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FET in August anyone?

93 replies

Auchan · 01/08/2017 16:28

I'm getting ready to start my first FET in August. We have one PGS tested embryo waiting to be transferred.

I'm with a clinic abroad which brings it's own complications! Looking at my projected cycle we should be doing FET the last week of August all going to plan.

Anyone else?

OP posts:

Scottishgirl85 · 13/08/2017 20:22

I would describe it as very uncomfortable and very weird feeling, but don't think I'd say it was painful. The main bit lasted maybe 20 seconds ish. Put it this way, I wouldn't hesitate to have it again. I felt so great afterwards as felt I'd done something really positive to help my chances. I had a male doctor for the procedure and a female nurse stood beside me chatting to distract me. Go for it! I promise it's really not that bad! I took cocodamol before the procedure which helped I think. I'm a total wuss with pain too!
Yup I'll test 7 dpt which is Friday, although if I'm coping OK I'd love to hold out until Saturday as then I'll have weekend to cope with the news...


Avocadosmoothie · 13/08/2017 21:13

Ok I'm definitely going to look into having a scratch. Have you ever had a HSG? I had one and found it ok so hopefully I can cope if it's not tooooo much worse than that? Have you seen studies that have shown it to be beneficial? I'll do a bit of research now!

I took my first test last time on a Saturday and I'm actually thinking I might test on a weekday next time because keeping my mind busy with would help if it's a BFP. Hold out as long as you can though! I do think you know at 7dpt though, I haven't seen many BFP arriving past that date. Have you had any symptoms from the progesterone? X


Avocadosmoothie · 16/08/2017 11:04

Scottish, are you managing to hold out with the testing? X


Scottishgirl85 · 16/08/2017 11:17

Nope! Tested this morning at 5dp5dt, I am the worst 2 week waiter ever!! Bfn of course and now I feel like shit. I know it's too early but I'm so deflated.


Auchan · 16/08/2017 11:23

Oh Scottishgirl don't despair, it's just too early! I'm not going to say don't test because I will be testing early too!!

I've had a scratch done but it was under GA while I was having a hysteroscopy. It was last year so any effects are long gone. We're getting Embryoglue to have to hope that's enough! I've got my lining check on Friday and we hope to fly to Czech Republic on the 25th the projected transfer date. Hopefully that won't move but we've bought flexible flights and can move the dates up to 2 hours before departure. The logistics of it is the difficult part!

OP posts:

Avocadosmoothie · 16/08/2017 11:29

I completely understand testing early, I am the same, don't be hard on yourself for that. I read a thread the other day where a lady had a BFN at 5dp5dt which became a BFP at 7dp5dt so don't give up hope. Hang in there, things may change in a few days and if not, you still have another shot and could probably transfer next cycle? Before I started IVF, every month when I got a BFP, I tried to find a reason that it would be better to be pregnant next month instead of this this month. For example, I would put aside some money and earmark it for a bit extra to spend on mat leave. I really hope the result changes in the next few days. I guess now you've tested once, you can test as often as you want? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! X


FrostyFrosty · 16/08/2017 15:25

Hello, may I join you please? I found this board kept me sane during our fresh cycle so would be lovely to have some 'company' for this cycle.

DH and I have a 2 year old following our first fresh cycle, but had nothing left to freeze from that cycle.

Was super conscious of my age so did a freeze all cycle when DS was 4 months old and are now starting the FET cycle using those embryos for (hopefully!) a sibling for him.

We have 6 embryos at the 2pn stage but no idea of the quality...kind of kicking myself for allowing the clinic to talk me out of taking them to blast before freezing, but hey ho!

I'm doing an unmedicated cycle, so had my baseline scan this morning (CD3). Plan is for the clinic to thaw all 6 embryos and culture them all and then transfer the best of the bunch at either 3 or 5 dpo.

Quite nervous tbh...

I'm encouraged to see so many of you are having your treatment in Prague, if this cycle doesn't work out for us, we will almost certainly be heading down that path ourselves.

Sorry about your BFN scottishgirl it is pretty early though, I wouldn't chalk it up just yet!


Avocadosmoothie · 16/08/2017 18:15

Welcome Frosty! How organised of you to do IVF freeze all in advance! Did you always plan to defrost and culture them all at once or did you consider doing half now and saving the other half?

I'm really interested that you did IVF with a 4 month old (if I've understood correctly). I've asked my doctor a few times how soon after having a baby could I do another FET but she tells me to concentrate on the first baby and won't give me answers! Did you have to stop breastfeeding first?


FrostyFrosty · 16/08/2017 19:28

Hi Avocado and thanks for the welcome!

Yes, I am one of life's worriers, so thought it bet to get an 'insurance policy' in the freezer ASAP Wink. Still no idea if this will even work, but I can at least look back and know that I did everything I could.

The plan has always been to thaw them all, culture to (hopefully!) blast, transfer the best one and refreeze any left over (apparently freezing twice has no effect on live birth rates either).

My clinic are very positive about the whole idea of freezing embryos - they have a really good success rate on thawing and see no difference in live birth rates between frozen and fresh embryos. My consultant thinks in a few years, everyone will 'freeze all' and then do the embryo transfer at a later date.

Actually looking at the calendar, DS would have been 5 months old when I did the second cycle, but yes, my clinic were very positive about the plan. I didn't breastfeed, so no issues there.

Doesn't stop me having a huge wobble though, what if none of them survive the thaw? Sad

Do you mind my asking how you came to be having a FET? I'm assuming its a follow up to a recent fresh cycle? You sound like you're on the longest of long protocols!


