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Who feels sorry for Gordon???

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MrsForgetful · 28/04/2010 18:57

I do.

OP posts:
Baileysismyfriend · 28/04/2010 19:34

Just saw a woman being interviewed about this on Channel 4 and I quote

"Im not racist but they are taking all the jobs arent they, and all the houses, there are a load of them round here"

The mind boggles.

wasabipeanut · 28/04/2010 19:36

I do but just a teeny bit. He's a one man disaster area blundering from one fuck up to the next. I'd probably be more sympathetic if he hadn't been so smug when the economy was still booming.

Kathyjelly · 28/04/2010 19:38

Mrs F, with you on the better to be elected thing.

I doubt he was set up but his PR person should be jettisoned into space. Whenever there are microphones and recording equipment or audiences, any half decent marketing person is hovering to remove the mic from the relevant director's (or in this case, prime minister's) lapel and switch it off ASAP. The potential for embarrassment is just too hge. Remember CNN.

pointydog · 28/04/2010 19:40

I feel deeply sorry for Gordon, yes

KerryMumbles · 28/04/2010 19:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sfxmum · 28/04/2010 19:42

does anyone think that all politicians are full of love and a warm glow for the people they meet on the campaign trail? it is a sales job ffs

it was a private moment and the woman did say something quite bigoted
I don't even thin he should have apologised

MrsForgetful · 28/04/2010 20:03

i bet gordon wishes he didn't have to do the 'live debate' tomorrow!

OP posts:
Marne · 28/04/2010 20:07

I feel sorry for him (still won't be voting for him), he's only human after all and we all say things we don't really mean.

preggersplayspop · 28/04/2010 20:07

I do, I find the personal stuff people say really difficult to stomach at times.

He's human, he has feelings. It should be about policies and not personalities.

onebatmother · 28/04/2010 20:09

This is just awful, on so many levels. Someone on Twitter will check who described him as a wounded circus bear. Horridly apt.
Did anyone see John Harris's piece in the Guardian

suzi2 · 28/04/2010 20:10

My Dad will be pleased. Karma.

elliemental · 28/04/2010 20:11

sky tv , owned by Murdoch, major Tory supporter. They wouldn't have meade such a meal of this if it had been a DC gaffe.

scoutliam · 28/04/2010 20:12

I hope he did mean it, and it's actually made me yhink more of him.

AuntieMaggie · 28/04/2010 20:17

I do too. kerrymumbles is spot on.

And working in govt I'd give him the benefit of the doubt on the bullying thing too - one persons bullying is another persons personality quirk and without knowing the full info he shouldn't be judged on that. It wasn't even definitely him was it? Just his office, so it could be an over the top PA (plenty of them about!)

MegSophandEmma · 28/04/2010 20:19

I heart Gordon. He's like a big teddy bear. Bless him.

Still voting Lib Dem though.

Accm · 28/04/2010 20:23

I Do , I feel sorry for Him...he's only human after all and we all say things we don't really mean.
( Still with DC )

Bumperliouzzzzzz · 28/04/2010 20:43

I do, but this whole 'it was a misunderstanding' thing is a load of crap. Just say sorry, and let it go.

DH said it might be a bit like that thing that Jed Bartlett did in the West Wing when he slagged off his opponent while not realising he was still on air, though really he did know and what shit stirring!

onebatmother · 28/04/2010 20:43

I wish he'd address it all head on scout, though. Leningrad had a brilliant response along lines of 'you do know that lots of British people go away to work in Europe?'

janeite · 28/04/2010 20:47

Me - good Lord, if we were all to have our every word scrutinised, we'd be less quick to judge. I've said countless things that I would hope nobody overheard, usually in the heat of the moment or to let off steam and certainly not intended to be heard or hurtful.

lolabug · 28/04/2010 21:05

yes, but he is media trained and should know where the 'off' button is.. what a plonker..

claig · 28/04/2010 21:06

Many of the Labour supporters on here would feel sorry for Gordon if he kicked them in the teeth, something he is likely to do if he manages to get back in. The pensioner he was speaking to was a life-long Labour voter. She wasn't a bigot, she was just comcerned about immigration, as are many millions of people up and down the land. The fact that he descibed a Labour supporter like her as a bigot, shows the contempt that he has for ordinary people and their concerns. It is similar to the contempt shown by another Labour candidate in Scotland, who described old people as coffin dodgers. It shows that GBH lives in an ivory tower protected from the views and concerns of ordinary members of the public and Labour voters. I am sure he prefers saving the world and being on first name terms with the great and the good than having to listen to the concerns of the lowly bigots who vote for him. He told the woman that helping is what he is all about. It looks like he meant helping himself and ignoring the concerns of the ordinary people that make up this country.

gingercat12 · 28/04/2010 21:10

I do nto feel sorry for Gordon. I feel sorry for ourselves being fed this non-event, Tory propaganda by Murdoch.


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Spidermama · 28/04/2010 21:11

I feel really sorry for him. It's not as if he called her a hideous, wrinkled, biggotted ol' cunt after all.

She did display bigotry. She also bombarded him on all sorts of issues without listening to the answer. She moaned that her Grandson won't be able to afford student fees then announced he's currently stuck in Australia.

Ariesgirl · 28/04/2010 21:13

I feel totally sorry for him. The way he held his head in his hands, you've got to wonder why on earth he wants his shitty job. Surely he'd have enough dosh now to retire the country with his children.

EndangeredSpecies · 28/04/2010 21:13

agree with gingercat. You could almost see the Sky News shit-stirring stick turning round when they were broadcasting the story.

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