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Assisted conception after recurrent miscarriage part 7

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brownstag · 08/10/2014 14:38

Here's the new thread, ladies.

OP posts:
VillageMum · 12/12/2014 15:37

Hello everyone... Just resurfacing after exceptionally busy few weeks - visiting relatives, ill children, argh!

Ari how are the boys doing? How are you feeling? Is your DP coping with it all?

brown sorry to hear you're feeling so grim. Everyone in our house has been ill this last month, except me. Touch wood.

sue not long to go - are you getting ready yet?

mel really hope this is your month.

Back to wiping snotty noses... Waves to all.

Pebbles73 · 13/12/2014 13:34

Hello, sounds like everyone has been v busy. Guess it's that time of year!

Hope you are enjoying your babies Ari & Duggs and enjoy your first Christmas with them.

For everyone else I hope next year is our year!!

Mel3062 · 14/12/2014 23:04

Brown hope you feel better.
Ari and duggs wishing you a lovely first xmas with your rainbows and Sue.
Village thanks and hope you're ok.
Pebbles I so hope so how are you? I'm getting nervous about March already!
On antibiotics again as water infection hadnt cleared- joy and mum has been diagnosed with early dementia or Parkinson's they are not sure which- sorry if I've said this before?!
Waves to all x

Mel3062 · 14/12/2014 23:05

Yes I had mentioned it before maybe it's me who needs memory clinic :/

Pebbles73 · 16/12/2014 13:07

So sorry to hear about your mum Mel, it's such a horrible disease. As you prob remember my Dad has dementia so if you ever need to chat about anything pm me.

Mel3062 · 18/12/2014 02:52

Aw thanks pebbles that's really kind x

VillageMum · 20/12/2014 20:36

Hoping everyone is well...
Really sorry to hear your news, Mel, and that you're still poorly too.
Just gearing up for Christmas - may it be a lovely one for everybody. xx

Mel3062 · 21/12/2014 06:19

Thanks village same to you.
Bfn :( hope Af hurrys as got scan booked for New Years eve!
Hope everyone's well and enjoying the festivities x

VillageMum · 21/12/2014 14:54

What's the scan for, mel? Superovulation?

Mel3062 · 21/12/2014 15:56

It is, af came this am

VillageMum · 21/12/2014 16:48

Fantastic! New Year will soon roll round. Really sorry about the BFN - but maybe you can relax for now, enjoy Christmas and get ready for the end of the month...

BellyD · 22/12/2014 17:05

Hi all

Just popping in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Duggs and Ari have a wonderful time with your new little ones. Sue good luck - can't quite remember when you are due, but am fairly sure it is imminent.

Mel sorry for the bfn and sad news about your Mum, hope you can all relax and enjoy time together over the holidays.

I am still waiting to go to Spain, been on oestrogen for more than a month trying to thicken my womb lining, but haven't managed to get it above 7mm, it's currently 6.9mm. Already had one lot of unnecessary IVIG (gulp) and may have to have another on Xmas eve, depending on scan result tomorrow. Frustrating, but we don't want to waste our precious embryos if the lining isn't right. Have been doing everything I can to try and thicken it, viagra, fertility yoga, raspberry leaf tea, hot water bottles, acupuncture - you name it.

Really hoping 2015 is the year for the rest of us, as Pebbles said. Happy Christmas to everyone and baby dust and healthy New Year to all x

brownstag · 23/12/2014 17:06

Hi Belly
I don't know if it's different for IVF, or what day that equates to on a normal cycle, but my last 'big pregnancy' my lining was thinner than that at day 10 (I can't remember exactly but 6.5 rings a bell). I was sure nothing would happen, and spent all day googling papers on linings, but I did conceive. Yes, I miscarried at 8.5 weeks but it was a chromosomal problem and there were no implantation problems - I had a strong positive from the start.
The very best of luck, and to everyone else, and a Happy Christmas to all.

OP posts:
brownstag · 23/12/2014 17:12

P.S. Are you taking l-arginine? That has improved my lining (heavier AF).

