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Who at the moment do you just NOT get despite people raving about them?

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UnquietDad · 19/11/2008 15:12

For me it has to be Seasick Steve. Loads of people going on about how wonderful he is.

I can hear the guitar playing is good, but otherwise he just sounds like any other "dang doggone, mah babee done left me an' mah dawg died" tedious country-blues artist.

OP posts:
chequersandchess · 19/11/2008 15:13

All those bands like Franz Ferdinand, the Zutons etc.

Oh,and the arctic monkeys.

WTF is seasick steve though?

UnquietDad · 19/11/2008 15:16

He's a beardy guitar-strumming bloke in dungarees.

OP posts:
chequersandchess · 19/11/2008 15:17

He sounds like someone I would not get.

hanaflower · 19/11/2008 15:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UnquietDad · 19/11/2008 15:20

Well, I've never heard of them, so they must have left some corners of the market unpenetrated.

OP posts:
CharleeInChains · 19/11/2008 15:20

Highschool Musical! My niece has been raving on about it sonce the begining and i am so not getting the hype!

EsmeWeatherwax · 19/11/2008 15:27

Everything. I'm getting old. [Potters off to listen to Def Lappard]

UnquietDad · 19/11/2008 15:31

I also can't for the life of me see any reason for Kanye West. A woman I work with, who is about my age (late 30s) and otherwise seems like a fairly sane human being, was getting terribly excited about going to see him the other day. I just looked at her in incomprehension. I wanted to ask "do you actually listen to his... stuff?" but I thought that would sound silly.

OP posts:
TheGoat · 19/11/2008 15:31

oh i like the artic monkeys, mardy bum is genius. i am going home now to look up seasick steve. great name.

southeatsastras · 19/11/2008 15:31

guns n' arsin roses

TheGoat · 19/11/2008 15:33

all prog rock - it is just dull

cocolepew · 19/11/2008 15:40

Coldplay zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

mabel1973 · 19/11/2008 15:48

glasbloodyvegas and radio 1 going on and on about them.....
cheer up FFS!

moondog · 19/11/2008 15:50

that antony johnson bloke
Geyzer in a dress sings out of tune.

Fucking great.

Just imitating 60s girl singers

rofl at 'Seasick Steve' Reay

UnquietDad · 19/11/2008 15:55

Moondog - have I missed something? A joke? Steve Reay and Seasick Steve are two different people.

OP posts:
moondog · 19/11/2008 15:57

how bizarre.
i have no recollectio of writing reay, nor do i know of this person


wordgirl · 19/11/2008 15:59

I am totally with you on Seasick Steve. What's more he appears to be taking over Radio 2 - I'm sure he is on the Radcliffe & Maconie show at least once a week.
The only thing I like about him is the title of his album.

Ronaldinhio · 19/11/2008 16:00

guns and roses 700 yrs in the writing
always anything by katie melhua

jumpingbeans · 19/11/2008 16:00

Keith"I am a knob" Lemon

SixSpotBurnet · 19/11/2008 16:03

Felice Brothers

DH bought a CD as they are rated on FISO apparently.

But they seem quite dull to me.

wannaBe · 19/11/2008 16:06

Amy Winehouse.

Leona Lewis.

Countingthegreyhairs · 19/11/2008 16:25

Goldfrapp - not a patch on Mark Bolan and TRex - oh and anyone else under 32

2shoes · 19/11/2008 17:22

I haven't heard of most of these people

asicsgirl · 20/11/2008 18:39

agree goldfrapp
flaming lips
i love franz fedinand tho. they have cheek, which i always think is a very important quality

asicsgirl · 20/11/2008 18:40

ferdinand obv

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