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Nicknames for our children

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mollipops · 15/05/2002 09:09

Thought it might be fun to share the nicknames we call our children (the ones when they are being cute and sweet anyway!)

My dd has always been "possum" or "poss", or "honeybun". Ds is "Mister Moo" - I'm really not sure why! Or "little man".

I remember my older brother and his friends calling me "half-pint" and "shortcake". Can't remember if mum had a pet name for me.

I look foward to reading other mumsnetters childrens' tags!

OP posts:
JoAnne427 · 15/05/2002 20:19

DD has been called squeaker, fussers, bubbles, popeye, munch, jujubee, dink, zazoo, lil' J, peanut, punkins, the punkster, punxsatawny phil, punky brewster, and monkey - to name a few. Monkey is most recent, as we are in constant amazement that this little person who couldn't crawl 2 mos. ago is now going up and down stairs faster than we are and able to get over every single obstacle in her way - time for those dang safety gates!

Enid · 15/05/2002 20:40

Joanne - am I right in thinking you are from the States? WHO is Punky Brewster? I heard the name somewhere YEARS ago and often call dd it or dp it without actually knowing who he/it/she is...

JoAnne427 · 15/05/2002 20:55

Hi Enid - yes, I am in the states - Punky Brewster was a sitcom back when I was a child - she was this rambunctious little freckled faced imp, always getting into something - and that is what dp called me when we were first dating - which has now transferred over to dd!

Is that how you spell rambunctious...???

jenny2998 · 15/05/2002 21:10

when he was tiny my ds was grumbly-bunny because of the noise he made when feeding. He's now sunshine,angel,honey, mr gorgeous, various others related to his name.

Dd is usually dolly, also angel, poppet...

To digress slightly, Ds calls his grand-parents "Nangy" and "Bam Bam" these were his own inventions when he first started talking and they have stuck!

sobernow · 15/05/2002 21:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Melly · 15/05/2002 21:52

Here are a few of my dd's nicknames, Splodge..was called that by a midwife on an early scan and it sort of stuck, munchkin, TC (short for Tamara Charlotte), munchers baby, TC munchers, little miss munchers (because she munches all food that is offered!), Minky, Minky Mouse and finally Zippy for when she has a rare off her food day! Surprisingly she does answer to her real name as well (Tamara).

jodee · 15/05/2002 22:14

DS used to be called lots of foodie names: pickle, sausage, chicken, pumpkin! Now he's 'kooksie' - no idea why!

mollipops · 16/05/2002 06:47

What great reading, thanx everyone for responding! Some wonderful imaginations out there!

Reminded me that dd was also "bean" when in-utero, since that's what she looked like on her first ultrasound pic. We were living in a mining town at the time (Kalgoorlie), and my ds-f (stepfather) decided he was going to call the baby "nugget" when it was born! Thankfully we had a girl and my dm put her foot down and told him he couldn't call her that! But my nephew called her "burger meister" or "Tessaburger" for a while there!

Keep 'em coming!

OP posts:
elwar · 16/05/2002 10:44

Forgot about in utero! DD was sproglett

thumper · 16/05/2002 11:24

Ours was Thumper - hence MY nickname here. More to do with all the kicks and thumps I was getting than the film!

angharad · 16/05/2002 11:26

Tillysmummy, could Tippy Taka be something to do with the serene boy priest (played by a girl) called Trippy Takka from the cult "Monkey Magic" programmes? DH calls me Kappa thanks to this programme. My sisters were known as Griselda and mona for obvious reasons when small but have to say that ours are all called "cariad", not very original

aloha · 16/05/2002 11:55

Chicky, chicky-boo, Boo, Boo-Boo, Baby Chubby, Henny, Henny-Penny, Chublet, Ba, Chub-Chub, Baa-Lamb, Lamb, Lamb-Lamb. Yes, all the same child. I wonder if I confuse the poor lad?

emslie · 16/05/2002 14:57

Our bundle of joy is badger
Or badge
Or monkey-face

JoAnne427 · 16/05/2002 15:00

Mollipops, you reminded me! dd was also known as "burgermeister meisterburger"...and boo, or baby boo.

