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Nicknames for our children

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mollipops · 15/05/2002 09:09

Thought it might be fun to share the nicknames we call our children (the ones when they are being cute and sweet anyway!)

My dd has always been "possum" or "poss", or "honeybun". Ds is "Mister Moo" - I'm really not sure why! Or "little man".

I remember my older brother and his friends calling me "half-pint" and "shortcake". Can't remember if mum had a pet name for me.

I look foward to reading other mumsnetters childrens' tags!

OP posts:
Tissy · 06/01/2003 09:07

Lovely thread.

Dd is "little sausage", as my stepfather thought that she looked like a sausage roll when she was swaddled as a newborn!

EmmaTMG · 06/01/2003 10:03

I told my DH about this thread and he pointed out that I'd missed some. DS1 is also Sedglepuff and DS2 is Lewberry-po, DH also calls me Pem or Pemble-mac!
Honestly were not a wierd family even though these names would give the total opposite opinion!!

bluestar · 07/01/2003 13:01

Mr Wiggle or Wigglepants - he couldn't keep still in the womb and he certainly doesn't keep very still these days either.. Poppet also gets used frequently as does little man.

megg · 07/01/2003 14:26

Ds is Ranu, dp decided that after watching the dove from above, pumpkin pie and when he's whining or having a tantrum its brat features.

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