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Quick survery: Which of these two names do you prefer...

122 replies

emkana · 15/11/2005 22:10

... and is there a reason for your preference?

Felicity or Rebecca

Thank you!

OP posts:
Yorkiegirl · 15/11/2005 22:10

Message withdrawn

tortoiseshell · 15/11/2005 22:11

Definitely Rebecca

Coathanger · 15/11/2005 22:12

Rebecca - Felicity reminds me of that Kendall woman

compo · 15/11/2005 22:12

Rebecca - can be shortened to Becky or Becca or Becks even. Felicity sounds a bit posh for me!!!

Bellie · 15/11/2005 22:13

Rebecca as like the short versions you can have

lockets · 15/11/2005 22:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ScummyMummy · 15/11/2005 22:14


(Because it sounds elegant and beautiful yet sweet and means happiness.)

Pruni · 15/11/2005 22:14

Message withdrawn

Kaz33 · 15/11/2005 22:14

Rebecca is a lovely name, if I had a girl and if my cousin wasn't called Rebecca that would be the name i would have chosen.

hotmama1 · 15/11/2005 22:14

Personally I prefer Rebecca - I think Felicity is too fussy and conjures up images of fussy neck bows.

starlover · 15/11/2005 22:21

felicity.... there are SO many rebeccas!

not that i don't like rebecca btw! just prefer something a bit more unusual iyswim

chjlly · 15/11/2005 22:22

Felicity - cos it's my best mates name!

MummyJules · 15/11/2005 22:32

Felicity - There are lots of Rebeccas in DD's school.

Gobbledigook · 15/11/2005 22:33


QueenEagle · 15/11/2005 22:37

Rebecca as it would have been the name we chose had we had a girl.

WigWamBam · 15/11/2005 22:37

I prefer Felicity, I think it's the prettier of the two names.

jamiesam · 15/11/2005 22:37

Definitely Rebecca
MIL is called Felicity - a lot of things on here are true, including scary clothes and nickname Fliss!

QueenEagle · 15/11/2005 22:37

Although we would have probaly spelt it Rebekah.

cupcakes · 15/11/2005 22:40

Felicity. Much prettier. And the Rebecca in the Daphne du Maurier book is rather off putting!

Linnet · 15/11/2005 22:44

Felicity, I love the name and wish I'd thought of it while I was pregnant. It's just sounds so elegant and sophisticated and pretty.

paolosgirl · 15/11/2005 22:50

Rebecca - it's DD's name, so I'm very biased . Felicity sounds a bit prim, I think. Fine if she turns out to be a girly girl, but not good if she's not!

tabitha · 15/11/2005 22:51

Rebecca - Felicity sounds a bit 'woocey' (apologies in advance to all Felicities and mothers of Felicities)

troublesmummy · 15/11/2005 22:51

Rebecca. Its my name!

joec · 15/11/2005 22:55

prefer rebecca. my eldest daughter is rebecca and really suits her. pretty name for a pretty girl

aloha · 15/11/2005 22:55

I like Felicity. Means happiness and is sweet. I think I am quite unusual in liking it though. But that means it will be reasonably unusual if that matters to you.
Considered it for dd (along with a zillion others)

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