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Jeans, Jeans,!

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SpringChicken · 21/04/2004 14:21

Know there have been threads ont his previously but thought i would start a new one.

I own 1 pair of maternity jeans and they are hideous - they make me look like i haven't got a bum and if there is a slight inkling of one being there is looks like it is sagging right down the back of my knees I'm not joking.

Desperately need some jeans that fit nice and snug, just like normal jeans but that allow for my ever growing belly

The ones i have are from Next so maybe thinking next isn't the best place for them - anyone got any idea's?? Going out next saturday night and desperately need jeans to wear for then.

OP posts:
oliveoil · 22/04/2004 13:31

Depends on your shape But if you can't look weebleish when pg when can you

Codswallop · 22/04/2004 13:32

If anyone else said to me " you need some braces" I would wack them wiht said bump

dinosaur · 22/04/2004 13:32

Stupid question here but do H&M do "official" maternity clothes or are they just bigger sizes and stretchy waistbands?

Was very tempted by the Seraphine jeans but nervous about "under bump" jobs for same reasons as others.

oliveoil · 22/04/2004 13:34

Official article, they say H&M Mama on the label

Codswallop · 22/04/2004 13:35

they dont do dinosaur sizes tho

dinosaur · 22/04/2004 13:36

Oi, Coddy, some dinosaurs were tiny you know...I know all about them, DS1 had a thing about dinosaurs last year...

Codswallop · 22/04/2004 13:37

havent done dinosaurs yet wiht ds1 or 2!

dinosaur · 22/04/2004 13:38

...but you must tell me more about turtles - are we talking the real thing, or the mutant ninja variety?

Lolabelle · 22/04/2004 13:52

Has anyone actually got a pair of seraphine jeans?? I'm still in my Diesels but with lots of buttons udone and stuff and i have bought a pair of low cut Zara jeans in a size bigger that are holding out but i wear jeans (and love jeans) so much i am thikihng of buying the Seraphine ones but would like feedback as i like them long and quite wide-ish at the bottom to go over trainers or high heels etc - any feedback nmust appreciated as i am having a mare!!

Pea In A Pod website seels gorgeous Seven Jeans and stuff like that but with a hefty price tag - I'm pinning all my hopes on Seraphine so I'm hoping one of you ladies have first hand experiendce with them!! I do want under the bump as i have a few over the bump work trousers but wanted something funkier for evenings out etc..

dinny · 23/04/2004 08:34

SpringChicken, I got a gorgeous (yes really!) pair from Blooming Marvellous. They are hipsters and seem completely like normal jeans. Except loads more comfy. Cost around £38, I think.

SpringChicken · 23/04/2004 09:48

Thanks Dinny - the only ones in my Blooming Marvelous catalogue are the ones with the frayed bottom which i'm not too sure about.

Are these the ones you have or have i missed some????

Anyone know if Mothercare take Solo cards???? If not, have to go to bank to withdraw cash as i can't remember my pin number. ARRGGGGGGG

OP posts:
sweetkitty · 23/04/2004 14:36

Right am now wearing size 12 Next maternity trousers with safety pin in them (they are the ones with elastic at the back and belt thing at front) and they are driving my crazy always falling down.

I wish I could wear jogging bottoms to work only things I feel comfy in. Might get a new pair and risk looking like a 14 year old just so I'm comfy.

H&M have opened a new store near Greenwich Penisula (across from Asda) it has a great range of H&M Mama in there and it isn't near as busy as Bluewater or Oxford Street, I get put off as they can look like a jumble sale. I wish they had opened before I spent a fortune at Next!

prettycandles · 24/04/2004 21:21

Perfectly Happy People do a trouser-extender device that is supposed to allow you to wear ordinary trousers during pregnnancy. I haven't used it myself, but it looks like it should work well, as long as you wear a long top over it. I don't know their exact url so I can't do a link, but it's something along the lines of

dinny · 25/04/2004 10:04

Spring Chicken - yes, the ones with the frayed bottoms are the ones I have. They look so nice (well, I THINK they do ) and are just soooo comfy and un-maternity-clothes-like.

I have suddenly turned into lady witha huge bump overnight and they fit just the same as before.

motherinferior · 25/04/2004 10:07

I found, as did one of my friends, that the BM ones slid down all the time. But I'm glad you look lovely in them, Dinny.

Stretchy panels make my skin crawl, personally. I tolerated them with a fabby pair of Jojo black PVC jeans, but that was all. But then I became an unashamed if quite uncharacteristic bump-flasher.

dinny · 25/04/2004 14:43

I ended up getting the jeans in a size smaller than I otherwise would as they seemed quite a generous fit.
But they do fall down a bit if have been wearing them for a while/walking a lot.

ps wouldn't go so far as "lovely", Motherinferior!

Bozza · 25/04/2004 15:37

Had some jeans with strech panel given, which I used to wear around the house a lot because they were comfy but they are now too small even though they are a 12 and I normally take a 10. The strech panel doesn't come down far enough IYSWIM. Shame because they were quite straight legged so I could have rolled them up now we have the warm weather.

Bought some on the waist bootleg jeans from DPs. They will no longer stay up because of the shape of my bump - there still elastic on the adjuster but whether I loosen or tighten them they still fall down. They also used to chafe my back because of the elasticated denim not being so soft. Also too long and so very raggy at bottom.

So not been too good for maternity jeans. I've got a really comfy pair of jersey 3/4 under bump trousers from H&M for a tenner which are always falling down but so comfy I don't care.

littlerach · 25/04/2004 19:23

I have a pair of over the bump Next ones from last time round, also a pair from DPs. Cannot stand underthe bump, as they dig in and feel they will fall off!!!

SpringChicken · 26/04/2004 10:21

YIPPEEEEE Finally got some jeans that fit me !

£30 From Mothercare (as this is the only shop in my town that sells mat wear) - over the bump, nice and long so i can roll up with my flip flops on or have normal to wear with boots.

...........and i don't have a saggy arse in them

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