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NO morning sickness whatsoever !

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emmaij · 14/06/2002 16:37

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and have had no morning sickness. Someone told me that morning sickness was a sign of a very healthy pregnancy.

Any other pregnant mums out there NOT feeling sick?

OP posts:
bluebear · 14/06/2002 16:40

Not pregnant at the moment but with last 'healthy' pregnancy didn't have morning sickness until 11 weeks... then it went on until I went into labour. At least 3 of my close friends have had pregnancys with absolutely no morning sickness, all had healthy babies, actually they all had girls!

pupuce · 14/06/2002 16:40

I have never been sick in either pregnancy - don't worry

elwar · 14/06/2002 16:46

emmaij - I had no morning sickness at all, and as I thought that every pregnant woman got some amount of morning sickness, I didn't find out I was pg until 10 weeks! Perfectly healthy baby, and incidentally bluebear, a girl!
I think the professionals sometimes say 'it's the sign of a healthy pregnancy' to make those who do get it feel better, but it's a bit irresponsible as it can worry unnecesarirly (sp? can you tell it's a friday! )those who don't get any.

pupuce · 14/06/2002 16:48

I had a boy and a girl...
I do know some GPs who say it's a sign that your hormones are kicking in - it is particularely reassuring to women who have had a miscarriage.

Marina · 14/06/2002 17:07

Apparently the official ratio of sick vs non-sick pregnant women is 50-50. Which hardly makes it the compulsory early pregnancy experience we are encouraged to expect. I had mild nausea throughout my pregnancy but I know lots of others who had nothing.

I think sometimes lack of morning sickness, plus lack of breast tenderness, plus lack of fatigue, can suggest that all is not well. Also, if you have some/all of these symptoms, and then they cease before 12-13 weeks (when they generally clear up), that can be a cause for concern.

Are you a good sailor/traveller, Emmaij? You are apparently less likely to have morning sickness if that is so.

I am sure all is well but if you have not done so and want professional reassurance, see if your GP/midwife can refer you for an early scan.

threeangels · 14/06/2002 17:25

I have also heard the same thing. Not having sickness is no different then having it. You can have a healthy baby either way. Many do and do not have it and some have barely any. Everyones different I guess. Your actually lucky that you dont have it so far. Good Luck and Congratulations!

aloha · 14/06/2002 18:39

I had no sickness whatsoever, not even a twinge of nausea and a very healthy son who weighed 8lb8oz at two weeks early.

Enid · 14/06/2002 19:14

I think there's really only a cause for concern when you have had nausea in a previous pregnancy. I suffered badly with dd, then in the pregnancy that ended in miscarriage I had no nausea whatsoever. This time round (23 weeks into normal pregnancy) I also had bad nausea. My doctor said that when he heard that a pregnant woman (who had previously suffered with morning sickness) had no sickness, 'alarm bells rang'.

SueDonim · 14/06/2002 19:27

I had severe sickness with my first, third and fourth, but nothing with my second, who was perfectly healthy. I didn't know I was pg with him until I was 10wks, though my SIL did! Weird.

emmaij · 14/06/2002 20:52

Thank you everyone so much. Seems there's no hard and fast rule about this one.

Only Enid's message of slight concern. You see my first pregnancy I carried to term -a beautiful baby girl- and felt pretty sick for the first 12 weeks or so. Second time I got pregnant there was no sickness and I miscarried at 7 weeks. Now this time -the third time- no sickness.

OP posts:
Fionn · 14/06/2002 20:57

I didn't have the slightest feeling of sickness in either of my pregnancies. I also didn't have any cravings or any food aversions and continued with the odd cooked breakfast, tea, coffee and the odd drink. I had two very healthy boys, 8 days and 12 days early. Don't worry!
The 50-50 statistic is interesting as I've never met another woman who had no sickness whatsoever!

Java · 14/06/2002 21:04

Me too Fionn. No morning sickness, no cravings no aversions, plenty of spicy food and two healthy boys - but mine were both late.

Fionn · 14/06/2002 21:09

Java, I also had the easiest labours imaginable and thought what's all the fuss about? then had a nightmare time breastfeeding both, the bit I'd naively thought couldn't be anything other than straightforward. So you can't have everything!

Azzie · 14/06/2002 21:12

No morning sickness with either of mine, and both were extremely healthy.

Java · 14/06/2002 21:20

Fionn I can go one better - I never went into labour with ds1 - despite 3 days of inducing, so in the end I had a c-section - had to get him out somehow as he was 2 weeks overdue. Second time around - again no labour, so straight to c-section. So I'm obviously too posh to push

PamT · 14/06/2002 22:18

Emmaij, I didn't suffer morning sickness with my boys but was quite nauseas with DD (3rd child). I was told that it is more likely if you're carrying a girl but you get more tired carrying boys (they don't get any easier as they grow up - you get tired running round after men and get sick with worry over girls!)

Bad morning sickness is supposed to be a good sign that your pregnancy hormones have really kicked in but as long as you still feel pregnant in other ways I really shouldn't worry. In another couple of weeks the midwife should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat with a sonicaid which will be reassuring, then there's the scan to look forward to. At least you are past the date when things went wrong last time which is a good sign.

bloss · 15/06/2002 04:38

Message withdrawn

Enid · 15/06/2002 11:27

I really hope I haven't made you worry emmaij - I just thought I'd mention my experience, but reading all the other posts its clear that there is a huge range of pregnancy sickness symptoms - if you are really concerned ask your midwife for an early scan - they won't mind especially as you've had a miscarriage in the past. I did and it was really reassuring.

sobernow · 15/06/2002 13:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Binker · 15/06/2002 15:20

When I was pg I never felt sick at all - and had a perfectly normal pregnancy and healthy baby !!

emmaij · 15/06/2002 15:47

oh, Enid, no, you haven't made me worry. Maybe, if yours had been the only message! But seems, as you say, that there is a huge range of pregnancy symptoms.

thanks everyone.

OP posts:
Paula1 · 15/06/2002 16:25

emmajj, I'm 11 weeks and although I do plenty of heaving, I know that I'm never going to be sick, I just can't stop myself gagging. Even the thought of my toothbrush makes me start!! Don't know whether that makes me a sickie or not though.

aloha · 15/06/2002 21:42

I never had any cravings etc either (or tiredness) and people thought I was very odd. I thought they were all mad for asking! My only symptom was fatness. Curses.

SofiaAmes · 15/06/2002 22:27

emmaij, as everyone has said, don't worry, just consider yourself lucky. Lots of people go through pregnancy without any bad symptoms at all. I had a friend who didn't know she was pregnant until she was almost 4 months in and although her son was premature he was perfectly healthy and is now 13 years old and driving her crazy! I on the other hand puked my guts up 5 times a day for 4 months both last time and this time. Not something I would wish on anyone.

Lollypop · 16/06/2002 08:55

emmaij, I had no morning sickness or early symptoms with my dd, it was a very easy and healthy pregnancy. My mum was the same. She was sick all the time with my sister so it doesn't matter about gender.

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