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Positive Ovulation test during IVF 2ww - pregnant?

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AmyK18 · 22/01/2019 14:03

Hi all, I am 8dpt on a frozen cycle with a 2 embryo transfer. I took an ovulation test this morning as I couldn’t resist and know they also pick up HCG. It’s fully positive with two equally dark lines. I emailed my clinic and she said there shouldn’t be much LH in my system because of the down reg.
Also I know some Ovulation tests pick up oestrogen, which I am obviously being pumped full of at the moment, but I used the cheapy boots test strips which they say only picks up LH. Does anyone know if it could be anything else other than the pregnancy hormone it’s picking up i daren’t get hopeful ....

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Rememberallball · 28/01/2019 14:24

Hi @AmyK18,

It was my second transfer. First one was November 2017 which was unsuccessful. Both have been fresh donor egg cycles using DH sperm. This time we changed donor, consultant added in extra progesterone by IM injection every 3 days, rheumatologist advises increasing my prednisolone (I take that for rheumatoid arthritis) to 10mg/day and we went out to Cyprus later in my cycle so I was able to put my feet up for a week after we had embryo transfer.

I don’t know what it was that changed for us but something did!!

I took a CB digital today (first one other than an out of date CB +/- one and an internet cheapie) it gave me a reading of 2-3 weeks which is great as I’m 2+4 post transfer so reading absolutely on the button!! Got my second blood test tomorrow at GP’s surgery and again on Thursday to see rising hCG levels and, perhaps give an idea whether it’s still high or settled down to normal expected levels!!

Today has been a nauseous and sickymorning - had to leave DH in the barbers and come home as I was worried I was going to disgrace myself in public - and I’d already had to ask the opticians to use their loo while I was being fitted with glasses!!


AmyK18 · 28/01/2019 14:29

Well I’m really pleased it worked for you this time round! Smile

My goodness you are getting morning sickness symptoms already? I almost wish I was it would reassure me lol!
I think ginger is meant to help!

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AmyK18 · 29/01/2019 13:46

1722 yesterday! Had 10 mins of being happy then back to worrying haha!
Hope you guys are having a good day!

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Rememberallball · 29/01/2019 15:41

Fabulous numbers, @AmyK18


Nixwix · 29/01/2019 16:37

My hcg came back as: 7dp5dt 94, 10dp5dt 234. Dr what's me to go again tomorrow to assure it's definitely a positive pregnancy test. Should I be worried at these numbers? Dr calling back for another day of bloods ya making me nervous....


Nixwix · 29/01/2019 16:38

Lots of typos! Blush


AmyK18 · 29/01/2019 18:11

@Nixwix no dont worry, I learnt yesterday.. so anything above 50 is a positive pregnancy and your hcg is meant to double every 48-72 hours which yours is right? That’s more than double in 3 days?

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AmyK18 · 29/01/2019 18:14

@FingersXssd83 how are you doing?

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Rememberallball · 30/01/2019 00:11

Those numbers are fabulous, @Nixwix. Mine was 99 at 7dpt and I hope to have the results from 13dpt tomorrow when they hope they will be around 800!! Got another blood test on Thursday as well.


AmyK18 · 30/01/2019 05:57

Great numbers @rememberallball !! Smile

Did you guys get 1 embie transfer or 2?

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Nixwix · 30/01/2019 06:18

Thank you for responding @AmyK18 @Rememberallball today is the blood test, so will know more later today! I have had one embryo transferred.


Downeyhouse · 30/01/2019 06:26

Fantastic figures! Congratulations and I bet you are having twins with those figures 😁


AmyK18 · 30/01/2019 13:57

@Downeyhouse oh god do you reckon?!

Do you guys have any symptoms at all yet?
I’m 16dpt and I have a little cramping in my lower abdomen but they are so mild I don’t think I’d notice if I wasn’t looking out for them and that’s it. Sore boobs but that’s the prontogest injections. Do you think that’s anything to worry about?

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Nixwix · 30/01/2019 16:11

@AmyK18 I don't know if these are symptoms but I am super bloated after any meal to the point it's uncomfortable. I do feel quite a bit of pressure in my lower abd. The odd twinge here and there. Walking helps after meals. But I am quite hungry all the time! 🙊


Nixwix · 30/01/2019 16:13

Oh and yes sore/tender breasts. The level of tenderness goes up and down..


