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smaller14 · 06/09/2020 07:26

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse.... I saw the butterfly episode Hmm
Tell me I'm not on my own with destain for Bing?!

OP posts:
DontGoIntoTheLongGrass · 06/09/2020 07:28

Grin I'm sat watching it too. Funny how Flop told Pando to be careful when he tried to grab it but didn't say anything to Bing when he tried at the same time. Total enabler of Bing.

Now he's drawing on pavement...little rabid shit.

Isit2021yetplease · 06/09/2020 07:30

Omg just watching it too - why is he such a naughty little t&@t!! STOP WHINING!

DontGoIntoTheLongGrass · 06/09/2020 07:30

Actually I've realised Flop is a Disney dad. He could easily have Bing drawing on his patio in his own back garden but no, he has to draw in front of everyone else to show what an amazing bag of stuffing he is Hmm

FutureDays · 06/09/2020 07:31

I have a deep dislike for Bing, he's such a nob

smaller14 · 06/09/2020 07:36

But is Flop his dad? I once read a lighthearted post that questioned his relationship to Bing: dad, brother, uncle, social worker, parole officer...??

OP posts:
Planterpots · 06/09/2020 07:37

Hahahaha we just watched that too. I’m glad it’s finished now, I hate Bing!!

Disappointedkoala · 06/09/2020 07:40

Just seen it too. I think the episode where Bing breaks Flops phone is the worst. Flip just used it as yet another excellent parenting opportunity whereas I would absolutely loose my shit.

Khajit · 06/09/2020 07:40

Can't stand bing! He has actually been banned in our house now!

20viona · 06/09/2020 07:41

I absolutely hate the bastard.

MummaGiles · 06/09/2020 07:42

There’s a women’s version too

hopscotchz · 06/09/2020 07:48

He has also shoplifted, broken Flop’s phone and put it in the bin Shock he is a little shit! I bet Flop shouts into a pillow and has a shot of tequila to calm down, only way he can be so smug with his gentle parenting techniques

Jigglyjugs · 06/09/2020 07:51

Ugh glad it isn't just me. I'm also confused as to the parent set up, plus why are all the adults tiny?!

vampirethriller · 06/09/2020 07:52

I can't stand the whiny git. I hate how he always breaks or ruins something then everyone has to make it ok for him again and ignore the fact he's spoilt their fun. Long eared psychopath.

Magicbabywaves · 06/09/2020 07:54

My older children don’t like Bing and chant ‘it’s not a Bing thing’. Flop puts me in mind of those spacey permissive parents you find in a Hackney park.

TheMandalorian · 06/09/2020 07:55

The other day he couldn't wait to grab Sulas drum off her and break it. Flop didn't say anything and then found him a footstool to drum on while poor Sula was left with the crappy maracas. Sexist shit.
I used it as a teaching opportunity for my 4yo. Bing would have been straight on the naughty step. Entitled sod.

smaller14 · 06/09/2020 07:57

I'm glad we all have this space to vent! And I ALWAYS need to vent when Bing comes on!

OP posts:
Nonamesavail · 06/09/2020 07:58

Love this thread Grin

SqidgeBum · 06/09/2020 07:58

I am pretty sure my 21 month old thinks Bing is actually called 'Fu*ng Bing'. I hate it. It goes off if I notice it starting. He never learns anything other than moaning gets him what he wants eventually. Moany little s**t.

ExpectTheWorst · 06/09/2020 07:58

Have you seen the one where he steps in dog shit?

orangejuicer · 06/09/2020 08:00

Bing series 2 is better. But yeah the butterfly episode.

The one that annoys me the most is when Bing gets hit by Pando on the swing and Flop/Paget don't take any responsibility or blame. Absolute bastards. Winds me up.

Magicbabywaves · 06/09/2020 08:02

I feel like Bing represents a type of child and Flop a style of parenting that was fashionable 10 years ago that, when every little thing was a teaching opportunity when actually he needs a telling off. Spoilt shit.

aveggie · 06/09/2020 08:11

I thought flop was his childminder?
But then Bing still goes over when Flop is sick and makes him honey and lemon.
And actually doesn't Flop bath Bing and put him to bed?

orangejuicer · 06/09/2020 08:14

Ama (Sula's mum/carer?) is a childminder and they all go off there sometimes.

OnlyFoolsnMothers · 06/09/2020 08:15

I will take bing over precocious Coco..:personally I love Sula!!!

whatswithtodaytoday · 06/09/2020 08:16

Arrrrgh. No Bing. I thought it was quite sweet until I actually started watching it during lockdown. I'm trying to teach my 18 month old to not whine, I do not need a TV programme undermining me.

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