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FET in August anyone?

93 replies

Auchan · 01/08/2017 16:28

I'm getting ready to start my first FET in August. We have one PGS tested embryo waiting to be transferred.

I'm with a clinic abroad which brings it's own complications! Looking at my projected cycle we should be doing FET the last week of August all going to plan.

Anyone else?

OP posts:

user1485937218 · 20/08/2017 09:29

Thanks Kublakhan and congratulations πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. I'm injecting in my stomach but think it's probably the same protocol. Thanks for the info 😊 And best of luck xx


Indiemama · 20/08/2017 10:38

Egg retrieval 17 Jul. Single ET 21 Jul. BFN. First FET 23 Aug D18. Now on 4 day Progesterone shots before ET. This time also planning only single. Have 6 frozen.


Auchan · 20/08/2017 13:17

Kublakhan wahooooooooo!!!! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you. Brilliant news Flowers

Indiemama I started my progesterone pessaries this morning. Transfer is next Friday. When is your transfer?

OP posts:

Indiemama · 20/08/2017 14:05

Transfer is on 23rd Aug. Endometrium thickness was 12.3mm on Saturday so they said can start Progesterone shots. I've Day-4 embryos so 4 days of Progesterone and FET on Wednesday. I hope the Eclipse this week brings the much awaited big change in our lives! First child came easily 8 years back with just clomid and follicular study and ovulation timing with HCG. Since then have been trying on and off for another with no luck. Tried 7-8 clomid cycles including 3 IUI. Did HSG and found left tube blocked. Don't know if it was blocked even before first child as he was from a right side egg. Then last 3 years had left it altogether and again started with a clomid cycle in April this year but again BFN. Semen results came out very bad and doc said not worth trying like this and suggested ICSI as the best option considering I'm 38 now. Was hoping it will work the first time as everything on my side seemed good. Now hope atleast this FET works. The 6 embryos are frozen until Dec and beyond that will have to pay again. And every time I'm planning only single embryo to give each a full chance. But with thawing not sure I'll get 6 chances. So either until Dec or until my embroys run out whichever is earlier. I'll give up after that :(.


Auchan · 20/08/2017 14:17

Wow you've been through the mill Indiemama. Fingers crossed this cycle is a success.

We've just got the one frozen embryo. We did PGS testing and it's normal so we're hoping finally this will be it.

OP posts:

Indiemama · 20/08/2017 14:38

Last time I was a bit overconfident perhaps. There were 7 others same day and all were repeat ones. As I heard their BFN stories and I think they were all trying for their first baby I thought nothing could go wrong with me as my uterus and various hormone test results were all good. Only husband"s sperm quality seemed to be the problem. But now I really don't know what makes the difference. For the fresh cycle I had taken rest for 2 weeks until the beta. Didn't take leave, was working from home but not much movement. I didn't drive also and took uber for the daily progesterone shots after the transfer. But nothing seemed to have helped. So I've no confidence this time. Anyway plan to drive to office and for the shots myself. Both are within 4 miles. And no bed rest this time. I don't want to tell the office and make it a discussion topic so can't take long break again. Last time I told I have some hormonal imbalance hence under medication and doc advised rest due to back pain. Kind of exaggerated OHSS ;).


Scottishgirl85 · 20/08/2017 21:03

Congratulations kublakhan!!!!

I have a BFP too!!!! I'm too scared to believe it and just going to take it one day at a time. I was testing from 5+5 and getting BFNs on ICs, so had accepted failure, before trying a frer this morning at 9+5 just to be sure, and getting an obvious BFP that popped up immediately. Completely shocked.

Good luck to everyone having transfers soon, got everything crossed that this will be a lucky thread.



Kublakhan · 20/08/2017 21:07

Woohoo! Your quietness was worrying but I'm so happy to hear that Scottish! Congratulations! x


Kublakhan · 20/08/2017 21:08

YY to a lucky thread for everyone! Star


Coco24 · 20/08/2017 21:32

Big congratulations to you both scottish and kublakhan so pleased for you both!

I'm still waiting for AF to arrive, 35 days and counting, was a regular 29 days before my mc Sad just want it to come so i can get going i'm so fed up waiting in limbo!!!

Hope everyone is getting on ok! Xx


Avocadosmoothie · 20/08/2017 21:59

Scottish and kublakhan congratulations!!! That's amazing news, you must be so happy!!! X x


Indiemama · 21/08/2017 03:07

Congrats Scottish and Kublakhan! This was the difficult part which we've not much control on. Now that uve crossed that successfully take utmost care for the next few weeks. Best wishes to u. How many embryos were transferred?


Kublakhan · 21/08/2017 07:28

I had one hatching day 5 embryo transferred. Also had one transferred last time (which resulted in a pregnancy).

Can't believe I've been so lucky twice after years of nothingness and heartbreak. Just hoping this one sticks.


Fauxtatoes · 21/08/2017 08:15

Scottishgirl I'm bloody thrilled for you! How wonderful, congratulations Flowers

Fingers crossed for loads of sticky beans.

I've got a new thing to worry about - whether the one embryo we have survives the thaw. I've been reading on stats (I know, I know) and it's anything from 65% to 98% make it. URGH I need to stay away from Google. Friday can't come quickly enough ...


