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to get disproportionately angry when songs do not make sense

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WTAF · 14/12/2011 21:44

In the car today, radio on, and they start playing All Around The World by Lisa Stansfield. Instantly I felt the rage creeping up.

'Been around the world and I, I
I can't find my baby,
I don't know why, why he's gone away '

YES YOU FUCKING DO, LISA! Allow me to refer you to your own words, not 30 seconds ago, when you said (and I quote):

'We had a quarrel, and I let myself go
I said so many things, things he didn't know
And I was oh, oh so bad'

And then, and then, LISA, you go on to say

'I did too much lying, wasted too much time'

So you do know, you know exactly why he's gone away, so you should just STFU and concentrate on finding him to apologise. Not singing that bullshit trying to make us feel sorry for you, when clearly it is all YOUR FAULT.

I feel better for that. Anyone else?

OP posts:
Barbielovesken · 14/12/2011 21:46
Kayano · 14/12/2011 21:47


awards thread of the day award

Can we have a [medal] emotion? Plz MN

thepeoplesprincess · 14/12/2011 21:48


"This is the closest thing to crazy I have ever been
Feeling twenty-two, acting seventeen,"

A five year discrepancy in how you feel and act is NOT indicative of a mental health problem.

So fuck of Katie Melubleurgh.

NorfolkNCarolSingers · 14/12/2011 21:48

Don't get me started on The Killers.

Everytime that "are we human" song comes on I start ranting about the other reindeer and how they have an equal right to be in the song.

DH now turns it off before I get a chance.

ImperialBlether · 14/12/2011 21:48

Laughing my head off at that. Yes, I'm exactly the same.

One thing I really hate is when they sing "You and I" instead of "You and me" because they think they're being posh, when they're just showing their ignorance. And I'm shouting "Me! Me! It's you and ME!"

Glad someone else is the same.

PsecretPsanta · 14/12/2011 21:49

Ooh, you are sooooooo not alone.

Friends theme tune. Opening line:

'no-one told you life was gonna be this way...'

Next verse: 'your mother told you there's be days like these...'

Also, a song DH insists on listening to from the Kill Bill sound track 'half Chinese, half Japanesey, half American...'

ScarletFestiveFingernail · 14/12/2011 21:50

I know what you mean. The ones that wind me up are the ones that make no sense whatsoever, like when they just fit words in because they rhyme.
I always think of Oasis for this.

WeAllWantSomeRattyPudding · 14/12/2011 21:51

Finally - someone else who shares the nonsensical song rage.

Lisa appears to be one of those mind game playing types who cleary lies, keeps secrets and says horrid things to then immediately claim to not know anything about it. Hate that crap. Glorifying it in song does not make you clever young lady.

And breathe.

scentednappyhag · 14/12/2011 21:51

Norfolk Grin
Kids- Robbie Williams and Kylie- has anyone ever managed to make sense of that?!

missorinoco · 14/12/2011 21:52

You have just reminded me of the first time DH heard James Blunt's "You're Beautiful."

Whenever I hear James singing "And I don't know what to do, I can never be with you," I always hear DH's voice in my head objecting "But I thought he had a plan."

PsecretPsanta · 14/12/2011 21:53

On the other hand I feel all glowey and happy and calm when listening to 'Nothing Compares 2 U'

'I can see whomever I choose'

Ahhhh Smile

missorinoco · 14/12/2011 21:53

I suspect I shoudn't even ask you what you think of "The Riddle" by Nick Kershaw.

WeAllWantSomeRattyPudding · 14/12/2011 21:53

YES ScarletFF what the HELL is a Wonderwall?

globex · 14/12/2011 21:54


GreenIceAndChristmasHam · 14/12/2011 21:55

Oh hi Hanson! How are y? pardon? Wassat you say... Hmm what?? are you, are you talking to me? sorry I don't understand, keep planting you say? Planting wha?Ba duba ?WTF???

Literally no sense Grin

Kayano · 14/12/2011 21:55

I think LISA is a narc with a victim mentality personally

tigerdriverII · 14/12/2011 21:55

St Paul of McCartney and:

"in this crazy world in which we live in"

Live and Let Die

Too many ins

WTAF · 14/12/2011 21:56

missorinoco 'but I thought he had a plan!' Am literally crying with laughter. Brilliant.

OP posts:
tethersjinglebellend · 14/12/2011 21:56

I'm going to mention Alanis Morisette's Ironic and back out of the thread slowly.

BroomBuBuBum · 14/12/2011 21:56


I should be sleeping! Everyone stop being entertaining.

GreenIceAndChristmasHam · 14/12/2011 21:56

Tigerdriver that one has always driven me potty

LaBellaSantaCaterinadiSiena · 14/12/2011 21:57

I don't care if it's ironic but 'I'm a educated fool' from gangsta paradise makes my teeth itch

Kayano · 14/12/2011 21:57

And LISA the victim mentality narc hated her MIL too I bet. I bet that bitch was nice to her and everything

WeAllWantSomeRattyPudding · 14/12/2011 21:58
poppycat04 · 14/12/2011 21:59

"got so many clothes I keep them in my aunt's house "
Just bugs me Angry

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