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12 week scan nerves

64 replies

FriendsCallMeValerie · 29/07/2020 08:13

My 12 week scan is tomorrow, and as with DC1, I’m now a bag of nerves Sad

Not helping is the fact I have to go alone, not the end of the world but still would prefer DH to be there.

I had an early scan at 7 weeks but it still doesn’t take away the nerves. I will be like this again just before my 20 week scan.

Anyway else due this week and nervous?

OP posts:
TheLastDynasty · 29/07/2020 09:46

I was really her pict before my 12 week scan, especially because my husband couldn’t be there.

In the end, it was actually lovely - it was so wonderful to see the baby on the screen.

It’s totally normal to be anxious and to worry about the worst case scenario, but the odds are overwhelmingly in your favour for a good result.

Hope it goes well! Flowers

TheLastDynasty · 29/07/2020 09:47

‘Her pict’ should be ‘nervous’, don’t know where that typo came from!

Poppyismyfavourite · 29/07/2020 10:34

Ooh I have mine tomorrow as well!
I'm a little nervous about going to the hospital - we had an early scan too on saturday.

FriendsCallMeValerie · 29/07/2020 12:01

Thanks for responding!

It’s so strange, it’s not even my first rodeo so I don’t know why I’m so nervous. DH is very optimistic about it and I think that’s making me more nervous.

Ooo good luck Poppy what time is your scan? Mine is at 10am so at least it gets it out of the way nice and early.

OP posts:
Poppyismyfavourite · 29/07/2020 12:06

Ah lucky - mine is at 2:10. Although I have a big work meeting in the morning so hopefully that'll take my mind off it. I'm not really nervous - or trying not to be... I saw the baby looking very lively less than a week ago! And I don't mind needles etc (my area they're doing bloods at the same apt) as I've been giving blood for years...

Poppyismyfavourite · 29/07/2020 21:28

Are you taking anything with you? I feel like I should take stuff but not sure what! Maybe my vaccination records and passport?

FriendsCallMeValerie · 29/07/2020 21:37

Nope taking nothing. Last time I had my notes from the booking in appointment but obviously not this time. (Over the phone booking in)

I don’t think you need anything. Maybe your letter with the appointment. My hospital called today though to confirm appointment and check I didn’t have any symptoms of Covid!

OP posts:
Katnissx · 29/07/2020 21:54

@FriendsCallMeValerie, just wanted to check (sorry, you probably have already checked this especially if you just spoke to the hospital today!) but have you double checked that they're still not allowing partners in? I know each trust is different but I had heard most were starting to let partners in again, my trust has been allowing partners in for 12 week scans for a couple of weeks now and only just started to for 20 week scans too. Maybe just give them a call before your appt if you haven't already double checked, I would hate for you and your partner to miss out. I called the Antenatal clinic managers number which was on my appt letter. Sorry if you already are sure on this- just ignore me lol.
Anyway, try to relax, I find trying not to think about it can help. I hope it all goes well for you tomorrow xx

SpunBodgeSquarepants · 29/07/2020 21:56

Mine is tomorrow too, 8:20 so nice and early! I've had 2 missed miscarriages since having my DS 6.5 years ago, so even though I saw baby with a heartbeat at 8 weeks I'm still bricking it. Hope yours goes swimmingly which I'm sure it will!

MinesALatte · 30/07/2020 01:05

@FriendsCallMeValerie I could have written your post, in fact I just wrote something very similar on the ‘Bag of nerves’ post!!

My 12 week scan is in 9 hours and I’m so nervous. I have it in my head I’ll be given bad news, nothing to explain why I feel like that. Same as you, private scan that went well (two in fact!) but still anxious. My OH will be waiting in the car but wish he could come in.
I had an early MC in Feb and this is a very longed after baby (as most are!) just so worried something will go wrong
Good luck for today!! Let us know how you get on Flowers

MinesALatte · 30/07/2020 01:06

*beside myself with worry post, not bag of nerves 🙈

Rosebiscuit · 30/07/2020 07:17

Snap @FriendsCallMeValerie! Mine is next week. I had a mc at 7 weeks in March so I’ve had two scans already in this pregnancy- one at 8 weeks and one at 9 because of a bleed - and all was well and normal. I’m still fretting about going alone on Wednesday and getting bad news though so have coughed up another £60 for a private scan with my partner (who hasn’t been in the room with me for a scan since the mc) so he can be there and hopefully bond a bit with ‘the potato’ and look after me should I need it. Hugely nerve wracking and I really feel your anxiety. Fingers crossed the 12 week scan takes the edge off the overwhelming perpetual dread! Good luck! All will be well xxx

Rosebiscuit · 30/07/2020 07:22

I should add, my private scan is on Sunday just so I know everything is going to be ok when I go alone on Wednesday. My rational brain is telling me i’m wasting valuable snack money. Hopefully worth it for a few days of sanity and a nice experience for my partner. Congratulations and good luck! X

FriendsCallMeValerie · 30/07/2020 07:37

@Katnissx yes this was my hope, seeing so many trusts had changed their minds. But mine is still a clear no. But thanks for suggesting useful for others on this thread! Always worth checking.

