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Nicknames for our children

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mollipops · 15/05/2002 09:09

Thought it might be fun to share the nicknames we call our children (the ones when they are being cute and sweet anyway!)

My dd has always been "possum" or "poss", or "honeybun". Ds is "Mister Moo" - I'm really not sure why! Or "little man".

I remember my older brother and his friends calling me "half-pint" and "shortcake". Can't remember if mum had a pet name for me.

I look foward to reading other mumsnetters childrens' tags!

OP posts:
Tillysmummy · 15/05/2002 09:16

My little one is called Boo Boo or Tippy Takka ( god knows where that came from !!) - sometimes Tillytittlemouse and Miss Tillykins (by her grandma !)

jessi · 15/05/2002 09:42

My ds is "pippity pops" for some reason, also "midge" (from Mary & Mungo)! I used to be called "pippin" and "twinkle toes".

slug · 15/05/2002 10:05

Wibblet, wibbly one, fat girl, sluglet, vomit comet, pukemonster, small and smelly, big Al, pukelet, scoff monster... the list goes on. We rarely, if at all, actually call her by her given name.

Tillysmummy · 15/05/2002 10:17

We realised we had to start calling her by her real name when she turner her head to Tippy Takka !!

Azzie · 15/05/2002 10:30

Ds was always a bear of some sort, due to him having colic and being such a grizzly bear when he was a tiny baby. We don't use this now that he's 4.5, but we still have to say 'night night Sam bear' as part of his bedtime routine.

Dd has variously been Snufflebunny, Pip-pop, Katy-pop and Sweet Pea.

Ds did ask me the other day why we called him by a shortened version of his name, but always used dd's full name. I had to admit that I really had no idea!

Tetley · 15/05/2002 10:54

Ds is usually 'monkey' for fairly obvious reasons! Although, sometimes I am surprised that he knows his own name - the number of different things dh calls him!

My dad used to call me 'sparrow-legs' when I was young - due to my long skinny legs (unfortunately no longer so skinny!!)

MandyD · 15/05/2002 11:03

My son is otherwise known as Mr Clete - and he answers to it! Terry Pratchett fans may get the reference: in a Discworld book called Soul Music the leader of the Guild of Musicians is called Mr Clete, Pratchett describes his laugh as being "Hat. Hat. Hat". That is the noise ds made rather than crying when he was newborn!

WideWebWitch · 15/05/2002 11:03

Chickster, chickalick and chickling here and he's a boy, poor thing!

bells2 · 15/05/2002 11:14

My husband calls our son "Dr Evil"....

LiamsMum · 15/05/2002 11:40

My ds is "Bam Bam" (as in the Flintstones). He's a very well-built kid and a real boy. He's quite strong and likes to bang things together & make lots of noise.. he also seems to have no fear. One day we just got this mental picture of him running around dressed like a Flintstone wielding a giant club...

Jaybee · 15/05/2002 12:04

Ds has always been 'Spud' - probably due to the fact he has always had quite a large head (is that cruel) - it just seems to suit him, dd is usually 'Smidge' - no idea why but is often known as 'Tinkerbell' or 'Tink' as she is usually prancing about dressed as a fairy!!

JanZ · 15/05/2002 12:05

"Stinky" or "Mr Stinky" or "Stinkpot" - for obvious reasons! He's only 20 months, so that's OK for the moment, but I suppose we'd better be more careful what we call him as he gets older!

Dh is the one who tends to use various nicknames - I usually call him by his full name, or by his initial "Em".

elwar · 15/05/2002 12:32

Chicklett, smoobar & popsy/popsicle.
Mollipops - My brother always called me Mrs Moo!

lou33 · 15/05/2002 12:37

Bolla, from the Spanish for onion, Loopster/Loopylicious,Lilypops,Villain, for my 4!

ScummyMummy · 15/05/2002 12:55

Slug- I love the sluglet's nicknames!

I must get more creative- my boys usually get called by silly version of their actual names or the usual "honeypie" "sweetiepops" type endearments. We have invented a good word for "loved one of the family" which is "BANUNA" so we are all 4 banunas and the boys become "banunaboy" "Banunababy" and "Banunabanana".

Queenie · 15/05/2002 13:35

My dd's nicknames all seem to have been nappy related such as KiKi Dee by DH as in Glasgow they call poo 'keek' (not sure of this spelling) and as she loves tellytubbies I call her stinky winky but now I call her poppet and poppy and she says them herself - she can't say her own name so perhaps we've confused her!!

Rhiannon · 15/05/2002 14:13

We've got Pookie and Dill. R

Enid · 15/05/2002 14:15

Dd is Beany and answers quite happily to it. It comes from when I was pregnant and dp and I read in a book that the baby was as 'big as a coffee bean', the next week it had become a 'kidney bean' etc.

The baby currently in development is already referred to as Pooky so I expect that will stick too.

Enid · 15/05/2002 14:16

Snap rhiannon!

emsiewill · 15/05/2002 15:08

I call dd2 "stinkerbell" for obvious reasons, and sometimes "stinkerella". Some therapist is going to be rich on the back of this one day!

GillW · 15/05/2002 17:03

Piglet - 'cos he's small, pink and always eating!

Zoe · 15/05/2002 18:07

Ds was Podling when he was in the womb, and then dh started calling him Smudge from the first day he was born (and from then, Smudgelet, Smudgikins, Smudger-roo-roo etc) I called him Mr Magoo for a long time and I call him Chicken now.

Aren't we all mad (glad it's not just me!!)

batey · 15/05/2002 19:26

Enid/Rhiannon, we've got a beany too! Hers started as she was so small, we called her little pea or bean and bean just stuck. I love it that her sis uses bean more than her real name, it's something special between them. She's also known as stinker!!

katmam · 15/05/2002 20:09

We called dd "beastie" when she was being awkward, and it just seems to have stuck! In the womb "it" was known as Stanley - friends of ours decided if it was a boy, that's what it would be called. Thank goodness she's a girl (sorry if that offends any "Stanley"s!)

fb · 15/05/2002 20:15

we call our 2 year old daughter "fishface" because it makes her giggle uncontrollably

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