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Jeans, Jeans,!

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SpringChicken · 21/04/2004 14:21

Know there have been threads ont his previously but thought i would start a new one.

I own 1 pair of maternity jeans and they are hideous - they make me look like i haven't got a bum and if there is a slight inkling of one being there is looks like it is sagging right down the back of my knees I'm not joking.

Desperately need some jeans that fit nice and snug, just like normal jeans but that allow for my ever growing belly

The ones i have are from Next so maybe thinking next isn't the best place for them - anyone got any idea's?? Going out next saturday night and desperately need jeans to wear for then.

OP posts:
oliveoil · 21/04/2004 14:25

They have some under bump ones in H&M but they are a bit drainpipey round the ankles so not v flattering, lovely denim though but I looked crap in them.

Dorothy perkins have some but are poo. jojomamanbabe (???) have some but are too short for me.

I was going to get some 'denim look' ones from the Next catalogue as they are the only ones which are extra long, shall I not bother?

I will be keeping an eye on this thread too! I want some Diesel type ones please, no frumpy denim and NO ELASTIC PANEL.

smellymelly · 21/04/2004 14:26

I had a pair from Blooming Marvellous (actually 2nd hand) Which I wore every day nearly. When it was hot I just rolled them up to 3/4 lengths. No idea what they looked like, but they were bloody comfy, and tbh that was more important!!!

piglit · 21/04/2004 14:26

Ok, Beansprout and Toots will kill me for this but I got some really comfy cropped jeans from Mothercare last week. They look like normal jeans and I definitely look like I have a bum in them.

beansprout · 21/04/2004 14:33


SpringChicken · 21/04/2004 14:42

I have seen some nice 3/4 lengths in next.

OO, sounds like we are looking for the same thing - the ones i got from next were crap - if you look at the picture i got the ones with the reddy pink scarf tied round the waist - horrible elasticated back, saggy bump (actually, could fit my bump into the bum space) and waaaayyy too short even with trainers!

Was determined not to buy anymore clothes as am 7 months now so seems a bit of a wastw but there is no way i can put up with those horrid things any longer.

OP posts:
bunnyrabbit · 21/04/2004 14:59

Got some in Mothercare last years that were very comfy.... don't know if they have them this year.


bundle · 21/04/2004 15:00

i have a few pairs from various pregnant friends over the years - what size areyou? (ie normally)

Tallgirl · 21/04/2004 15:03

What's with the Mothercare thing? I must admit i'm not a big fan of their's but did buy some linen trousers the other day (tbh there are so few shops near me that do maternity and sometimes you want to try it on first!) Also thinking of getting DS a bed from there 'cos seems reasonable price and suitable for kids.

Please explain!

SpringChicken · 21/04/2004 15:11

Size 12 usually!

The only actualy shop in my town centre that does maternity clothes is mothercare - will pop into their on Saturday and have a look so i can try them on.

Why are there so few actual shops that do maternity wear?

OP posts:
piglit · 21/04/2004 15:15

Beansprout, Toots and I have a bit of a running joke going about Mothercare maternity clothes. They used to be known for the big dresses with bows and frilly collars (so I understand) and when I mentioned buying some jeans there (on the Oct thread) we had a bit of a laugh about it. Nothing whatsoever wrong with Mothercare and I full intend to buy pretty much everything for baby from there. I saw the cutest little newborn outfits when I was there last week - really fluffy and tiny . I will also have to go back tomorrow as I'd love some linen trousers and haven't been able to find any. Thanks!

beansprout · 21/04/2004 15:18

Sorry Tall girl, this was me. I went in there a few weeks ago for my first ever mat. clothes shopping trip and came out in tears as all the clothes in that particular branch (in NW London) were so awful.

I practically defied the whole "due in October" strand to find anything decent in there and then, ahem, have now bought (same?) linen trousers which are very comfy, I have to say.

Still won't be going back to that other branch though.....horrific...

oliveoil · 21/04/2004 15:22

I have a choice of: H&M, Blooming Marvelous, Formes, Mothercare, Dorothy Perkins AND a funky but expensive independent shop and I still can't find any jeans

Freddiecat · 21/04/2004 15:23

I got some from H&M and they are great. Under bump cut which takes some getting used to if you are used to over-bump trousers. They have a proper fly and pockets at the front and no elastic panel. They are boot cut with faded look fronts to them. I wear them with a belt (I have a v long one) as it holds them up better and have found them comfier with big pants (the adjustment buttons inside chaffed on my hips a bit). Need long tops though - and I got a great one from H&M which is a half-placket black jersey shirt in a skinny fit with a lot of stretch so even though I am 30 weeks I still look quite slim and trendy (well it's all relative anyway).

IMO Next maternity wear is great if you are quite short and have an enormous bump but H&M is the place to go if you want to look slightly stylish for not too much money.

oliveoil · 21/04/2004 15:27

Freddiecat - agree on H&M, all my stuff is from there but you must have pinched the last decent pair of jeans!! Saw a nice green stripey dress in there yesterday which I may go back for, upper arms have turned to sludge though so may have to get a cardi too.

QueenBeetroot · 21/04/2004 15:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

oliveoil · 21/04/2004 15:52

doesn't work your highnessness

bossykate · 21/04/2004 15:53

it's here - seraphine

QueenBeetroot · 21/04/2004 15:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

oliveoil · 21/04/2004 15:57

Those are really nice clothes hmmmmmmmmm. And the jeans go to 33". May have to investigate further.

harman · 21/04/2004 17:25

Message withdrawn

piglit · 21/04/2004 17:27

Perhaps we should all set up in business together selling fabulous low priced maternity gear.....

fairydust · 21/04/2004 17:57

what about these ones
mothercare jeans

PotPourri · 21/04/2004 18:18

Try argos additions. I just got a pair delivered this morning. They are under bump, elasticated waist and bootleg. Not real denim so they sit really well - ideal for a night out as htey are quite a close fit on the top of the legs. The elasticated waist means they can stretch loads, and yes I do look like I have a bum in them. I think you can get express delivery if you want, and they were £19!

PotPourri · 21/04/2004 18:19

Meant to say it's the under tummy bootlegf ones. I think there are a few others - over bump and mummy tummy or something. And I just got normal size (12)

kbaby · 21/04/2004 18:23

ive got the same problem. Ive tried the ones from h&m but they were like drain pipes and really long (im 5ft 4)They looked like 80's throwbacks. Dorothy Perkins were also awful. I ended up buying the ones from next with the pink scarf. The length is just about ok but I find that they do fall down even with a belt. Im forever tugging them up when I walk. Blooming marvellous ones look good but as I couldnt be bothered with the hassle of ordering them and sending them back if they were no good. I just stayed with the next ones.

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