FrostyFrosty · 16/08/2017 19:31

Meant to say, sorry about your MMC Coco - life's very cruel sometimes Flowers


Avocadosmoothie · 16/08/2017 19:54

It sounds like a good plan Frosty! I don't think you have anything to worry about re none surviving. Even if you got a lower than average survival rate, given you have 6 embryos, I'm absolutely sure you won't be in the position where none survive the thaw.

I had my first IVF cycle in June on the NHS. Everything went as well as I could have hoped for (excluding the ultimate result!).....I had 21 eggs collected, 17 fertilised, 9 day 5 blastos, a 5AA hatching embryo transferred back to 10mm lining and still a BFN. So now I'm left with 8 frozen embryos. I'm a bit in limbo at the minute... my cycle is usually 28-30 days like clockwork but I will be on CD40 tomorrow! I think it's the drugs working their way out my system. I'm hoping that if the dates fall well I could do a natural FET next cycle although it would be a risk as my clinic isn't open at weekends.

Scottish, hope you're doing ok!


Kublakhan · 16/08/2017 20:00

Hi all, wish I'd seen this thread a bit earlier as I've been a bit alone this month!

I had a freeze all in 2015 (due to severe OHSS) which yielded 4 blastos. One of them is, incredibly, now my son.

We had another FET on Tuesday from the same batch of blastos. All was fine, it's been a bit of a wait (we first approached the hospital in January this year... Hmm) but we got there.

Definitely planning to test early... It's impossible not to! Blush Think I got a BFP last time at 5 or 6 dpt but my HCG levels were particularly high when my bloods were done so that obviously helped with the early BFP.

This time I'm struggling with doing the whole cycle without telling anyone - the first time my sister and mum and a few friends knew but we decided just to keep it to ourselves this time, rightly or wrongly.

DH is like an excited kid and basically now thinks of me as pregnant. Having had success first time it is difficult not to simply assume it will happen again and that all will be well. Craziness really!

I hope everyone is doing well today Flowers

PS cyclogest pessaries. Uuuugh Angry


Avocadosmoothie · 17/08/2017 10:53

Eugh, I just spoke to a nurse at my clinic. If my period doesn't turn up the next few days, they will start me on norethisterone to induce it. She said it would take about 3 weeks. After that I would have to do a long protocol medicated FET meaning my actual transfer won't be until November! πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ my fresh IVF was June so I will have had to wait 5 months for my first FET!


FrostyFrosty · 17/08/2017 12:10

Oh dear Avocado that's not great...! Sounds like you had a fantastic result from your fresh cycle, how come you are having such a medicated FET cycle? If your cycle is regular, all the evidence shows better outcomes for natural over medicated cycles...?

Ahhh Kublakhan how exciting! Can't blame you with the early testing, I had a definite BFP 4dp5dt (although I had to break open the test and even then it was a proper squinter Wink )

We've kept this cycle to ourselves, I did tell a couple of people when I did the freeze all cycle, but would prefer to keep this one under wraps. I somehow don't like the idea of having people waiting for the 'punchline' so to speak.


FrostyFrosty · 17/08/2017 12:11

Oh, just seen that your clinic isn't open at weekends...


Avocadosmoothie · 18/08/2017 08:01

Hi Scottish, did you test again this morning? x


Kublakhan · 18/08/2017 15:32

Good luck Scottish. Flowers

Avocado, 5 months about the same for us, we were calculating last night if this cycle hasn't worked it will be Jan/Feb before we have another transfer. Rubbish isn't it. Infertility requires inordinate amounts of patience!

I'm going to test tomorrow I think at 4dpt. Probably too early but I can't help myself. I've got hundreds of internet cheapies anyway so as hobbies go it's a fairly cheap one!


Auchan · 18/08/2017 18:53

Scottishgirl hope you got good news xx

Kublakhan did you not have any HCG shots after transfer?

I have my lining check today. They're happy with it so my transfer will be next Friday 25th! Nearly a year since we did the cycle. I'm glad I waited.

OP posts:

Kublakhan · 18/08/2017 19:13

No Auchan, just the estradiol tablets and progesterone pessaries so any detectable HCG should be the real deal I think.

Exciting you have a date for the transfer!


Auchan · 18/08/2017 19:25

Ooo that's so exciting! I'd love to be able to test so early.

I won't be able to test for at least 10 days post transfer Hmm

I don't know how I'll survive Grin

OP posts:

Kublakhan · 19/08/2017 06:50

BFN for me this morning. Still early, I'll try again tomorrow.

Ten days will be excruciating Auchan!


Fauxtatoes · 19/08/2017 09:41

Ah shit Sad I really do hope that it's just too early. Flowers


user1485937218 · 20/08/2017 08:47

Hi all, hope you don't mind me joining too! I'm doing a FET cycle. At the moment I'm down regging and have been since day 21, hoping my period comes soon so I can start the tablets. I'm hoping that means I will have the transfer mid September but to be honest no idea as apart from being told to start tablets from day 1 of next cycle I haven't been given much information. Anyone know roughly what cd day they transfer on? Is it around ovulation date like the fresh cycle was?


Kublakhan · 20/08/2017 09:00

BFP this morning! Smile Very faint but it's there! Now to hope it gets darker each day before I go for my bloods on Thursday. Feeling happy but scared.

User - welcome. Was the down regging an injection in your bum? If so, your cycle sounds similar to mine and you'll start oestrogen pills on day 3 of your bleed and go in two weeks later for a scan to check lining thickness. If it's ok you'll. We given a date for transfer in the week or so following that and you'll start progesterone prior to your transfer. So once you bleed it's around 4 weeks to transfer.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Scottish and everyone else. Take your vitamins and look after yourselves! Cake


Kublakhan · 20/08/2017 09:01

Sorry - you'll be not you'll. We

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