@MinesALatte sorry to hear about your early miscarriage. I had the same before I had DD and it really steals the excitement away from you. Good luck and let me know how you get on!

@Rosebiscuit honestly if it gives you comfort and you can afford it I don’t blame you. The only reason we have only had one is because the nearest scanning place is over an hour a way and we’ve had a case of the can’t be arsed Grin

Thanks to you all for putting my mind to rest, not to wish the worry on anyone but it’s always a comfort to know you’re not alone. Only 2 and 1/2 hours to go for me!! I’ve got nervous belly now

OP posts:
EssJayyCee · 30/07/2020 07:48

Good luck with your scans today everyone!

My scan is tomorrow and I too am a bag of nerves. I barely slept last night let alone tonight!

Most of my symptoms disappeared at 9 weeks so I have been worried since then!

I had a scan at 8 weeks and baby was well with a good heartbeat but I can't help but feel like things are wrong now.

I feel nothing in my stomach, no bump or firmness, no stretching or cramps. Absolutely nothing. :(

I keep dreaming bad results as well.
I want to be positive but I can't shift the bad thoughts :(

Rosebiscuit · 30/07/2020 08:19

@FriendsCallMeValerienearly there! The wait in the waiting room with a full bladder will be the slowest time ever passes but it will. And yes - we've got two private ultrasound clinics both within a 15-minute drive from here so it's hard to resist! If they were 30-40 minutes away or further I would not be being this quick to book!

@EssJayyCee Bless you. You're like me. I was getting very mild nausea up until week 9 and then everything stopped apart from occasional cramps which have all but gone now. Boobs are small and sensitive anyway so hard to feel much difference. No notable aversions or cravings despite a slight preference for sausages and less interest in chicken and coffee. Nothing more than mild 'maybe that's a symptom?' symptoms. And like you, I've seen the heartbeat and all is well and yet I still feel like the sky is about to fall. Be kind to yourself. You are definitely not alone. I fretted to my mw about lack of symptoms at my booking apt and she told me that all we know for certain is good things. That everything has been going well. The statistics are in our favour. Big hugs and keep busy. And stay off Google if you can! xxx

Poppyismyfavourite · 30/07/2020 09:21

Haha our private scan place was literally at the end of our road! only 4.5 hours for me!

kidsareok · 30/07/2020 09:43

Hi OP! I'm the same - well I have my 20 week appointment this afternoon. I'm so so nervous! I was like this before my 12 week too, but if you've had a scan and there was a heartbeat then it all points towards good news 😊. My 12 week scan and bloods were fine but I keep coming on here and reading horror stories - I need to step away from the internet! Got everything crossed for those having scans today! 🤞🏼

FriendsCallMeValerie · 30/07/2020 12:20

Only just got home! Scan went really well. Baby was wiggling and waving it’s arms around Smile

How has everyone else’s gone?

OP posts:
Rosebiscuit · 30/07/2020 12:50

@FriendsCallMeValerie Woohoo! Amazing news! So happy for you!

SpunBodgeSquarepants · 30/07/2020 12:54

@FriendsCallMeValerie Fantastic! Mine went ok as in there was a baby with a heartbeat, but it was 1mm too small for the NT and other checks so have to go back the week after next! And then an hour after I got home I was informed I'd been made redundant which has put a cloud over my good mood.

MinesALatte · 30/07/2020 14:35

@FriendsCallMeValerie exactly the same for me!! All that worry for nothing... until next time 😂😂 NT was 1.6, strong heartbeat, waving arms and legs and a ‘very well behaved baby’ apparently 😂

So pleased yours went well!! Flowers

@SpunBodgeSquarepants so sorry about your redundancy!!! Hope you’re ok Flowers

EssJayyCee · 30/07/2020 14:48

That's great news @friendscallmevalerie @MinesALatte and @SpunBodgeSquarepants

I hope my scan goes just as well as yours tomorrow morning! 🤞🏻

Sorry to hear about your job @SpunBodgeSquarePants

MinesALatte · 30/07/2020 14:58

Thank you! Good luck @EssJayyCee x

FriendsCallMeValerie · 30/07/2020 15:22

@SpunBodgeSquarepants aww I’m so sorry about your job that’s awful Flowers looking for a silver lining at least you get to see baby again in a weeks time.

@MinesALatte haha mine was not a very well behaved baby. The poor sonographer kept muttering ‘keep still’ but DD was exactly the same! What’s your due date? Mine is exactly as my last period predicted at 10th Feb!

@EssJayyCee Good luck! I’m sure it will be fine but no one could have told me that yesterday Grin

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