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Pressure in rectum after miscarriage

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cornishTJ · 19/05/2019 11:39

Hi ladies,
I'm new to this but just wanted to share my experience as there was nothing about this when I was worried and searching.
So I had a miscarriage at six and a half weeks. All came naturally, the first couple of days were intense with cramps and back ache as is normal.
Since the miscarriage however I also experienced unusual 'pressure' in my rectum. It felt like something heavy pressing down around it.
As it was my first miscarriage I called the birth clinic for reassurance but they had "never heard of that before!!" Concerned they sent me for an early pregnancy scan.. which all turned out to be normal, nothing needing any assistance or help. They also said "never heard of this before!! Go see your GP." So I went to my GP where I had a rectal exam, whereby again everything was normal and he had "never heard of that before!"

Obviously, none of those medical experts put my mind at rest or could tell me what was wrong.
After googling and talking to friends/family I can only assume it was brought on by all the cramping in the pelvic floor area. It is all pretty close to each other in there after all. A week on I still have that 'pressure' feeling although it finally seems to be getting less intense.

I'm intrigued to know if anyone has had this random symptom after a miscarriage or if I really am an odd ball with this!?

OP posts:
Pearlg · 19/05/2019 20:27

@cornishTJ firstly sorry for your loss I hope you are doing as well as you can be at this point. I had similar pain after mmc in Jan & found even sitting down on the sofa to be sore, sometimes I had some random sharp pains in that area when I was just walking about not to mention pain when actually going to the loo (sorry tmi). This was after all my bleeding had eased so I was a bit worried I'd done something to my bum, google wasn't helping I didn't see anything about this pain! It freaked me out a bit tbh.

It improved but after about 2 weeks & all back to normal so try not to worry too much I think it must be a side effect after everything.

DieCryHate · 20/05/2019 17:31

I had this with my ectopic a couple of weeks ago. In hindsight it was my earliest symptom something was amiss as I would get it if I sat down quickly. It then progressed to whenever i needed or used the toilet and to a sharp pain. When I was in A&E they'd never heard of it as a symptom but they had once admitted to the women's hospital. In my debrief the nurse said it was likely to be because of the blood causing pressure.

Sorry for your loss, it's crap isn't it.

cornishTJ · 20/05/2019 20:05

Thank you for your responses!
Sorry for your losses also, it really does suck doesn't it. 🙁 good luck for when you're trying again.
It's encouraging to know I'm not alone in this unusual symptom. When every medical expert looks at you like you're mental you start to think you might be!!

OP posts:
timeisnotaline · 20/05/2019 20:10

It is listed as an ectopic symptom, not sure about post miscarriage.

AnneTwackie · 21/05/2019 12:02

I am experiencing this but am putting it down to the painkillers messing with my digestive system

Smolo · 21/05/2019 12:06

So sorry you are experiencing this. I also had this with my ectopic along with diarrhoea. I would be pushing for an Hcg blood test.

cornishTJ · 21/05/2019 12:47

Thanks for your messages. Although scary and alarming to read about, I can be sure my case isn't an ectopic one.
Ectopic pregnancy was never mentioned to me in any tests or calls to the midwives etc..
My initial home pregnancy tests were very prominently positive, followed at six weeks by a definite miscarriage, then an internal scan that showed it had mostly come away (nothing else was mentioned... I would assume they'd notice anything odd at that point), also on that day a further pregnancy test was extremely faint so any levels were getting extremely low by that point indicating that it definitely was a miscarriage.
I think they would've mentioned ectopic pregnancy to me if I had this symptom as well as other serious signs?
I'm not in agony or pain with it and the pressure is fading... (it's been almost two weeks since miscarrying so I'm sure I'd know about it by now if it was anything severe).
I am pretty sure the pressure must also be a symptom for some 'normal' occurring miscarriages.. the extreme cramping must surely take its toll on nearby organs in certain bodies.

OP posts:
babyshipp · 18/10/2019 18:46

Im going thru this now and I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am for this thread. The pain and pressure have been very unsettling. To know this fairly normal has put my mind at ease. Thank you for all of your honesty and willingness to share.

Turquiose37 · 30/11/2019 01:34

I recently had a MC and I had extreme rectal pain. Sorry for the TMI, but I couldn’t get off the toilet. I stopped bleeding for a few hours, had diarrhea, and after that I couldn’t go anymore. It was also along with extreme pain in my lower back and in the front. After calling my Doctor, he had me take oxycodone because the Advil was doing nothing. He said it was the worst of it for the next few hours. After I took the medication the pain subsided in 30 mins and I had extreme bleeding and passed a significant amount of clots over a 2-3 hour period. Nothing could have prepared me for it. My bleeding went significantly down afterward, but I haven’t seen much on the internet regarding the anal pain.

ChaiNashta · 30/11/2019 01:40

Do you know if you have a retroverted uterus whereby everything leans towards the rectum?

AnitaSMV · 03/12/2019 14:18

Hi All, I had a MMC finding out at our 10 week scan that baby's heart stopped away 8.5 weeks. I had a D&C that same week and period started on Sunday (4 weeks 3 days after procedure). Today, CD3, I am having intense shooting pains that come and go in my rectal area. As this is my first period since the MMC, I was sure if it was normal. Seems others have had it too. Anyone talk to their gyno about it? I have my post-op scan next week to see if my uterus & ovaries are back to normal and will ask then but wanted to see if what others heard about this intense pain (never had with my previous periods). Thanks!!

