtd and then passed out lol.

Now for the dreaded TWW. I reckon I'll just about manage to hold out until 10dpo...just...

I'm hoping you O'd yesterday too even with a lower reading than expected. Did you have EWCM as well? Xx

BeckyPfromLeeds · 16/02/2024 08:45

Yay, at least you dtd. We didn't as he was too tired. I did notice some EWCM late last night a d some this morning. My LH was 0.62 this morning so not sure what's happening. Like I said, this is all new for me so don't know what is standard and what is peak. I will test again when I get home later and see if it's risen again, fingers crossed it does 🤞

Yes, last year I missed 2 in a row and have had some really long cycles as well (40-50 days) but equally I have had lots of 27days and some 18-19, which generally follow the long ones. I kinds feel like I have a long one then a short one which then levels it out, idk.

Good luck for your TWW, hopefully I will be in mine in the next couple of days too.

Feel free to message any time x x

OP posts:
TheCakeIsALie18 · 17/02/2024 21:38

@BeckyPfromLeeds have you tested LH again?

So high LH is considered 0.8+ and peak is anything over 1.0 but I peaked at 0.94. Everyone is different. If you've got EWCM then that's a good sign. DTD tonight if you can just in case! Do you temp as well?

My LH is back down to baseline at 0.05 and I'm now 2DPO so will start hCG testing from 8DPO if I can hold out that long lol. Xx

BeckyPfromLeeds · 17/02/2024 21:49

Hey @TheCakeIsALie18 yes, I tested this morning and it was 0.54 so lower than the day before but not as low as it has been.

Deffo had EWCM this morning and we BD'd this afternoon, so fingers crossed 🤞 Will maybe try for tomorrow if not, Monday.

I read a really good article which I found really interesting. No, I don't do BBT. I might consider it next cycle, if I ever get there 😂

I hope the TWW doesn't go to slowly for you. Keep me updated on your progress x x

OP posts:
TheCakeIsALie18 · 17/02/2024 22:19

@BeckyPfromLeeds Well hopefully it picks up again. That article is an interesting read. I guess you could be having the 2 surges situation.

Keep checking your CM and taking OPKs you'll find a pattern. I highly recommend bbt. Even starting it now would be beneficial. If you haven't O'd you'll be able to notice when you do and if you have then it will give you an idea of what your temp looks like in the LP.

Haha yeah thanks. The TWW is always hell. I'm hoping we caught this time round. I'm so hoping that I can hold out from testing too early lol and avoid googling every little possible symptom that I'm over analysing 🤣🤣 xx

BeckyPfromLeeds · 20/02/2024 13:08

Hey @TheCakeIsALie18 how's your TWW?

I'm on CD51 now so I've decided to stop doing OPKs. Nit sure if I ovulated or not so I'm going to give it until the end of next week and if I still don't have my AF or a BFP I will see my GP.

I need to try and stop thinking about it as it's really stressing me out.

Fingers crossed for you hun x x

OP posts:
TheCakeIsALie18 · 20/02/2024 13:24

@BeckyPfromLeeds Hiya, it's going as good as to be expected when you're sitting waiting to feel something lol.

Why not get yourself some pdg test strips and record them with premom? They will confirm if you have ovulated xx

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