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First time IVF buddy!?

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bunnyd12 · 14/01/2017 13:04

Did my first Bemfola injection this morning. So excited so be starting! Is anyone out there at a similar stage and want to share?

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bunnyd12 · 18/01/2017 18:14

Dildoos your work situation sounds a bit easier. At least no groups of women sitting around gossiping! Nice to be around children all the time too. You're pretty close to your clinic. It must be so hard for people who have to travel a long way.

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dildoos · 18/01/2017 21:08

Bunny can't wait to join you but at same time lovely to hear about what to expect.
7 follicles is fab and growing nicely so awesome news.
How you finding injecting yourself?
I've got to down reg first so will be on contraceptive pill for 2 weeks first, did you have to do that too?

My job is lovely as you get cuddles and appreciation all the time from small people and how many jobs is it normal to explore shaving foam for teddies as today is AA Milne celebration day 😊

I'm lucky to be his close to a clinic it's been open two years now and they've got a good success rate of 51% so I'm very happy with that.



bunnyd12 · 19/01/2017 07:27

Yeah Dildoos I took the pill from 23/12 to 13/1. The injections are fine. So far no side effects. I have no problem doing it. I can't imagine how people with needle problems would cope! The new lot I've got require some mixing, just about to have a go Confused

OP posts:

dildoos · 19/01/2017 07:56

Bunny d a bit of pharmaceutical technician required for that part then! Good luck x


doomkittycleo · 19/01/2017 19:46

Hi guys can I join. My Gynaecologist referred me for IVF on Wednesday this week. We weren't expecting them to jump straight to ivf right away, especially as we've only tried clomid for 3 months and they told me anovulation was the issue.

Anyway we were given the choice of going to Manchester or Liverpool, but there was no waiting list for Liverpool so they've referred me there.

It'll be about 6 weeks till I get my first appointment through.

I'm still in shock that this is happening and think DP is too, just hoping he still wants to go through with it as he's been quiet ever since we found out.

It'd be really good to have a couple of budddys.


dildoos · 19/01/2017 20:10

Welcome doom kitty, yes I imagine a huge thing to get your head around and dp too. I hope that over the next 6 weeks you can get head together so you can have your list of questions ready for your first appointment. It's good to talk and definitely he right thread. X


doomkittycleo · 19/01/2017 21:48

Thanks dildoos. I asked a lot of questions to my mum's cousin on the phone yesterday. She went through ivf 8 years ago.

I think being only 29 and only starting clomid so recently it just shocked me that the dr wanted to jump straight to ivf. I thought we were 6-12 months from that.

I'm happy about it, but it's a bit scary. I just hope the Drs are friendly and explain everything we'll. I'm getting 2 rounds on the NHS as neither I nor DP have any children already.

Think the injections is the bit that worries me, I'm a fainter πŸ˜•


bunnyd12 · 19/01/2017 23:18

Hi doomkitty. Don't worry about the injections. The needles are tiny you can't feel a thing. Just a bit fiddly first thing in the morning. My experience so far has been so positive. All so clearly explained. I feel it's not even that much of a big deal now. They just give you drugs so you get lots of eggs at the same time, take them out, introduce the wrigglys and put them back in! Men are easily freaked out by these things Ive found. Your DP will be fine when he gets his head around it. My poor chaps face the first time he went off with his little pot to produce a sample hahaha! x

OP posts:

doomkittycleo · 20/01/2017 06:38

That's the other thing I'm a little concerned about. It took him a month to get round to doing his sample for the GP when we first had his semen analysis.

He's also had performance anxiety in the bedroom a couple of times since we started trying.

I really don't know how he'd cope giving a sample on command in a clinical setting.


bunnyd12 · 20/01/2017 07:52

Oh no poor man! Hopefully if he's done it once he can do it again when it counts. The clinic I'm at has a relaxed atmosphere. It's nothing like a doctors surgery or hospital and hopefully yours will be the same. He's got a little while to get used to the idea at least! x

OP posts:

doomkittycleo · 20/01/2017 08:20

Last time he was able to do it at home and drop it off at the path lab.

The ivf clinic is 40 miles away, so not going to be able to do that. Plus it's NHS we're going through, so it'll probably be clinical πŸ˜•.

Just hope I'll be able to put his mind at ease.


dildoos · 20/01/2017 08:49

Hey doom kitty, poor love he will be ok, my thing is make light of it , we always try to have a good giggle about it.
The clinic I'm at treat nhs and private alike so thought all were same and I would hope you would get the same treatment x


dildoos · 20/01/2017 10:00

Hey doom kitty, poor love he will be ok, my thing is make light of it , we always try to have a good giggle about it.
The clinic I'm at treat nhs and private alike so thought all were same and I would hope you would get the same treatment x


dildoos · 20/01/2017 12:51

Bunny d have you a day for your egg retrieval? Thinking must be any day? How you doing? X


bunnyd12 · 20/01/2017 21:18

It's pencilled in for the 27th. I keep thinking that this time next week my fertilised eggs could be in a Petri dish turning into an embryo!!

