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Jeans, Jeans,!

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SpringChicken · 21/04/2004 14:21

Know there have been threads ont his previously but thought i would start a new one.

I own 1 pair of maternity jeans and they are hideous - they make me look like i haven't got a bum and if there is a slight inkling of one being there is looks like it is sagging right down the back of my knees I'm not joking.

Desperately need some jeans that fit nice and snug, just like normal jeans but that allow for my ever growing belly

The ones i have are from Next so maybe thinking next isn't the best place for them - anyone got any idea's?? Going out next saturday night and desperately need jeans to wear for then.

OP posts:
HelloMama · 21/04/2004 21:45

hi! i'm quite new and this is one of my first posts! I'm now 27 weeks pregnant. I wear jeans ALL the time so I was desperate to find a good pair! I'm also 5ft 9 so its always difficult to find trousers long enough. However, i went to 2 independent shops just off Upper Street in Islington (london - sorry all you non-londoners)and they both had a great selection. The best one though is called 'Maternus'. I think they also have a branch in Dulwich, south london. I got 2 pairs, one by Noppi Maternity and one pair by Tete a Tete. They are long, under the bump and fab! I was lucky because DH bought them for me (unfortunately they were £65 each - eek!) but hell, I'm pregnant! I'm sorry, but i have tried on so many 'over the bump' jeans / trousers and they just make me laugh. How can you take anything so awful seriously??! Hope this helps. PS - one friend asked where my jeans from and were they from Diesel - so they you go! You can look fab and pregnant!

sweetkitty · 21/04/2004 21:49

I'm another one with the Next ones with pink scarf, their ok but make my bum look huge, still have to wear them with a belt at 25 weeks but thats the same with my other Next trousers. I'm not buying anything else though so will just have to suffer having a huge bum for a while longer!

SpringChicken · 22/04/2004 08:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

florenceuk · 22/04/2004 10:41

Do those under bump trousers work if you have no hips? I am worried about them falling down. In my last pregnancy my bump was really itchy and sensitive - seams drove me made, so deliberately looked for trousers with elastic waisted jersey bits at the top.

Twinkie · 22/04/2004 10:58

You can get Earl Maternity Jeans from - they are £120 quid but Gwyneth wears them so must be good!!

SpringChicken · 22/04/2004 11:50

Absolutely no way i am spending £120 on a pair of ordinary jeans let alone a pair of maternity jeans.

Would rather go without completely

OP posts:
motherinferior · 22/04/2004 11:58

Seraphine has them for £75. I'd get them if I were ever to have another baby which, obviously, I'm not I'm not I'm NOT, wanders away shamefacedly from maternity clothes website

beansprout · 22/04/2004 12:02

Am with you on that one Springchicken - just don't have anything like that sort of budget. Do you think Gwynnie will give us her cast offs?

Twinkie · 22/04/2004 12:06

I just want some but can't really afford them - am sick of trying to squeeze myself into normal clothes and feeling like i am being cut in half!!

Am loathe to buy clothes one size up i I am going to grow out of them in a few weeks!!

beansprout · 22/04/2004 12:10

I am at that horrible "in between" stage, and feel a bit of a fraud in the mat. clothes, as they are still a bit big, but they are better than wondering why I have stomach ache all the time!!

BTW - is there such a thing as a pair of reasonably priced mat. shorts? Or am I giving my first time status away by even asking that question?!!!

motherinferior · 22/04/2004 12:13

Beanikins, have you tried jojo maman bebe?

Twinkie · 22/04/2004 12:13

No maternity shorts are extortionate - £20 for a pair of shorts!!! - I may wear DPs pants for he duration of our holiday!!

beansprout · 22/04/2004 12:14

I have, and I like a lot of their stuff but haven't looked spec. for shorts... will do so now!

Tell me the truth ladies - will I want to wear them though?!!

beansprout · 22/04/2004 12:15

Twinkie, as in boxers or snug y-fronts?

motherinferior · 22/04/2004 12:15

try \link{^GIN200&CAT=DC41&SPCAT=IM&SHOP=MAT&PAGE=2\these

beansprout · 22/04/2004 12:29

MI, thank you. Am very flattered that you think I would not look frightening in these, but given that my backside is desperately trying to keep up with my belly at the moment, I may need something a little baggier, a la Five go mad in Dorset

oliveoil · 22/04/2004 13:05


H&M, £24.99. Not toooo sure on the colour of the denim, bit pale, but they are long enough, fit round the bum nicely (for now) and have NO ELASTIC PANEL.

Also got 2 tops and a cardi, all for £60.

Am in verrrrry good mood now.

Codswallop · 22/04/2004 13:06

pale good for summer

Twinkie · 22/04/2004 13:08

Goodness will drag DP to bluewater or lakeside on Saturday to have a look in H&M. Hoorah I lurve shopping and have just realised that I am £135 up on my Amex due to a mix up with payments so may treat myself to some groovy new sunglasses too!!

motherinferior · 22/04/2004 13:13

Beansprout, you will look kittenish and gorgeous.

Cannot even contemplate wearing shorts myself these days, I realise.

oliveoil · 22/04/2004 13:14

I love shopping too and it is a lovely spring day here, feel like skipping.

Spree was slightly spoilt by some bint throwing a fag that hit me on the way back can you believe????

bossykate · 22/04/2004 13:18

oo, are they over or under bump? appreciate under bump more cool and trendy but can't quite believe they are comfortable and stay up. also can't believe a tall person like wouldn't inevitably show naked bump off all the time.

i've got a next pair as well which have been a disaster. they are "on the bump" and are always falling down... they are so uncomfortable that i would kill for a pair with elastic panels if they would just fit properly and stay up!

oliveoil · 22/04/2004 13:26

They are over bump, they have under ones but I tested them out by sitting down and they are not comfortable at all, they dig in.

I don't like flashing my bump either.

Codswallop · 22/04/2004 13:27

found under bump very uncomfy spent whole time pulling htem up

stretchy panel for me

bossykate · 22/04/2004 13:28

thank you. i think over bump trousers give you a better "line" with fitted tops too.

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