Turquiose37 · 04/12/2019 01:09

Hi ChaiNashta and AnitaSMV,
I’ve had a lot of testing done and I do not have retroverted uterus. My gyno didn’t seemed concerned at all when we called him and told him exactly what was going on with the extreme rectal and uterus pain. He said it was normal and the worst part would last a few hours (3-5). He said there was nothing the ER can do except help with the pain. They should really give you a prescription in the event you do go through the very painful episode. Over the counter stuff did absolutely nothing.

AnitaSMV · 04/12/2019 06:50

Thank you Turquiose37! Good to know. The pain is much better today. As you said, it lasted only a few hours... maybe 8 or so for me. My bleeding this period has been minimal...more like heavy spotting.

colebear1 · 09/01/2020 19:01

I had my miscarriage almost a month ago and my pressure is still there. This past week it's been stronger. I miscarried at 6 weeks and that also was my first symptom, lots of pressure i couldn't even sit or stand. I had to leave work crying and I was thinking I was pregnant a couple weeks before, even though a test said no. That day I decided to test again found out I was pregnant and then decided to go to the doctor in case I was having an ectopic since I had one back in 2011. Luckily it was a miscarriage over an ectopic but that pressure pain is something I have never experienced. I am hoping it goes away soon. I did have intercourse two days ago and I felt it a lot while doing so. Hope is clears up for us all

Turquiose37 · 12/01/2020 08:08

Colebear1, If you still have ongoing pain after four weeks you probably should see a colon and rectal doctor. It could be something more serious and it’s better not to take a chance of that type of continuous pain. Best of luck!

Busymummy16 · 12/01/2020 17:01

So sorry for your loss xx
I had ongoing pain after two miscarriages and, having recently been diagnosed with severe rectovaginal endometriosis, in retrospect I think this is why I had this ongoing pain post miscarriages (probably also the cause of the miscarriages too). Just thought I’d mention in case it was something relevant. I would definitely seek medical help for ongoing pain. Good luck xx

peanutfoldover · 19/01/2020 17:52

I had an ERCP on Thursday and today I’ve had the weirdest pressure feeling in my back passage too! Almost shooting pain up there when I sit down. I know I already have a recital prolapse so maybe it’s just aggravated that. I’ve never had piles or anything but I imagine they’d feel like this. Strange. You’re clearly not alone with this symptom!

dremeika · 20/01/2020 18:05

ChaiNashta, I see you mentioned about a retoverted uterus. I have one and when I recently had my miscarriage I was bleeding more from my rectum than my vagina. Just wondering if that is the case with me. TMI for those who might say it's coming out of my vagina but no I wipe my vaginal area separately but it still more coming from my rectum. My dr said it is weird and wants me to do a colonoscopy.

peanutfoldover · 20/01/2020 22:07

I have a retroverted uterus too. My pressure/pain feeling has been pretty bad all day. Making it hard to sit down. Absolutely no other symptoms since the ERCP though bar some v light bleeding.

How weird, a pain in the arse is one of the last things I expected to be bothered by after a miscarriage!

LetMeIn321 · 28/03/2020 16:51

I know this thread is a few months old but I was just googling and came across it. I'm glad I have! I was told last week at a scan my babies heart had stopped. I had a medical management Monday just gone. Since then I've had pains in both my vagina and bottom! I wondered what this was about. I have it when I go to sit down. And when I go to the loo. Also still having mild cramps every now and then. Very peculiar!

layedeeh · 21/04/2020 05:33

sorry to hear abput the mc:(
i believe u r experiencing contractions... i was told i was mc at 9.5 wks and my obgyn told me i may experience contractions...and boy was I reminded of this particular pain from my previous pregnancy when my body started the mc process over this past weekend. i remember comparing contractions to rectum pain when i birthed our first daughter.
i am still bleeding and having the pains spontaneously but am hopeful it will reside over the next few days or so until then hang in there unless its severe then head to the hosp...praying for better days for us all!

Kd391 · 29/05/2020 06:29

This thread has been very helpful to me! I’ve 2 miscarriages now with a d&c for both and experienced extreme unbearable rectal pain after both, it comes and goes sporadically. My dr had also never heard of this before, leaving me worried. I will now ask them to check for a retroverted uterus - thank you!

Lollol86 · 16/06/2020 21:15

Hi, I had a miscarriage last week and I’m experiencing pressure and really sharp pains too, did anyone ever get any answers to this?

Kd391 · 17/06/2020 01:04

Hi, sorry to hear of your experience. In both occasions for me, the dr said nothing is wrong and sent me on my way without giving it a second thought sadly.

GingerCalico · 17/06/2020 11:31

Hi there - I'm new and didnt want to read and run but just wanted to add that I had this with my first ever miscarriage at 7weeks and all Dr's / Nurses were v surprised and responded with 'Oooh i've never heard of that before!'

I found I had to perch on my side when I sat down and would sit down very slowly and carefully, and yes the pressure was all in my rectum and not in the vagina area at all! V uncomfortable!

Unfortunately I found no cure :( but it did ease off after about 6 days little by little, when you can proper chuck yourself onto the sofa again was a good sign.

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