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our miracle baby has arrived - thank you all

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sotough · 03/01/2011 19:46

I have longed to write this message for literally years, and now i finally can. On New Year's Day i gave birth to the baby we never thought we'd have. Our daughter arrived two weeks early after some drama but we are all fine now and absolutely over the moon. She is called Rosalind and weighs a respectable 7lb3oz despite being early.
Over the last two and a half years I have drawn huge support from this message board after losing four pregnancies, one after another, with no real explanation. There were some very, very dark moments but I always found sympathy and emotional sustenance here. It really felt like a life line and I have made some precious friendships through these threads.
I want to thank everyone here for sharing their very personal experiences of the misery of miscarriage: nobody who uses this board need feel alone.
Over the years I built up more knowledge about the subject of recurrent miscarriage than anyone should need, and I enjoy sharing it. In the end i had various treatments which may or may not have made the difference. That's the thing about miscarriage - so little is really known about it, and many of us will never have firm answers.
I hope my story proves that there is hope, even if you never get a diagnosis. We were lucky enough to have a son before this nightmare started, so have always been more blessed than many on this board - but the endless pregnancy losses that dominated the last few years of our lives were a huge shock and become all-consuming at times.
I know i'll continue to visit this board often to see if there's any help I can give to others as they wait for their own miracles to happen; and am always happy to answer private mails about tests and treatments.
Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart. Sotough/ aka Kissmummy

OP posts:
TheFallenMadonna · 03/01/2011 19:48

Congratulations. Hope you and your family have a lovely 2011!

thisisyesterday · 03/01/2011 19:48

wow huge congratulations!
and what a beautiful name she has

KenDoddsDadsDog · 03/01/2011 19:49

Congratulations, lovely news!

Casseopeia · 03/01/2011 19:53

You're right - you are so tough!

Fantastic news! No doubt you will be a great mum to such a wanted darling baby.

catinthehat2 · 03/01/2011 20:10

Wow. exciting!

mumatron · 03/01/2011 20:12

Massive, massive congrats.

We have very similar mc stories, and iirc, we have spoken off board wrt testing etc.

It's so good to hear a happy story for a change.

All the best to you and your family.

mumatron · 03/01/2011 20:13

Massive, massive congrats.

We have very similar mc stories, and iirc, we have spoken off board wrt testing etc.

It's so good to hear a happy story for a change.

All the best to you and your family.

rubyslippers · 03/01/2011 20:14

How lovely Smile

Greythorne · 03/01/2011 20:14

You have made my night!
Congratulations, wonderful post.

Happy New Year!

essenceofSES · 03/01/2011 20:16

What wonderful news :) Brought a few tears to my eyes!

Huge congratulations and thank you for posting your story - I know it will bring a lot of hope to many.

Alibobster · 03/01/2011 20:16

Sotough, many Congratulations, this is going to be a fantastic year for you.

Your story has given me hope x

MummyAbroad · 03/01/2011 20:18

I am really happy for you sotough thanks for sharing your good news. xxx

lovemysleep · 03/01/2011 20:20

Fabulous news - am really pleased for you, bought tears to my eyes too! Congratulations, so lovely to hear a happy ending x

autodidact · 03/01/2011 20:23

How lovely. Many congratulations.:)

Mrsfred · 03/01/2011 20:23

That is fantastic news, many congratulations x

KTDace · 03/01/2011 20:26

CONGRATULATIONS what a wonderful way to start the year x

ChippingIn · 03/01/2011 20:28


That is the most brilliant news! :)

WanderingSheep · 03/01/2011 20:28

Aw, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl and all the best for 2011! Smile

Lovely name btw!

teafortwo · 03/01/2011 20:30

Aaaaawwww - couldn't read the whole thread on account of big tears in my eyes on account of your story.







NonnoMum · 03/01/2011 20:32

Huge congrats.

Your post brought a few tears to my eyes.

And a New Year baby. No partying for you for a few years!!!!

kat2504 · 03/01/2011 20:33

Wow, that is a very moving story and I am so happy to hear that it has ended well for you. Many congratulations on the arrival of Rosalind, and thankyou for giving us a lovely ray of hope. Wishing you a lovely 2011 with your beautiful new daughter.

Kristingle · 03/01/2011 20:34

Wonderful news Smile

Hassled · 03/01/2011 20:36

How lovely - and what a lovely name. I'm delighted for you :).

TitianTinselTemptress · 03/01/2011 20:37

What a lovely lovely post, CONGRATULATIONS to you and a VERY happy new year! Grin

TheOldestCat · 03/01/2011 20:39

Wonderful news - congratulations!

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