BeHereNow31 · 21/08/2017 09:00

Congrats on the BFP. That is the most amazing news πŸ’•
Was wondering, what is people's thoughts on how to spend the 2ww?
My FET is close, and I have the opportunity to take the time before, during and after off from work. So I can just relax and be happy lol. Or do I go to work and carry on as normal? Is there a right or wrong way to spend the time....? Hmm

Good luck to you all x


Indiemama · 21/08/2017 09:52

I guess working will kill time. But the days there's much work load it may raise ur blood pressure as well and u wish u could stay away from work and not add to ur misery. I wish after ET on Wednesday I could just go to sleep and get up for Beta probably on 6th sept. Last time I tested on HPT 5-6 times before the Beta date and that added to the frustration. On Saturday when I went for ultrasound I met one of the ladies who had the transfer with me last month. She's successful and has 2. Don't know how many she had transferred. Don't know the results of the other 6 ladies who transferred with me on 21 Jul. I've setup some reminder or the other in my countdown app from Wednesday to show the days moving. I'm busy at work but this keeps playing at the background and the moment I'm free, the impatience kicks in. I'll test on 2nd September. Won't be able to control till beta.


Kublakhan · 21/08/2017 12:43

Fauxtatoes, my clinic always wax lyrical about how good the thaw rate is, think it's usually up at 85-90% if they've done a quick freeze (can't recall the proper name) so they are good odds!

BeHereNow I would say take time off just after the FET and have a few quiet days under a duvet completely chilling out. Watch a load of daft movies and make a start on your to-read list of books. That's what I've done both times and it's been nice. I've felt like I was taking care of myself and my embryo so even if it didn't make it, we'd had a few lovely relaxed days together after all the stressful build up! Grin If you think it will play on your mind you might be better at work though.


Kublakhan · 21/08/2017 12:47

Indiemama how do you manage to have your FETs so close together? It's a minimum of 5-6 months between them at my clinic. X


FrostyFrosty · 21/08/2017 13:21

Oh, wow! SO pleased for you scottish and Kublakhan. What fantastic news! Hoe are you both feeling? Not too sick yet I hope?

Behere You won't actually have a 2ww as such, if all goes well, the first 5 days the embryos will be being cultured in the lab, so you do actually get a daily update on their progress.

Post transfer, you can test anytime from about 4dp5dt - that is when I got my BFP - although it was actually a TWP (Teeny Weeny Positive).

I'd suggest testing the HCG shot out of your system though, just to be sure that your BFP is a real one Smile

5-6 months between FETs seems a very long time kublakhan! my consultant says that a lot of their clients just rent an apartment down the road from the clinic and do back to back fresh/frozen cycles until they get a BFP!


FrostyFrosty · 21/08/2017 13:26

AFM, day 8 scan this morning which showed 8mm lining with trilaminar appearance.

Sounds good on paper, but with my last cycle, my lining basically 'peaked too soon' and wouldn't have been suitable for embryo transfer when the time came around. Was an elective freeze all cycle then so no big deal, but this time would obviously be a bit more of a worry.

Do you mind if I asked at which point in your cycles the trilaminar appearance was first noticed? In my first (successful) fresh cycle it wasn't until day 12, so I'm getting a bit worried!

It's not helping that I have had a LLETZ treatment for CIN 1 in the meantime too so having a little flap about cervical incompetence too - need a bit of hand holding today tbh...


Indiemama · 21/08/2017 14:42

My first IVF was last month. Egg retrieval on 17th and transfer on 21st. Beta on 04 Aug and as I stopped Progesterone after negative results, 06 Aug AF came. They asked if I want a break and I said if body is prepared then I don't need a break. After 2 scans everything inside the Uterus looked good and so we decided to have transfer on 23rd Aug.


Indiemama · 21/08/2017 15:37

Whose Transfer is up next? BeHereNow when is yours?


Auchan · 22/08/2017 11:57

I was supposed to be having transfer this Friday 25th. Yesterday I started spotting and I've been told to go for an ultrasound this afternoon to see where the bleeding is coming from. The clinic said it's likely they'll cancel this cycle. I'm so upset Sad I feel like my body just keeps letting me down. Last month the cycle was cancelled due to ovarian cysts. ARGH.

OP posts:

Indiemama · 22/08/2017 14:02

Auchan any guesses what it could be? Could be some left over lining from the last AF? What day of the cycle it is now for you starting with first day of AF as D1? I remember when I went for my scan on D7 they said Uterus is now clean, when do u want FET. So may be it was not fully clean after shedding the lining and the spotting is from that.

My transfer is tomorrow and if only I knew how to make it stick Hmm


BeHereNow31 · 22/08/2017 14:49

Thanks for the advice Smile think I will go for some cosy, relaxing time. I think it will still be in my mind, even if I'm at work.
I find out next week, when my transfer will be, but it's like the be in a couple of weeks time. As long as my lining is thick enough 🀞

Auchan sorry for your news. I hope it works out. So frustrating to wait longer, on top of a long enough wait Flowers

All the best for your transfer indie

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