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StealthPolarBear · 15/02/2012 09:58

Why has everyone started saying 'deteriate'? The word is 'deteriORate'. Yes I mean you, radio ad.

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simbo · 15/02/2012 10:02

How are children ever supposed to learn proper language, when every source outside the home contradicts the way we speak within it? Mine think I use big, posh words, when I'm only speaking standard english.

ICanTuckMyBoobsInMyPockets · 15/02/2012 10:02

And Wensday. It's Wednesday.
And sicth. It's sixth.
And Parkistan. It's Pakistan.
And 'to go for a wonder'. It's wander.
And buggy. It's pushchair. AngryAngryAngry this one gives me immense rage.

simbo · 15/02/2012 10:02

How are children ever supposed to learn proper language, when every source outside the home contradicts the way we speak within it? Mine think I use big, posh words, when I'm only speaking standard english.

StealthPolarBear · 15/02/2012 10:24

Oh boobs you have buggy rage too? I hate the word, not sure it's actually incorrect though? Makes me seethe every time I hear it.

OP posts:
StuckUpTheFezziwigTree · 15/02/2012 10:26

To me, a buggy is a Maclaren type umbrella folding pushchair. A pram is a carrycot type one. Anything else is a pushchair.

ICanTuckMyBoobsInMyPockets · 15/02/2012 10:27

Yes Stealth hate it hate it hate it.
It seems to have fallen into official use now aswell. Our local bus company has a sticker stating 'No more than 2 buggies at one time' and 'Buggy friendly'. It makes me want to get my black market out and scribble on it.
What does it even meeeeaaaan? Angry

shineoncubiczirconia · 15/02/2012 10:29

Adverts for haitch D television are hurting my ears.

Wander/wonder is the new loose/lose.

MeSugar · 15/02/2012 10:29

Agree with most of them and would add "brought" which I don't hear in real life but see on here a lot. Also "text" as past tense of "text", and so many others.

But Wednesday I'd disagree with, it is pronounced Wenz, not Weddenz.

StealthPolarBear · 15/02/2012 10:33

Yes, I've started noticing "going for a wonder". But I also say "wensday". I don't scream too much when it's by real people but this was an advert.

OP posts:
Salteena · 15/02/2012 10:52

May I also point out that there is an 'l' in the word 'vulnerable'? It isn't pronounced 'vunnerable'.

I thank you.

Btw, smartphone just tried to correct 'vunnerable' to 'bummer able' GrinGrinGrin

ICanTuckMyBoobsInMyPockets · 15/02/2012 10:57

Grin at bummer able! It's not Friday night you know!

ICanTuckMyBoobsInMyPockets · 15/02/2012 11:01

People now seem to use the word mortified for everything.
It means embarrassed or ashamed, not scared or something was so funny you were mortified laughing Hmm.
I love correcting people on that one. Blush

shineoncubiczirconia · 15/02/2012 12:57

I've seen an incorrect use of ambivalent creeping in too.

ICanTuckMyBoobsInMyPockets · 15/02/2012 18:02

And another....

It's not the same but it still makes me very shouty:

"2am in the morning" yes we know it's in the morning because you said 'am'. It's one or the other. This is from radio and tv newscasters.

yellowraincoat · 15/02/2012 18:10

The only one of these that annoys me is lose/loose. I don't know why.

People contract words for a good reason. It helps with the intonation of a sentence. It is nigh-on impossible for your tongue to smoothly move around your mouth quickly enough to clearly pronounce "sixth" in its full form. Thus "sicth".

I rarely see people getting het up on here about the English inability to pronounce the "r" is car and computer and or. Why is that?

StealthPolarBear · 15/02/2012 18:13

I've just tried it and you're right, I don't! Who'd have thought?

OP posts:
SuePurblybilt · 15/02/2012 18:15

I've seen 'going for a wonder' and 'I'm weary of him' (for wary) quite a bit on MN.
Couldn't give less of a shite about buggy Grin.

yellowraincoat · 15/02/2012 18:16

There is the classic "you should of" as well, obviously.

That does grate (great) a bit (abit).

StealthPolarBear · 15/02/2012 18:21

She's well shut of him

OP posts:
StealthPolarBear · 15/02/2012 18:23

Yrc I take your point about language evolving and words getting contracted so I will accept deteriate if, whenever written, it has an apostrophe to mark the missing or :o

OP posts:
yellowraincoat · 15/02/2012 18:24

Eventually the English language will have contracted so much we'll just be communicating in a series of grunts.

StealthPolarBear · 15/02/2012 18:25

Eh? :o

OP posts:
yellowraincoat · 15/02/2012 18:29


iklboo · 15/02/2012 18:50

'Goes' when they mean 'says'
'Went' when they mean 'said'.

MeSugar · 16/02/2012 19:41

It's not impossible to get your tongue around your mouth fast enough to say "sixth". Not even difficult.

I also have a pet hate in "as regards" or "regards" something. With regard to, or in regard to, please.

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