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First time IVF buddy!?

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bunnyd12 · 14/01/2017 13:04

Did my first Bemfola injection this morning. So excited so be starting! Is anyone out there at a similar stage and want to share?

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doomkittycleo · 23/01/2017 22:22

Omg that's so exciting. I'm just hoping it doesn't take long to get our appointment through. Do you have to apply for funding? Do they need to do all my bloods again etc?


bunnyd12 · 24/01/2017 07:59

Hi doomkitty. I felt I couldn't wait for the NHS as I first went to my gp last July and still haven't been referred for ivf. We're going private this time. If it doesn't work we'll try to get our one funded go but only have until I'm 42 in July. It sounds like things have moved quickly for you so far?

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dildoos · 24/01/2017 08:19

Bunny that's amazing!! Woohoo for Friday , I'm sending good egg vibes to you!

Doom kitty, in meantime you could ask for all results of tests and scans as this could save time and also mine wanted a chlamydia screening before treatment could be started, so if not had already go get it done and that can save a test too. Some positive active things you could be doing.
I'm not sure how long wait is as we've had to save for private because I have my daughter and even though dp hasn't a child we weren't entitled. However I would hope treatment times weren't a huge wait as no more important for me to have my treatment as to someone that hadn't been blessed with a child at all on nhs, all as important. I would say if you have not heard from the clinic within 4 weeks I would chase referral as that seems a fair time for them to receive and respond to. Referral . To be honest can you have initial consultation privately and then get funding? I don't know how it all works? X


doomkittycleo · 24/01/2017 10:34

I had all the tests in my local hospital, however I don't know if they will need doing at the Liverpool clinic too. Maybe I should call and ask.


bunnyd12 · 25/01/2017 22:03

EC delayed until Monday to let them get a little bit bigger. I wouldn't mind but every day is another £100 for the drugs! It will be worth it 😀

The nurse told me today about a women in her early 30s who insisted on having two blastocysts transferred even though the clinic advised one. They both divided and she is now pregnant with quads, two sets of identical twins! OMFG

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dildoos · 25/01/2017 22:19

Bunny, this is the beauty of IVF they know exactly what they are looking for and the size they want. I feel your financial pain!
Quads 😵😵 my word , hopefully all will work out and they have a huge wonderful family soon that's awesome but do you feed two on breast and two by hand when they are all crying 😱
Today's news this end is I've paid access fertility for two cycles so it all feels exciting the bit I didn't realise is each cycle you use all frozen eggs before they go to cycle two and all included in cost so I was go smacked as felt like big happy news as meant of one is frozen it means more chances of success and more opportunity , I thought it was two cycles meaning two chances ! So that was a bonus early on.
Drugs aren't included but they quoted £2000 per IVF shot and then £600 for intralipids does this sound about right? X


bunnyd12 · 26/01/2017 23:14

Sorry for the delay. Where I am is £2,800 for one round plus drugs. I have spent nearly £2,000 on drugs so far. Also paying an extra £1,000 for the ICSI and also had pipelle procedure and screening and consultations beforehand. I think we've paid them £8,000 in total. Don't care about that if I end up with a baby! I guess you need to dig a bit deeper and get a list of all other possible costs because what you've been quoted sounds like a bargain!

I feel really bloated now. I wonder how big my ovaries are now. I imagine them like tennis balls haha

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dildoos · 27/01/2017 07:09

Sounds like they are huge bunny which is fab news! Will you have another scan before Monday?
No just drugs £2000 and intralipids was £600 extra, I've paid for a multi cycle deal through access fertility ( have a Google) the multi cycle deal was two cycles for £6300 this includes freezing, blastocyst transfer and all frozen embryos to be placed before next cycle so how ever many IVF treatments whilst using frozen ones.
If I'd have gone through bourn it would've been £4800 per cycle and drugs are then extra there so £7400.

The hycosy was £400 and then all other tests for me and dp came to £450 , the access fertility thing was recommended by bourn hall. However if you have a live birth after first cycle the second is null and void.
But as you say can't put a cost and think we'd have sold the house for a baby ☺️


bunnyd12 · 27/01/2017 07:45

That is a really good deal I have to say and not long to go until you start now.