Less than three weeks for you now Dildoos πŸ˜€ Are you doing anything special to prepare? Given up alcohol yet?

What about doomkitty and pinkmomma? How long have you got now?

OP posts:

dildoos · 21/01/2017 07:35

The 9th of Feb I'm due on and can make the call so your right officially less than 3 weeks.
Oh my goodness that's Friday, im so excited for you.
Yes what a weird feeling that part of you and dp are forming in a dish in perfect conditions , this I find all a bit magical.

How do you generally feel in your body with all the cocktail of meds?

I am having intralipid infusion on egg retrieval , then at embryo transfer and then at the scan if pregnant isn't which I think is a month after embryo transfer? This is an unlicensed drug we keep giggling and saying does that make me against the law?
I'm giving up alcohol as from now only because I didn't think about that. X


bunnyd12 · 21/01/2017 08:46

Something else I had to google dildoos! That therapy sounds very effective from the little bit of research I've just done. It's for your high NK count isn't it?

I was drinking over Christmas which is when I was on the pill but have stopped now since starting meds. Trying to drink lots of water and eat well too.

I feel totally normal at the moment. I seem to be on the max dose of the meds. I've never been particularly sensitive to my hormones to be honest, don't get PMT or anything like that. It does make me feel a bit worried that the meds aren't working on me though!

OP posts:

doomkittycleo · 21/01/2017 08:48

dildoos an unlicensed drug isn't against the law, it's just not had enough testing tp be used for that particular purpose routinely.
If your dr is using it there must be some evidence that it works, but it just hasn't been ratified by the right people. (I'm a nurse).

Bunny I only got referred on Wednesday, they said about 6 weeks, but I've still to receive the letter inviting me for my first consultation. They suggested end of march or begging of April.


dildoos · 22/01/2017 09:14

Yes bunny it's the NK cell part of the treatment, I'll treat myself to a good book for this part 😊

Thank you for the explanation doomkitty these are questions I luckily never embarrass myself and ask at clinic πŸ˜‚

How are you doing and dp with the news? Is it feeling a little less of a shock ? It's a real hard blow when you first get told but eventually I promise it feels a bit exciting as you know what's happening to your body when .

Bunny did you know it's only 5?more sleeps for you πŸ˜‰


doomkittycleo · 22/01/2017 09:53

I think we're both getting our heads around it a bit more, it was a shock at first.

Made it worse tho cus my sister came round last night and told me she's pregnant, from a one night stand of all things. She didn't even get the guys last name Confused.

She just kept saying please don't hate me. I put on a brave face when she was here, but there's no denying that I'm upset.


dildoos · 22/01/2017 10:10

Ouch!!!! Knife in and twist it moment.
Huge hugs and a few tears for you from me 😒
The please don't hate me sentence never helps as it turns the sympathy back on them too. I'm sorry you have had to endure this pain doomkitty.

I always get through these moments with some positive sentences, repeat after me.......

I will have a baby!

My baby will be the most wanted in the world.

I am taking my time to make a perfect embryo.

My partner and I are a wonderful happy couple.

It may be a long road but we will succeed and fulfil our dream.

Yes doom kitty I'm completely bonkers but this is what I say outloud to myself at very knock.

I also do it with my daughter before every gymnastic competition as she has mild autism and takes cruel comments from kids at competitions but i refuse to enter her under disabilities as she is as able as the others!!! It works she always places somewhere in top 3 x


doomkittycleo · 22/01/2017 10:24

dildoos, that actually does help a bit. I guess just knowing that someone understands how it feels is a huge relief. I spend ages thinking to myself that I'm being bitter or selfish, but the thing is I'm not horrible to anyone about it, it's just how I feel.


dildoos · 22/01/2017 10:30

It doesn't make you selfish and bitter at all, it's like someone punched you in the stomach every time a pregnancy is announced, the closer the person the harder the punch!

We all get your feelings here so don't go through them alone and don't think we will judge you at all, you can be honest and safe in knowledge we get you!

Huge hugs and do your sentences after each knock it just keeps you focused on your personal goal and gets you thinking positively as sadly it's the only thing you can control in this xxx


bunnyd12 · 22/01/2017 11:40

I'm so sorry doomkitty. Another little reminder that life is just not fair sometimes! Good people don't always get what they deserve but we will!

A girl at work has got pregnant twice by accident. It's such a blow when you've been relentlessly trying and every AF is a bitter disappointment.

My best friend who had two children 11 and 8 has recently told me that they are going to try for another. I'm happy for her but hoping that the day she tells me she's pregnant that I already am. If I'm not I don't know how I'll feel.

Love and support xx

OP posts:

bunnyd12 · 23/01/2017 21:30

Scan this morning showed that the drugs are working exactly as they should and the seven follicles have grown even more. I just pray they all have a decent egg inside! Looks like Friday for collection is a definite. So excited!!

How are you guys doing? x

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