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Positive Ovulation test during IVF 2ww - pregnant?

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AmyK18 · 22/01/2019 14:03

Hi all, I am 8dpt on a frozen cycle with a 2 embryo transfer. I took an ovulation test this morning as I couldn’t resist and know they also pick up HCG. It’s fully positive with two equally dark lines. I emailed my clinic and she said there shouldn’t be much LH in my system because of the down reg.
Also I know some Ovulation tests pick up oestrogen, which I am obviously being pumped full of at the moment, but I used the cheapy boots test strips which they say only picks up LH. Does anyone know if it could be anything else other than the pregnancy hormone it’s picking up i daren’t get hopeful ....

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miamiibiza · 05/02/2019 17:20

How are you @AmyK18 ?


Downeyhouse · 05/02/2019 17:28

Amy many many many women bleed and go on to have healthy babies.

I know that is probably not much comfort but please don’t lose hope especially if your figures were good yesterday.

I think If you are bleeding today IF something was wrong your numbers would probably have shown a big drop yesterday.

Stay resting and am sending you positive thoughts.


Smidgen15 · 05/02/2019 18:05


I had 2 massive bleeds in my pregnancy.
After having 2 miscarriages previously you can imagine how scared i was. I truly thought it was over with the amount of blood there was.
My first bleed was at 6.5 weeks and my 2nd bleed at 13 weeks.
My son is now nearly 4 and enjoying snuggle time before bed.
Its scary when bleeding in pregnancy, but doesnt mean its the end.

Good luck xx


AmyK18 · 05/02/2019 19:04

Thank you did you both have cramping as well? I basically just feel like I’ve got my period I’m not far off needing painkillers

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Smidgen15 · 05/02/2019 20:11

Yep, cramping and small clots. The cramping came and went, sometimes i wasn't sure if it was mind over matter. Have you done another test to see how its looking?


AmyK18 · 05/02/2019 20:31

They’ve told me it’s poimtlwss going in for an hcg rest until Thursday as it could still be going up I don’t really believe that. So I may insist on going in tomorrow depending on how much bleeding I guess otherwise Thursday. I’ve got a horrible day night and day ahead of me, bleeding is still going I really don’t think it is looking very good

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Downeyhouse · 06/02/2019 06:13

I truly hope everything works out for you.


Smidgen15 · 06/02/2019 07:59

How much are you bleeding? Like a period?


AmyK18 · 06/02/2019 08:57

It was never gushing like a period it was more on the tissue every time i wiped and it was red rather than brown so fresh blood which is why I was so worried, and if I sat on the loo long enough blood would drip into the loo, not loads but some. Yesterday evening it quietemded down a bit and the colour was much darker. There was some in the night again a bit darker and this morning it seems fairly quite but I have been lying horizontal for the last 24 hours. Had quite a lot of cramping yesterday and in the night but again this morning a bit quieter. I’m going to go in for an hcg test tomorrow and hopefully a scan. Just even if it isn’t a miscarriage, because there was a fair amount of bleeding and movement yesterday I’m not sure it could survive that it is only 4 weeks old today...
What do you reckon?

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Smidgen15 · 06/02/2019 10:57

Its hard to say..
My miscarriage started with brown blood so i thought i was ok.
But the bright fresh red blood, which concerned me alot (obviously) turned out to be ok.
Personally, if it was me, i would do what you have done but in the meantime do a test to see if the line is as strong or stronger than the last test you did or to see if it comes back fainter (noticeably fainter).
FRER ones are the best tests.


Downeyhouse · 06/02/2019 21:26

How are you doing Amy?


miamiibiza · 08/02/2019 11:41

@AmyK18 how are you?


AmyK18 · 08/02/2019 12:19

Hi, so I went for a blood test yesterday. My numbers were just over 19,000 on Monday and they were just over 28,000 yesterday, exactly 72 hours in between.
So to me this is a dramatic decrease in the rate of acceleration that coincides exactly with the time that I have been bleeding. The clinic however have told me that this is ok and I am still within normal range. They double checked my progesterone levels which looked good and have basically said between that and the hcg they are not particularly worried. I am finding the big difference very hard to comprehend however.
Lots of websites donsay that after 6,000 and at 6weeks plus you can’t rwally rely on hcg tests anymore and need to rely on scans..
My 7week scan should be next Wednesday but I have asked it to be moved to Monday as I can’t go on much longer like this it’s horrific.
The nurse said that as it’s just under 7 weeks there may not be a heartbeat yet but i read that it normally comes a bit earlier than that??

OP posts:

AmyK18 · 08/02/2019 12:24

Yup here we go..

At an HCG level greater than 12,000 mIU/ml there should be a visible embryo with a heartbeat, though it could take up to an hCG level of 22,000 mIU/ml to first see the fetal heartbeat.

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Smidgen15 · 08/02/2019 12:40

Hi Amy

Its so easy for me to say, but not so easy for you to do (ive been there) but try not to worry.
I would take comfort in what the clinic say as they are the professionals. They have probably seen this 1000 times. I presume your bleeding has stopped to.
Failing that if they wont move your scan til monday, you could book a private scan.
Either way, keep us updated.



Downeyhouse · 08/02/2019 15:47

So glad to know that things are still moving forward. Will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you and hope very much that you get to see 1 (or more!) heartbeats on Monday.


Nixwix · 08/02/2019 23:34

Have you had a scan yet @AmyK18 ? If it puts your mind to rest a little bit, I'm saying that because your hcg levels are so positive, you could call your nearest Early Pregnancy Unit and get a scan. I had a bit of a scare and went to my local hospital (Chelsea and Westminister) and told them of my symptoms and they arranged a scan. :)


AmyK18 · 11/02/2019 13:26

Hello, just got back from my scan and the totally unexpected happened, I’ve got twins!! Two good heartbeats!
She could see the bleed and looks like I definitely did it from straining so that’s the only thing I need to be very careful about for now. Next scan booked in next Friday.
How are you all doing?? X

OP posts:

Rememberallball · 11/02/2019 14:36

Congratulations @AmyK18 xx

Scan is booked for tomorrow but our arrival in Bermuda has been delayed from 9am to 4pm due to bad weather on the transatlantic crossing so trying to communicate with clinic to try and rearrange it otherwise we’re probably not going to get one sorted till we arrived back in the UK in 4 weeks time!!


Smidgen15 · 11/02/2019 15:35

Wow!!! Congratulations. Thats amazing news!!!!


Downeyhouse · 11/02/2019 21:40

Amy - am smiling from ear to ear.

And am secretly chuffed I called twins last week Smile

I don’t know you but feel so pleased for you. Am beaming like a proud

Wonderful wonderful news


Downeyhouse · 11/02/2019 21:41

Ps time for the all bran so you don’t need to strain yourself again :)


Downeyhouse · 11/02/2019 21:42

  • beaming like a proud aunty

2019isouryear · 11/02/2019 22:04

@AmyK18 congratulations. I am only just starting my journey, lovely to see positive results x


AmyK18 · 12/02/2019 01:25

Thank you so much that’s so lovely of you all to say x

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