No more scans now, all booked in for Monday and I have my trigger injection for exactly 9.10pm tomorrow Confused

OP posts:

dildoos · 27/01/2017 15:02

That's what I thought bunny.

Yay I'll be thinking of you and your wonderful eggs tomorrow morning! X


pinkmomma · 27/01/2017 21:38

Hey ladies - and hey to all you new ladies Smile

Sorry, haven't been on for ages, it was DD's 6th birthday yesterday, so things have been crazy - and if everything goes to plan she'll get the best Xmas present ever! Grin

I started my Synarel on Tuesday to down regulate, then first scan on the 14th Feb (happy valentine's lol!) And EC scheduled for w/c 27th Feb.

bunnyd12 - how are the follicles? I friend described stimming as really painful and like being burnt with loads of tiny cigerettes, but I've never heard anyone else say it was that bad, can you offer any first hand info?

Dildoos - i didn't realise that about access, i thought the price was for 2 goes, not all the embryos you get in each cycle, so if you had say 5 good ones, you could potentially have 5 cycles as your 'first' go? That's incredible, i looked into access but obviously missed that bit and decided the cost was similar for the clinic and access and just sent with the clinic.



GladItsFFriday · 27/01/2017 21:51

Hello, someone I know is writing a blog about going through IVF, you guys might like to read it?
Good luck to all on your IVF journeys.


GladItsFFriday · 27/01/2017 21:54

That link takes you to the latest post. Probably best to scroll back to the post from 2nd January as it starts there. X


dildoos · 27/01/2017 23:11

Hey pink,
I too didn't realise this until we were comparing and access fertility explained a cycle to us and they said all frozen eggs must be used before the 2 ne cycle so I asked if we pay for them to be put in and the answer was no just the drugs and then we go to cycle two and that's the same all embryos are placed after freezing before that cycle classed as over. I was shocked! X


dildoos · 28/01/2017 08:28

Thank you glad what a wonderful idea of hers to blog. Please pass on a massive thank you and all the very best to her and dp. 😍


dildoos · 30/01/2017 08:53

Bunny, thinking of you today wishing for some wonderful wonderful eggs! Huge hugs flying your way and big egg vibes 😘


pinkmomma · 30/01/2017 11:00

Happy egg day bunnyd12 xx


bunnyd12 · 30/01/2017 12:10

Thanks so much for your good wishes xx They got 10 eggs!! I'm so happy. That's the national average apparently and really good for my age. Can't wait to find out how many fertilise tomorrow ☺️

It was all very easy by the way. I don't even feel very sore or groggy at the moment and I only woke up 90 mins ago. Nothing to be worried about when you get to this stage girls xx

OP posts:

dildoos · 30/01/2017 13:38

Wow wow wow that's amazing bunny! Those extra days worked fabulously for you!!! 10 is amazing.
Glad to hear it wasn't too bad on EC front and hope that you continue to feel ok my lovely xx


pinkmomma · 30/01/2017 15:11

That's fab newsSmileSmile

Glad to hear you're not feeling too bad afterwards, get plenty of rest


dildoos · 31/01/2017 08:17

Bunny I'm really excited to hear how many embryos are coming along for you.
How are you feeling today? X


bunnyd12 · 31/01/2017 16:11

It's very hard to go five minutes without thinking about it! We have three embryos today 😀

OP posts:

dildoos · 31/01/2017 16:46

That's fabulous!!! How exciting arrrrrgggggghhhh I bet you wish you could sit in the lab and cheer them all on! X


dildoos · 01/02/2017 22:58

Good evening ladies, hope your all well?!
Where are you all at ? Any news on consultation yet doom?
Hey pink how's the meds going?
Bunny? Any further embryo updates, wondered if it were the type of thing we are allowed hourly calls into lab to check on things? I know I'll be terrible 😆
Waves to anyone missed x


bunnyd12 · 01/02/2017 23:26

They call every morning with an update and a decision about whether they are going back in yet. All three were still developing well this morning and good quality. Really hoping for three blastos so two back in and one in the freezer.

You all have exciting times coming up. Dildoos you're starting next week aren't you? xx

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