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How long did it take and what she were you

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Timetotry123 · 12/07/2020 19:39

I’m 33 and been TTC for 11months currently in the tww. My doctor has referred me for initial fertility tests I’ve had 21 day bloods and all fine my partner has to get a sperm analysis too as the hospital will be looking for these results. It’s very disheartening every month. When I first started trying I looked at statistics and never thought I would still be trying nearly a year down the line. You spend your younger years thinking it’s very easy to get pregnant and to be careful but I wish I knew then what I know now. What is everyone else’s experienceSmile

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Carabu1 · 13/07/2020 17:42

I'm expecting my first at 30 - took 18mnths, and had to have fertility tests and clomid. Tbh I still can't believe it - I'm so envious of women who fall first month every time - but equally given my issues I'm lucky I didn't end up having IVF (yet...!)

danidella · 13/07/2020 17:47

Im 34 and 19 weeks pregnant with my first. I came off the pill at the end of January and we started trying at the beginning of march. I was expecting it to take a while to get pregnant but found out i was expecting at the end of march.

SqidgeBum · 13/07/2020 19:54

I agree with the advice to go back to DTD whenever. I spent 8 months using apps, peeing on ovulation sticks, tracking things, timing dtd down to the hour, and then nothing would happen. We conceived DC1 when we decided to get a puppy, we were focused on him, and it was a snow day and we were feeling a bit naughty. DC2 was conceived after a few too many proseccos. No planning involved.

I HATED people telling me to 'relax'. I couldn't understand how I could relax about something I wanted so badly. But in the end, the planning was pointless. The only thing that worked for me was sort of forgetting about it and focusing on something else.

Timetotry123 · 13/07/2020 21:25

Thanks for the advice I really need to give the laid back approach a go, I might just not use my ovulation tests next month at all then and just go with the flow and see what happens.

I’m glad there are so many of you around my age I was starting to feel I had left it too late.

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