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Did you know that our Government is now lifting children out of poverty by making other children homeless

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Twinklemegan · 08/08/2007 21:13

I just want people to know about this as it is so so shocking.

For the past few months the Government has been ordering the CSA to take out court orders against absent parents who are complying with existing agreements. This occurs where arrears cannot be paid back in two years. There is no mention in the enforcement guidance of ensuring that any other children do not lose their home or suffer other severe hardship as a result. The Government will try to recover arrears through the courts even when they are outside the legal time limit and has powers to force an absent parent to sell their home.

Even the CSA does not agree with this!

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startouchedtrinity · 08/08/2007 21:18


Twinklemegan · 08/08/2007 21:20

Why hasn't it hit the press, that's what I want to know.

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startouchedtrinity · 08/08/2007 21:23

I think b/c second wives/partners are seen (unfairly) as home-wreckers in our press, and somehow the children get tainted with that.

Some of our press also relish the idea of 'feckless' fathers being made to pay.

Twinklemegan · 08/08/2007 21:26

You're so right. There are two classes of children in this country. And it disgusts me.

Nobody else has shown any interest in this thread. That proves the point I think.

And these are not feckless fathers. These are the easy pickings who are already doing everything they can (and probably got into arrears because of CSA incomptence).

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WideWebWitch · 08/08/2007 21:28

What are you on about?
This thread isn't getting any interest because it's not clear what the problem is

Twinklemegan · 08/08/2007 21:30

Erm. A father has an existing agreement to pay back arrears. He is complying with it. The CSA has now been ordered to take out a court order in any case to recover the whole sum which may amount to tens of thousands. This results in parents having to sell their home to pay the debt. Result, children become homeless. Father has a CCJ against him although he has done nothing wrong in law, potentially can't get another home, even rented.

Why is this not clear?

OP posts:
Twinklemegan · 08/08/2007 21:32

And why is the thread title itself not a problem. The Government is deliberately making children homeless. Why does that not shock you?

OP posts:
Dinosaur · 08/08/2007 21:33

LInk? Need more info.

WideWebWitch · 08/08/2007 21:33

Look, it just ISN'T clear! I'm not stupid but I can't get worked up about something I don't understand.

margoandjerry · 08/08/2007 21:34

has this actually happened or are you extrapolating from the policy to what could happen?

beansprout · 08/08/2007 21:34

Well, the problems with the CSA are legendary. Presenting this issue as a deliberate strategy on the gvt's part seems a bit of an odd interpretation.

Twinklemegan · 08/08/2007 21:35

There is no link. This is not public knowledge. I know because it is happening to us. My DH has heard it from the horses mouth, who also told him they don't agree with it.

I am horrified that I have to continue to justify myself here. You wouldn't be asking these questions if it didn't relate to absent parents would you?

OP posts:
beansprout · 08/08/2007 21:35

Oh please, I'm married to one. Don't assume that's the problem here.

Twinklemegan · 08/08/2007 21:36

Beansprout - it is Government policy. They have ordered the CSA to take enforcement action against parents who are already paying their dues. Period.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 08/08/2007 21:36

lol TM, of course we would! But you haven't explained what the problem is. If the problem is that fathers have to pay for their childrem, well, erm, I think that's fair actually, whether they're first secnd or whatever families.

Oh well,

beansprout · 08/08/2007 21:36

Can we see that please? It really doesn't make any sense.

jangly · 08/08/2007 21:39

I suppose the mother of the man's first lot of children could have suffered hardship while the arrears were mounting up. Wonder why there are arrears? I feel really sorry for all the children concerned.

margoandjerry · 08/08/2007 21:40

Twinkle, you are not helping your case at all.

I'm perfectly willing to be sympathetic once I understand the situation.

Twinklemegan · 08/08/2007 21:40

You utter bitches, the lot of you.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 08/08/2007 21:40

Oh you charmer TM.
You've obviously read how to win friends and influence people...

Twinklemegan · 08/08/2007 21:40

I don't want sympathy. I just want people to be aware of what is happening. But you are all so blinkered.

OP posts:
Twinklemegan · 08/08/2007 21:41

WWW, I have never ever been so angry. I have never resorted to that before.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 08/08/2007 21:42

But TM all we're saying is that we don't understand. No-one's being horrible, although I admit to sarcasm in my last post.

beansprout · 08/08/2007 21:42

TM - you have a number of people who are trying to understand what you are talking about, and because you are not making yourself clear, we are all "utter bitches"?!!!

Wow. Thanks for sharing. Be sure to contact all of us next time you need a bit of advice or support on MN, won't you?

Twinklemegan · 08/08/2007 21:45

Oh why don't you understand. If a man is complying with everything that is being asked of him, why should he be taken to court for everything he owns? Come on, you all know how arrears can build up through the CSA. They take so long to do the assessments that there are arrears right from the start. Then, in our case, they made no contact for 6 years. DH had an informal arrangement with his ex. Then the CSA rolled up and backdated his new assessment 6 years to make huuge arrears. He has an arrangement to pay what he can afford and he has paid everything asked of him.

But I specifically didn't want to make this personal to me.

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