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Nicknames for our children

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mollipops · 15/05/2002 09:09

Thought it might be fun to share the nicknames we call our children (the ones when they are being cute and sweet anyway!)

My dd has always been "possum" or "poss", or "honeybun". Ds is "Mister Moo" - I'm really not sure why! Or "little man".

I remember my older brother and his friends calling me "half-pint" and "shortcake". Can't remember if mum had a pet name for me.

I look foward to reading other mumsnetters childrens' tags!

OP posts:
Janus · 17/05/2002 11:53

My daughter is called Lottie which I didn't realise at the time rhymes with lots of things, so depending on the day she is:

snotty lottie (at the mo, as she has a cold)
grotty botty lottie (when a baby, all those nappies!)
spotty lottie (when she had those white spots just after birth)
lottie botty (when nothing wrong with her!)
dotty lottie (when being her mad self!)

Poor thing, am praying she doesn't have too bad acne when older as kids can be cruel!

sobernow · 17/05/2002 12:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChanelNo5 · 17/05/2002 18:49

Sobernow - I had a Noel Edmunds hairstyle for years and thought I looked cool HTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhiannon · 17/05/2002 20:19

A friend of mine called her DS no 2
"the pesticles with testicles"!!!! R

Lilia · 17/05/2002 21:08

I call my DD 'Zayka'. It comes from Russian language and means bunny. Sometimes I also call her Princess

Bron · 17/05/2002 21:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CAM · 24/05/2002 12:12

basie-one (a corruption of baby-one, don't ask how or why) when a baby, now jellybean.

mines · 24/05/2002 13:17

63333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 (that's a message from my cat!).

This is a good thread, Mollipops. Aren't you lot creative. We've done prawn (pre birth), bingle, fart pants (or just jonny), grumposaurus (also rex), smiler, vermin and the brat in the hat.

GLEE · 24/05/2002 18:33

DD is Minxie, Flower Pot, Love Bug, Dollykins! Do you think what you call your children shapes their personalities? When we first adopted DD at 11 months, we started calling her Minxie and now that she is 4 years old, she is quite the little flirt! I have to keep an eye on her as she constantly goes up to men, asks their name, and just starts chatting. (I always think I should rent her out to my single girlfriends -- she certainly is an ice-breaker if you see someone you'd like to meet!)

cherry · 24/05/2002 18:46

Dd has been Little Legs since before dh even met her and its stuck ever since! She also gets called Keri Berry, Bena (cos she drinks so much juice), Fuzzy Nut (she's got the maddest hair when she's just woken up), probably loads more but can't think of any.

leander · 24/05/2002 18:46

Ds is usually smelly bum ,Chunky Chubba or bignoiselittleman,but he gives a big smile when we call him cheekychops.

SimonHoward · 29/05/2002 07:34

My dd is 'little snuggly one' to me and usually 'pumpkin' or 'pickle' to my dw.

I have no idea where she got those names from, mine came about because dd loves being snuggled.

mollipops · 29/05/2002 07:52

AHA!!! So SimonHoward, you can think of nicknames for your dd but not one for yourself! (Just kidding )

OP posts:
bea · 29/05/2002 08:11

dd was always called bob when she was in the tum... ithink we were convinced that she was going to ba a ds!

now i worry about her answering to her own name as i'm sure she has so many nicknames it's confusing her!

emmy, emmy mai, cheeky chicken, chickster, chick, chickee dee, boo boo chicks, boo, monkey, minkey monkey, mrs monk, monk and probably many more!

what's really sad is that her nicknames get nicknames!!!

poor child!

SimonHoward · 29/05/2002 09:35

Never said I couldn't think up nicknames, just don't tend to do so for myself.

I have had a number of them made up for my by other people but it would be impolite to repeat most of them in polite company.

suzannem · 29/05/2002 14:36

My ds is:

Honey Monster, Boody (as in 'you are so boodiful', Monkey. My dh calls him Felly Foo Fah (for reasons too long to go into!) When ds was tiny he was Bumbino, Bubbalicious and also Piglet (because of the way he looked when he was feeding).

My sister calls him 'Peach', because of his lovely soft cheeks. Grandma calls him 'Plum Pie'.

Yes, he does also answer to his real name!

Dizzymummy · 29/05/2002 16:28

My ds is usually called either chicklet, chicolix, chickpea monkeyrabbit or chickenrabbit (god knows how these came about!! she won't have clue what her real name is

Lara2 · 04/01/2003 16:23

ds1 is Snake, ds2 is Snack. Some friends call them Shke'n' Vac (rhymes with their names). Also Chick, Monster, Sweetheart, Darling, Sweetums (gross I know, but have threatened to call ds1 this in front of his friends when he's horrid!) and loads more besides!

Jollymum · 04/01/2003 19:45

Mine four are (in age order) Del Boy ('cos he can sell anything to anyone and he's only 12) SlugBoy('cos he sleeps so deeply, just like dh), HannahBanana or Moo ('cos she's a moody ... sometimes, but who wouldn't be with three brothers) and Dan the Man! DD complained bitterly the other day that it wasn't fair, all the people in the house are boys, even the cat and could she have a baby sister" As she's nearly 8 I explained that Mummy being 42 she was much too old to have more babies and anyway, the ones she's got drive her mental! We then left the subject which was then brought up again in front of a very interested queue of bored shoppers in Safeway, the loudest remark being, was I really 42 and why was that too old for babies? I resorted to a quiet chat and then blackmail, as the littlest one was trying to bash money out of one machine to stick into the Thomas Tank ride! As I work with children and there's always a chance of bumpoing into a customer, I decided to leave the rest of the shopping until Dh got home! Anyway, that's my lot - what are yours called!!

Nutjob · 04/01/2003 19:53

My ds is 'Benny the Dip' or 'the Dipster' and my dd is 'Mouse', because she is sooooo tiny and when she was born she had hairy ears!!!!!

EmmaTMG · 04/01/2003 20:57

These were created by my DH so I can't even begin to explain were they come from. DS1 is Sedge or Sedgebuster and DS2 is The Lewberry!
I truely have no idea how these names come about but I sometimes find myself referring to them both by these nicknames!

Claireandrich · 04/01/2003 20:57

My younger sister (now 20) is called Melanie. When little she could only pronounce her name as Mennie, which we shortened to Men - don't know why now! It all came to a sudden halt though when mum called her in from the garden for bathtime and there were a group of workmen in the street outside. Ooops! They thought their look was in!

We always add things to DD's name or call her other petnames - no one thing though, a variety used.

Tortington · 05/01/2003 00:55

lol! this is a great thread. although i havent given my kids exiting niknames. ds1 is joseph and only me and dad call him joby - everyone else calls him joe so its rather special. ds2 is jacob - jake the snake although he recetly wanted this as his online handle and i had to say no! and dd is emma and she has lots of names ems emmsie emmalou loobytunes,lou,my most regular though is ezmae. theyhave other names too - when i am angry but i wont repeat them!

helenmc · 05/01/2003 10:46

we have Annie-animal as in party-animal.

Bears · 05/01/2003 23:12

Our ds is aka Wrigglerman, Poo Man, Sweetie, Poppet, Rascalman, Little man, Big eyes (he's got such adorable big blue eyes).

I know we must STOP using some of these & I will! I remember being called 'wingy wiggles' when I was 4. I laugh now but at the time, it was quite upsetting.

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