This IS fun reading!

Bumblelion · 16/05/2002 15:45

When DD was a baby, her nickname was "silly legs" - now I just call her sweetheart.

DS I call sausage, as in, "you okay, sausage". "Come to bed now, sausage".

Baby hasn't got a nickname yet, I just call her "cheeky".

sjs · 16/05/2002 16:01

Poppity one, Poppet, Popsicle, Lottie-Pops, Chicken, Bunny, Sweat Pea, Chubster, Chubby Chops, Cheeky Chops, Munchkin, Gorgeous Girl - and lots of others which come to us from time to time. I just know she will rebel eventually and probably ask to me known only by her full name - Charlotte!

How many of you still have to put up with your childhood nicknames and just cringe? (And are you willing to share them?!!!)

Natt · 16/05/2002 16:21

What's funny is how many just arise spontaneously and develop into others - mine has been "bean" "beanie" "baby bean" "bb""nana" "nanaman" "j" "jman" "Puky" "poppy" "popstar" "poopstar" "fluffy" (curly hair) "snoopy","snoopstar", "snoopman", etc etc - they all just develop and mutate...

sister · 16/05/2002 16:32

I think nick names are sweet but yesterday I took my ds and dd to the zoo and we sat and watched the sealion display. A couple sat down next to me and the woman was talking baby talk in a pathetic way to her toddler, the stupid imitating baby voice, know what I mean??? I just think, why??? Does anyone know what I mean? I expect you are all going to say I'm being harsh

Lindy · 16/05/2002 21:01

sister - I know exactly what you mean & I HATE IT - only trouble is, my mother is staying a few days, DH is away, & even when DS is in bed I find ourselves talking in stupid baby talk - it is gross, why do we do it? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have had to come on to Mumsnet with a large glass of wine to get away!

Eulalia · 16/05/2002 21:11

Some of these are really funny!

Pops, Tiny Pops, Teeps (the latter two words run together). Now we have two children it is Small Pops for the older or Smorps (small person).

Currently our baby (one month old) has just lost her hair at the front and my DH is calling her 'Baldilocks' - poor thing!

bloss · 17/05/2002 03:36

Message withdrawn

mollipops · 17/05/2002 07:09

Love it - oh and I forgot to add Elwar - should get you and ds together one day - Mr & Mrs Moo! Lol...I admit we do sometimes call dd Missy Moo. I didn't put my "naughty names" earlier, but since some have here they are: snapper, duffer, doofus, wally, ratbag...aren't we unkind?! It really is a wonder they answer to their names at all!

My dh has a nickname from his teenage years that haunts him still - "Chuck". No his name is not Charles...but he was a bit of a wild lad in his youth!

OP posts:
angharad · 17/05/2002 08:45

Lindy and Sister, that high-pitched baby-talk has an official term, "motherese"! Research suggests that it's pretty instinctive and that babies pay more attention to higher pitched sing-song speech with simplified grammar. It is thought to be instrumental in language acquisition....Doesn't stop me wincing at myself though. What I find truly horrible is adults talking to each other like this, in the pub garden last night i overheard a 30ish woman say "does Bobo want drinky-wink?" to her partner. Made me think of tht Hamiltons.

elwar · 17/05/2002 11:34

Mollipops - thanks for refreshing my memory of my nickname, I don't see my brother very often these days & it was really nice, reminicsing (sp?) of our childhood (actually, I think he still called me 'Moo' even once I'd left school).

I remembered some more that we've used for DD - piglet, piggums, pigworthy, chuckletum, chuggles, fatchick, little miss smellington, pongo...and of course, elwar!

Shaz30 · 17/05/2002 11:36

I hate the goo goo baby talk as well!! I try not to do it too much with my kids but it is inevitable sometimes. My eldest is called ben and his grandad calls him benjamino, god knows why! my middle one is nicknamed the alan parsons project! because when i was pregnant with him we went to see austin powers 2 and the name stuck! our third child, the baby is nicknamed crosspatch because when he gets in a strop his bottom lip wobbles! it's lovely to see all the nicknames by which you call your children. Anyone got a nickname from their husband? mine used to be sweetie box!

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