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How long did it take and what she were you

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Timetotry123 · 12/07/2020 19:39

I’m 33 and been TTC for 11months currently in the tww. My doctor has referred me for initial fertility tests I’ve had 21 day bloods and all fine my partner has to get a sperm analysis too as the hospital will be looking for these results. It’s very disheartening every month. When I first started trying I looked at statistics and never thought I would still be trying nearly a year down the line. You spend your younger years thinking it’s very easy to get pregnant and to be careful but I wish I knew then what I know now. What is everyone else’s experienceSmile

OP posts:
Timetotry123 · 12/07/2020 19:40

Sorry what age were you not ‘she’Confused

OP posts:
Umberta · 12/07/2020 19:43

My DH and I were trying for over 18 months. I was 30 when I conceived, I'm 31 now and due in august.
It was really disheartening each month, but I don't like invasive procedures so I kept putting off going for fertility tests (although tbf I only have a vague idea of what they involve).
In the end, I think for me it was reaching a healthy weight that finally helped us conceive. I was underweight beforehand.

BeMorePacific · 12/07/2020 19:43

1st baby took 10m and I was 29.
2nd baby was the result of 1 night, and I was very surprised to be pregnant. Age 33.
Wishing you luck that you fall pregnant soon cx

OnlyFoolsnMothers · 12/07/2020 19:45

30 first month, 33 first month- I was extremely fortunate as I was told when I had a tube removed at 25 I would struggle to have kids and shouldn’t wait until 30

sel2223 · 12/07/2020 19:46

Ah bless you OP, i hope it happens for you soon!
33 is not old at all....I'm pregnant with my first at 37 and there are lots of women on the MN pregnancy board who are 40+ so please don't feel too disheartened.

grandmasterstitch · 12/07/2020 19:47

18 months when I was 27. DS was born just before I turned 29. We're about to TTC again and I'm struggling with the thought of it taking so long again. I'm 31 now so I hope it's quicker this time!

grandmasterstitch · 12/07/2020 19:47

18 months when I was 27. DS was born just before I turned 29. We're about to TTC again and I'm struggling with the thought of it taking so long again. I'm 31 now so I hope it's quicker this time!

roro87 · 12/07/2020 20:00

I was close to 18 months, had just started investigating reasons why and had all my bloods done and was being referred on when I got a surprise. Due the end of November I'm 32 coming 33.

penguin423 · 12/07/2020 20:04

18 months, 30 when we started trying. I was wondering about speaking to the GP just before Covid happened but I am 16 weeks now. It's hard going every month. Best of luck.

Milly90 · 12/07/2020 20:05

Started ttc at age 23 and 9 months and concieved aged 25 and 1 month so just under a year and a half
18m seems quite common theme here!

PoodlesAreMySpiritAnimal · 12/07/2020 20:33

1st baby. 39 years old and took five cycles to conceive. I found that although we conceived relatively quickly, the more the months went by, the more stressful it became. I started tracking ovulation etc. It’s so cruel because the more wound up you are the harder it is to conceive. There are also two cycles per year where no egg is released so two cycles are a no-go anyway.
I had fallen pregnant on contraception before so I thought I was super-fertile and would have conceived in month one or two. So for me, five months was still a fair bit of time.
My 36 year old friend has suspected endometriosis and it took her four years to conceive but she actually thinks a fair bit of that time was down to the stress month on month of getting a negative result and all the disappointment that goes along with that. She got a puppy and quit her horrible job and became pregnant shortly after.
My tip would be to have sex every other/third day throughout your cycle and to try to chill the rest of the time. Avoid extremes with exercise and dieting - try to be a healthy weight because that seems to be optimal to conceive.
Good luck and I’m really sorry you’re struggling. I hope the 2ww passes quickly and gives you two lines at the end of it x

Timetotry123 · 12/07/2020 21:31

Wow thank you all so much for your experiences and lovely messages, I suppose I’m not really that abnormal maybe just need a little more patience. Interesting to hear that two cycles out of the year you don’t release an egg also annoying lol. I hope it happens naturally before I need to go for all those tests but I’m glad I’m on the list somewhere as I guess it will be super busy. Thanks again everyone gives me some peace of mind.Smile

OP posts:
Eastereggfan · 12/07/2020 21:40

Took 7 months, pregnant at 37, gave birth at 38

Eastereggfan · 12/07/2020 21:43

Sorry pressed too soon... I was really surprised it happened that quickly as most of my friends took about 12 to 18 months, so 11 months seems normal in my circle of friends. It's tough but wishing you lots of luck x

20viona · 12/07/2020 21:43

28 6 weeks.

TimeWastingButFun · 12/07/2020 21:45

First time took 2 yrs 5 months (unexplained infertility) successful after first try of IUI. Second baby 2.5 years later naturally. A couple of early miscarriages between the two.

Redcrayons · 12/07/2020 21:46

32, took 11 months. I had endometriosis so was expecting a long haul.
I was actually waiting for a referral from my GP when I found out I was pregnant.

Good luck.

SirVixofVixHall · 12/07/2020 21:47

Third month of trying, at 40, 1st night of trying at 42. Lucky, as I had left it so late .
I know two women who had been told they were infertile who had Unexpected babies in their forties OP, so try not to worry yet, you have time and youth on your side. Even if there is an issue you have enough time to resolve it.

Dyra · 12/07/2020 21:49

2 years to first BFP when 31. I put it down to starting Metformin and having a first fertility appointment which took the pressure off. Sadly, it wasn't to be. I was also diagnosed with PCOS.

2nd BFP was 1 year later after 1 round of Clomid at 32. I had lost weight, was on low dose Thyroxine and also Metformin. She's now 10 months old. 🥰

GL with everything. Hope it happens for you soon.

Frazzlerock · 12/07/2020 21:51

Baby no1: age 26 took 2.5 to conceive

Baby no2: age 30 took 11 months to conceive

Baby no3: age 36 (new partner now) surprise but ended in MMC

Baby no4: age 36 took 4 months but ended in MMC

Baby no5: age 38 took about 4 months after a long break TTC but ended in MMC

Baby no6: age 40 took 13 long months TTC but ended in MMC

Baby no7: age 40 surprised us only 2 months after last loss. We were not TTC as we decided we couldn't cope with anymore losses. Now 20 weeks! 😱

eurochick · 12/07/2020 21:51

Started ttc at 34. Took three years, two rounds of iui and four rounds of ivf. Despite all the prodding and poking, no cause was ever found. We were "unexplained".

firstimemamma · 12/07/2020 21:51

First try - age 27.

My friend had her second at 37 and it took 6 months of trying.

Hope you get good news soon.

Frazzlerock · 12/07/2020 21:52

That should have said 2.5 YEARS for baby no1

TimeWastingButFun · 12/07/2020 22:15

Sorry you asked ages too - another older mum here, 36 and 39.

Fandanglethat · 12/07/2020 22:27

Baby 1 - surprise, ended in MC

Baby 2 - 1 month

Baby 3 - 1 month ended in MC

Baby 4 - surprise

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