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Tell me what you think of these names

54 replies

guzzler · 13/12/2005 16:46

going round in circles here and would really appreciate your opinions on:

Girls: Esme or Sorrell
Boys: Floyd, Henry or Max

I like more unusual names but don't want to get the poor kid bullied at school!!!


OP posts:
Enideepmidwinter · 13/12/2005 16:47

is that you cod

LizzylouDonkey · 13/12/2005 16:47

LOve Esme, Max and Henry, depends on your surname!

JonesTheSteamingSanta · 13/12/2005 16:47

Don't like Esme or Floyd

Like the others though.

WigWamBam · 13/12/2005 16:49

Esme's OK but I'm not hugely keen on it. I don't like Sorrell.
Max or Henry are OK, not keen on Floyd.

moondog · 13/12/2005 16:49

Floyd is silly. Henry and Max too common.
Used to know a real drip called Esme. Sorrell is quite sweet in a self conscious English sort of way.

JingleShells · 13/12/2005 16:50

Esme and Max i like.

Floyd and Sorrell i don't.

saadia · 13/12/2005 17:11

I like all those names except Floyd. Although unusual, these names strike me as traditional.

walkinginawinterBundleland · 13/12/2005 17:15

Esme is Ok, Henry is alright but Max incredibly popular. Sorrell just sounds a bit odd. ikwym though, about trying for something a bit different. do you like Nancy, Naomi or Miriam? what about George or Louis for a boy?

noddyholder · 13/12/2005 17:21

Don't like floyd or max but love the others especially sorrel

SilentBite · 13/12/2005 17:26

I know an Esme Floyd funnily enough!

I like Esme or Max

mazzystar · 13/12/2005 17:27

sorrell is a bit....vegetably

foundintransleightion · 13/12/2005 17:28

Like Henry. Quite like Esme. Don't like the others, sorry.

MIstletAOU · 13/12/2005 17:29

I like Esme

I like Henry too (my dbro's name)

Don't like the others though.

SpaGlorytoBlog · 13/12/2005 17:30

I really like Sorrell, but I wanted Bracken for a boy so don't listen to me lol!

MIstletAOU · 13/12/2005 17:32

snap FIT!!

JenumPoinsetta · 13/12/2005 17:35

Only like Max out of those - thats a possible if I ever have another boy. My 2 boys are called Zack and Kai although Kai is getting more and more popular

ESSgonnaBEEagoodchristmas · 13/12/2005 17:37

Message withdrawn

wewishyouamerryKITTYmas · 13/12/2005 17:37

Not too keen on Floyd like Lloyd though

DingDongMaloryOnHighTowers · 13/12/2005 17:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MIstletAOU · 13/12/2005 17:50

oooh you don't need to be swish to be a Henry

My db is not swish

However he got the p*ss taken out of him at secondary school when he first went there (long time ago though).

mazzystar · 13/12/2005 17:54

know a few little henrys. some of their parents are middlingly posh

PrincessPlumPuddingHead · 13/12/2005 17:57

max - a name for people who can't be bothered to think of a proper name
henry - fine.
floyd - noooooooo
esme - fine
sorrel - if you are going to name her after a fairly OK but not exciting herb, then spell it right!

sorry, in a pissing bad mood this evening

frogs · 13/12/2005 18:00


Max: Okay, but there's a lot of it about
Henry: Fine
Floyd: See PPH's post

Esme: as for Max, in certain circles
Sorrell: Hmmmm

HappyMumof2TurtleDoves · 13/12/2005 18:04

Henry, Max and Esme ok.

Don't like the others - sorry.

MIstletAOU · 13/12/2005 18:12

"middlingly posh"

yup, that's my dp's to a T

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