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FET in August anyone?

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Auchan · 01/08/2017 16:28

I'm getting ready to start my first FET in August. We have one PGS tested embryo waiting to be transferred.

I'm with a clinic abroad which brings it's own complications! Looking at my projected cycle we should be doing FET the last week of August all going to plan.

Anyone else?

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Scottishgirl85 · 22/08/2017 14:49

Good luck for your transfer tomorrow indiemama! Lots of rest afterwards. Are you having embryo glue? Another thing we did differently this time was dtd the day before (sorry tmi). I figured it may help create a more natural environment for embryo.


Scottishgirl85 · 22/08/2017 14:50

So sorry there could be a delay auchan, hope you get answers this afternoon x


Auchan · 22/08/2017 19:10

So the cycle has been cancelled. Sonographer couldn't find a source of the bleeding but the lining was coming away. It was at 13mm so the clinic said we're going to cancel.

Back to the drawing board. Good luck beherenow Flowers

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FrostyFrosty · 22/08/2017 23:43

Ahh, that's frustrating Auchan to get this far and get cancelled must be gutting, Hope you're doing ok and have chocolate/wine?. 13mm is a good thickness though, that must be reassuring for next time at least?

How are you getting on scottish and Kublakhan? So excited for you!

Best of luck for tomorrow Indie Is your clinic local or a bit of a trek?

I have another scan tomorrow and looks like I might be triggering tomorrow night. My clinic likes to see lining at >9mm and lead follicle at 17mm for trigger and I think I might be there tomorrow. Still seems pretty early in the cycle, but I'm sure they know what they are doing...

I think we are looking at transfer somewhere between weds and sat next week - although still in a bit of a flap about them surviving the thaw/making it past day 3 etc. Really wish we'd frozen them at Blast, but I guess hindsight is 20/20, eh?


Indiemama · 23/08/2017 01:13

Thank you all for the wishes.

Embryoglue I didn't ask them about. I wasn't very sure if I want it. I was reading about dtd after u mentioned and it seems to help. But I need a lube and wasn't sure how it may impact so didn't do. I'm wondering if I should drive back myself or take a cab. Last month I didn't drive the whole two weeks.


Indiemama · 23/08/2017 01:22

Auchan may be that's for the better. It may have lead to other complications and u would have lost ur good embryo too. Whatever happens is for good. Hope the next opportunity comes soon.


Indiemama · 23/08/2017 01:31

Frosty clinic is around 6miles away. Not very close still not out of the city/ country. There are couples from other districts and even from other countries staying on rent nearby. I plan to go to office from next week. 14-21 is generally the busiest, so it will be a quiet week so hopefully I'll be at peace.


Indiemama · 23/08/2017 09:04

ET over. Transferred 2 as suggested by Doc. Had planned for only 1. They had thawed 3. So if I keep only one other 2 will be discarded. Else have to pay again for refreezing the 2. I've 3 more now left. So can do one more time if this time also doesn't work. Now having a 2hr rest at clinic before going home.


Kublakhan · 23/08/2017 12:15

Exciting Indie! Keeping everything crossed for you and your frosties.

Auchan that's such a shame it's been delayed but it is better to do the transfer when you're in tip top condition if possible. Hopefully they figure out what was causing the bleed.


Indiemama · 23/08/2017 12:43

This time they have prescribed 5000 HCG inj also every 3rd day. So I won't be able to use HPT before beta because the HCG from injection would show up. Even on 6th Sept when I do Beta more than 100 would be from the last Inj on 1st Sept. It halves every 28hrs. So value will have to be real high to be +ve. Now the longest fortnight begins!


Kublakhan · 24/08/2017 14:20

Had my beta today, result of 325 so a healthy positive, they wanted it to be over 50. Really pleased! Have a date booked for an early scan at 6+6 to check for a heartbeat.

You're in for a long wait Indie. Hope you can keep busy. Best eat lots of cake. CakeWink


Indiemama · 24/08/2017 15:45

Lucky you Kublakhan. My Day 2 half done. 12 more to go. Yesterday there was a little brown discharge after the ET. A little uncomfortable passing urine also probably due to all that probing. My bladder was so full and they put the tube immediately after the transfer. Today everything back to normal and don't feel a thing. Even in first pregnancy didn't have any symptoms so not much hope of getting any clues before the beta.


Indiemama · 27/08/2017 11:03

Kublakhan had u taken HCG shot anytime within days before or after FET?

Since I'm taking shots of 5000 on 23th, 26th, 29th and 1st, all put together I'd have around 370 residue in my blood when I test on 6th. So I guess real beta has to be well above that. Else I can't trust it. Have read about clinics saying it's successful from the beta results but then saying probably miscarried later.

Bs feel sore in the night once the progesterone starts acting, very minor cramps a couple of times after I had walked a bit outside and once when I raised my voice when in a bad mood, otherwise don't feel anything. Yesterday when I went for Prog shot, forgot to carry HCG from fridge and had to go again. And then car battery was down. And at the clinic had to prick twice as the syringe had some issues. 9 more days to go :(


Indiemama · 30/08/2017 04:24

Had hot flashes and chills in the night. It sometimes happens before AF also, had last month too. So don't really know. But they are good symptoms too. Had some cramps too in the afternoon. Keeping fingers crossed. One more week to go.


Indiemama · 06/09/2017 10:39

Beta came to 2966! (365 would be residue from shots I think).

Keeping fingers crossed for the rest of the journey and babydust to all!


Scottishgirl85 · 06/09/2017 11:59

Congratulations!!!! Bet that was worth the agonising wait! Lovely news!


Avocadosmoothie · 06/09/2017 12:35

Congratulations Indie and Kublakhan!!!!!


Indiemama · 06/09/2017 12:57

Thanks. Have to continue​ Progesterone shots for 2 weeks and HCG every 5th day and first scan on 23rd. First week wait was miserable, second week I had some black mucus for 2 days but wasn't sure if it was because I strained a bit in office walking between buildings climbing stairs and all. Still I hoped that was implantation. And had been listening to some relaxing music to keep my temper down as otherwise I was irritated all the time :).

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