Rememberallball · 30/01/2019 16:30

@AmyK18, I had 2 transferred - a 4AB and a 5BA. Still waiting for yesterday’s blood results - looks like they’ll be available when I go in for the repeat bloods tomorrow morning. And then tomorrowsbloods will be availableon Friday morning.

Struggling to try and organise the scan I need in 2 weeks because we’re not in the UK but on a cruise. I have made contact with a clinic in Bermuda and they are going to check with their directors because they usually need a referral and don’t normally do walk up appointments. Just hoping they will make an exception for us!!


Rememberallball · 30/01/2019 16:34

Oh, ok no symptoms, I’m 14dpt and, for more than a week I’ve been having crampy pains, sore boobs, ha down a few sicky days since we came home last week and, yesterday I’ve been getting what is delightfully called fanny daggers - a bit like javelin arse that some women’s get on the periods (not usually me) - to me feels like electric shocks deep in my vagina and is very uncomfortable!!


AmyK18 · 30/01/2019 16:41

Ok so you guys both have quite a few symptoms now I’ve even more worried eek!

Wow those are very high quality embryos well done! I had two like that and neither survived the thawing process can you actually believe that? 2% chance of that happening and it happened to two of mine!!
The two I have in me now are only 2bc and 3bc.
What meds are you currently on?

OP posts:

Downeyhouse · 30/01/2019 21:56

I am not an expert .... but those levels are really really good. Fingers crossed for 2. When will you have your first scan?


AmyK18 · 31/01/2019 06:32

@downeyhouse thank you yes im trying to use that to reassure myself.
I have another blood test next Monday and then the 7 week scan is on the 13th Feb.
On the 13th Feb, it will be 4 weeks 2 days since my transfer with 5 day blastocysts meaning that the embryos will be exactly 5 weeks old. So weird that that’s 7 weeeks?!

Like when they say morning sickness starts at 6-8 weeks, is that 6-8 weeks after conception/fertilisation or is that the doctors version of 6-8 weeeks. Do you know what I mean?

Where are you in this process? X

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Nixwix · 31/01/2019 09:38

@AmyK18 our scans are booked so close to each other, my 6 week scan is 13th feb. Really nervous but also want it come sooner. Did you have two blastocysts transferred? Fingers crossed for you! My final blood test results came back and at so the progression is 7dp5dt 94, 10dp5dt 237 and 12dp5dt 486 and I had one transferred.

I think morning sickness starts at 6/8 weeks i.e minus 2, so 4/6 weeks after fertilisation. Honestly I don't have any real symptoms, the twinges here and there. Even the sore boobs are not as prominent today, gets me anxious...


Rememberallball · 31/01/2019 10:09

Got my blood results from Tuesday and, whereas I was advised that it should have risen from 99 (7dpt) to around 800 in the following 6 days, it was a whopping 2,445 at 13dpt!! I think it’s looking more and more likely that both my little Frosties are here to stay!! Have messaged my clinic in Cyprus and waiting to hear back from them!!


AmyK18 · 31/01/2019 10:45

@Nixwix yours sound like they are doubling perfectly dont worry!! I wish I could have blood test every two days I’m waiting a week this time it’s torturous. I know lack of symptoms makes you so anxious!

@Remeberallball wow that’s amazing!!!

OP posts:

Downeyhouse · 03/02/2019 07:07

Amy I am not the process - my 2 are now teens! :)

I hope you are doing well and don’t worry about a lack of symptoms everyone is different. With my first pregnancy I felt nothing and he was fine. With no 2 I had all day sickness and bleeding and early (18 weeks onwards) contractions! He was fine too.

Wishing you luck for Monday’s blood test.


AmyK18 · 05/02/2019 14:20

Hello, how are you all doing?
I am having a horrible scare today. I went to the loo a bit constipated this morning so had to strain a bit, then got in the car and had really sharp pains like I had pulled my stomach muscles and my stomach very quickly swelled right up. Turned round came home went to the loo and had some bleeding. Continued to get worse for the next few hours and felt very periody. I am on be sofa now horizontal and it seems to have settled a bit but feel could start up at any time. I called the clinic absolutely distraught, I think they are a bit sick of my dramas but didn’t know what to do. They have said there’s no point coming in now just stay calm and monitor the bleeding.
My hcg was good level yesterday but I don’t know if that means anything. This is probably one of the worst days of my life I just have to sit and wait. Has anyone had anything like this?

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