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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

miscarraige:please give me stories of future successful pregnancy

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griffintribe · 26/02/2007 09:43

10 days ago i found out that my baby had died, i was 15 weeks pregnant.

I already have a 18month old dd but i am terrified that i will never be able to have another baby.

Has anyone suffered a miscarriage and then went on to have lots of healthy children?

I need some hope for the future.

OP posts:
thehairybabysmum · 26/02/2007 10:04

Hello, i had a m/c in early Nov, I am now 8 weeks pg and saw the HB at a scan last weds. Obviously it is still early days, but at least it shows it's possible to get pg again (and quickly).

Really sorry to hear you are going through this...tis just such a horrible situation to be in

ledodgyDave · 26/02/2007 10:07

I had a mc in March 2004 at 8 weeks I already had a dd. I then got pregnant again the first month of trying in March 2005 (got a bfp on the anniversary of my mc) and now ds is 15 months old.

Sorry you have ha dto go through this.

AllBuggiedOut · 26/02/2007 10:13

I found out at my 12 week scan with my first pregnacy that the baby had died, but have since had 2 healthy sons. Not sure if 2 is lots, but it certainly feels like it!

Good luck.

leahsmum · 26/02/2007 10:17

I have a dd almost 3, had a mc in Jan 06 (sadly baby died at 12 weeks - found out 2 days later). Had bleeding from early in pg but all looked well at scans till 12 weeks. Fell pg again, pg started the same with lots of bleeding on and off for first 13 weeks, however pregnancy continued and I now have a beautiful healthy 10 day old daughter!

Sorry for your loss but you will get through this however hard it seems at the moment. I wish you all the luck for the future but I am sure you will be fine.

milkybarsrus · 26/02/2007 10:34

I had two children then 2 miscarriages one at 12 weeks and 1 at 8 weeks. I felt devestated especially as when pg 4th time everyone said 'relax, it won't happen again' and it did! But now I have a beautiful baby boy who is now 1yr old! fantastic! All I can say is even if you feel really low now, you will feel better and positive as time goes by. I'm sure things will work out for you, so good luck for the future. p.s I didn't try to get pg straight away as i needed to sort my head out and feelings first, but I know everybody is differant.

uptomyeyes · 26/02/2007 13:40

Hello Griffintribe, sorry to hear about your loss. 5 miscarriages here then three healthy boys. That probably constitutes a good news story after heartbreak. DH and I thought we would never have children then we had 2 and 5 years later a surprise third. I can't remember the stats but it is only after 3 miscarriages that the chances of having a baby start to decline dramatically - but as in my case the rules are there to be broken! You need to recover physically and emotionally fromwhat you have just gone through. Get yourself back on track, enjoy what you have and I'm sure it will happen again for you - the best indicator of this is your dd.


USAUKMum · 26/02/2007 16:23

So sorry to hear about your baby. I had a miscarriage at 20wks, and went on to have another DS. He was born 13mths after my miscarriage. I already had a DD. BTW both DD & DS were Apgar 10s. DS was 8lb 3oz induced at 38wks.
Would agree with everyonelse in that you need to feel physically & mentally ready for it.

I wish you luck.

ScoobyDooooo · 26/02/2007 16:24

I had my ds then fell pregnant when he was about 2 i had an early mc at 5.5 weeks, 5 months later i fell pregnant again & i now have a gorgeous 1.1 year old. I thought exactly like you but please don't worry

lulumama · 26/02/2007 16:28

just want to say i am sorry to hear this griffintribe..

i know many friends who have had miscarriages and ectopics and gone on to have successful full term pregnancies.

i wish you the same xxxx

griffintribe · 26/02/2007 17:56

Thanks everyone, that was just what i needed to hear

OP posts:
hana · 26/02/2007 18:04

I had 2 m/c and a termination between dd1 and dd2, all within the space of about 6 months........and we now have a dd3 as well! I remember those days well, really never ever thought we'd have dd2 let alone a third.
lots of luck, you'll get there

CorrieDale · 26/02/2007 18:17

So sorry griffin - horrible news.

I had three mcs one after the other. Then DS who is 20 months. I'm 23 weeks pg now. And a friend of my mum's did the same thing - 3 mcs then two children.

fryalot · 26/02/2007 18:18

I had 2 m/c then 2 lovely children.

ghosty · 26/02/2007 18:20

Sorry to hear about your M/c .... {{{{{}}}}}

I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks just before my DS' 3rd birthday. 5 months later I got pregnant again and had DD who is now just 3 ... so happy ending

lucykate · 26/02/2007 18:26

i have had 2 m/c's, first at 11 weeks, second at 7 weeks, but exactly a year after the second, gave birth to ds

JodieG1 · 26/02/2007 18:43

So sorry I had dd first then had 4 miscarriages. I went on to have ds followed by another miscarriage and then had ds2 6 weeks ago. I do have pcos so that might be a reason for my recurrent miscarriages. There is definitely hope for you.

squiffy · 28/02/2007 15:05

Had 7 miscarriages all around 9/12 weeks, then two beautiful children. It is heartbreaking but the statistics are all in your favour. {{{{hugs}}}}

Juicylucytoo · 28/02/2007 15:26

Had a missed miscarriage last may at 8 weeks. Fell pregnant again in Sept. Currently 27 weeks and all looking good.

Obviously I'm not full term yet, but I do believe this one will be ok now.

Totally understand how you feel right now. Give yourself time to grieve. It may take a while before you're ready to try again.

MrsFish · 04/03/2007 18:46

I had a ds who is now 20mths, followed by a missed miscarriage in october last year, found out at the 12 week scan that it had died at 8+6, am now 10 wks pregnant again, hoping for the best this time round.

zookeeper · 05/03/2007 18:13

I had a missed mscarriage at 13 weeks then went on to have three healthy babies after three normal pregnancies. When I started talking about my miscarriage I found it was so common - I don't know why people don't talk about it more. I took comfort from the fact that I had conceived at all as many women don't get that far, although it seemed no consolation at the time. Good luck x

natric01 · 05/03/2007 23:21

Had 5 m/c's between 95-02 lost by 12 wks. Never thought I'd have kids had an appt. I fell pregnant gave birth at 41+1 wks 2 daughter in May 03. started again m/c @ 11 wks - sent 2 c hospital doc - I have Polycystic Ovaries told daughter a miracle. was due to start tables in 6 mths but fell pregnant had daughter 42+1 wks in Apr 05. wanted boy but have 3 step children already and my 2 was enough so husband had snip booked for 31.03.06 told pregnant 27.03.06 had no idea only have 2/3 periods a yr so periods stopping normal + we always used condoms just incase - had son 40+2 wks Oct 06. Doc said all miracles due to polycystic ovaries I shouldn't have any of them just lost weight before fulling pregnant each time. Turns out that when I m/c the egg used to make baby is no good and if I'd gone full term the child would have no real life with numerous defects and difficulies. I take comfort in this knowledge I did nothing wrong - mother nature knows best. Took a long time to realise that I was not to blame and for the guilt I felt to go away but it does I promise.

Marina · 05/03/2007 23:24

I found out my baby had died at 21 weeks griffintribe. Like you, I felt it was the end for me as a mum (I was 39).
I got pregnant again surprisingly quickly and less than a year after my induced stillbirth, I had dd
Am so sorry your baby died, wishing you much luck for the future.
I hope the hospital have taken good care of you and maybe been able to give you some idea of what caused your baby to die.

Spidermama · 05/03/2007 23:35

HI griffintribe.
I'm really sorry for your loss. M/C is very tough and sadly very, very common.

I had a miscarriage followed by three healthy babies, then a miscarriage, then a fourth healthy baby.

The next pregnancy is always a little tense because you can't quite relax until you get past, in your case, the fifteen week stage.

But one miscarriage certainly doesn't affect your chances of gettng pregnant again.

Take your time to get over this. It's really tough. I don't know if it would help you, but I did sort of Goodbye ceremonies with mine. A chance to think, reflect, cry a lot, and say goodbye. It was almost like a funeral I guess and it really helped.

Lots of love,
Spider. x

Megglevache · 05/03/2007 23:39

Message withdrawn

jellybeans · 06/03/2007 17:49

(((griffintribe))), I am so sorry for your loss I have lost 3 babies one at 11, and two DD's at 20 and 23 weeks In between those I have had 3 healthy pg's resulting in 4 children (one pg being twins) so there is always hope hun xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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