OP posts:
Mel3062 · 02/01/2015 05:10

Happy new year ladies hope it's kind to us all. Hope the ladies with rainbows had a lovely family time.
I had my scan on new year Eve and had one follicle at 25mm Louise is worried it may be just a cyst but told me to trigger anyway. My lining was 6mm which is lower than usual. The only thing I did different was had two protein shakes. I know we can have odd cycle but never had anything like this ever. Louise said I'll need med reviewing and a scan day 5 next cycle. Not a good start!

brownstag · 02/01/2015 18:57

Happy new year to you too and to everyone x
A cyst could happen to anyone at any time; try not to read too much into it. It's just we know far more about our bodies than most people! But very frustrating and expensive to have a dud cycle - if that's what it is. It might be a good egg; you never know. Will you check your temps to see if you get a temperature rise?

OP posts:
brownstag · 04/01/2015 07:22

I'm having a weird cycle too, Mel. Positive OPK on New Year's Day (late - day 19) and every day since my temps have been getting lower, not higher! I don't think my DH can sustain this extended DTD!

OP posts:
Mel3062 · 04/01/2015 09:25

Thanks brown no not temped for a while as didn't see the point if having scans. Wel just Dtd every other day abit more and hope for best.
Sorry your having a weird cycle too bless our other halves they do well don't they?! Though its hard work :( good luck
Fridge has now packed up just when trying to save for serum :(

Mel3062 · 04/01/2015 09:58

I think I will temp next cycle as no idea when ovulate really as have to stop cyclogest for Af so only pains and guess work after ovitrelle to go on!

brownstag · 05/01/2015 07:22

Yes, very confusing. Well my temp has moved up slightly, although difficult to tell exactly as my DS woke me at 5, a couple of hours earlier than I would normally take my temperature. We didn't DTD again yesterday so may have missed the boat.
How is everyone else?

OP posts:
Determined123 · 05/01/2015 22:33

Hi ladies...I hope you don't mind me joining you...I have been on the other (immune) thread for a while. Currently treated by Dr S complex programme for NK cells, pcos, MTHFR, v high thyroid antibodies and super ov. Had 2 early miscarriages before tests, then my second super ov worked but ended around 5 weeks in dec and now just in the process of another chemical (not on SO which I didn't think possible to concieve without!).

Each miscarriage has ended quicker and quicker and was wondering do you think my immune system is getting more aggressive? Or could it be caused by SO over the past few months? Did any of you have further tests like karyotype, DQ alpha and infections and that resolve/help things for you? Sorry for all questions...feels hopeless at the moment!

Good luck all of you in the tww and about to ovulateSmile


brownstag · 06/01/2015 07:05

Welcome Determined and I'm sorry to hear of your losses. I also once have had the same pattern of a 'big' pregnancy on SO followed by an immediate chemical not on SO - equally surprising to me. And a variation in the length of my miscarriages. I thought at one point that mine were getting earlier and earlier but then had another at 8 weeks so it might just be coincidence. Or maybe our immune systems do vary in their aggression.
I've had some of those tests and recently took the 25 days of antibiotics after the Serum test was positive for hidden C so a bit early to say whether they'll have any effect. I have one DS, aged 6, on Dr S's treatment, but no luck since (but then I'm ancient).
How old are you?, if you don't mind my asking.

Temps finally into post-ov figures. Haven't been charting, but on my own impressions it looks like I ovulated 3 days after a positive ov test - never had that before.

OP posts:
Determined123 · 06/01/2015 09:45

Thanks Brownstag...its such a minefield isn't it, I feel a bit numb and like giving up. (I won't but right now that how I feel). Did Dr S ever shed any thoughts on SO/chemical pregnancies? When I spoke with Louise after the last one she said it was most likely quality/chromosome rather than immune at such an early stage.

Is serum the only place that does that type of infection testing? Can it be done in the UK?

Sure I am 32 although I feel ttc/miscarriages have aged me Smile

Glad your temps have gone up...generally mine have always been on the 'slow' side and its always taken a good few days to really confirm if I have ovulated. I always ovulate late though and put that down to the PCOS!

brownstag · 06/01/2015 10:09

I think Serum is the only place, yes.
And I'm sure my losses are chromosomal nowadays; the one I had tested was a trisomy. But at 32 I wouldn't have thought that was a given.
I tend to ovulate late too; I used to have a 35 day cycle when i was younger; it's been getting shorter but I'm in some ways glad when I have a long one as I assume it means the FSH can't be too high that month!
What kind of luteal phase do you have? Mine is always on the short side with low progesterone on the one natural cycle I had tested. I read recently that in endo, which I used to have badly, it is as if the body is resistant to progesterone. Do you take myoinositol? I think it helped me lose a few pounds before Christmas, and around the waist. I don't have PCOS although I have always been prone to acne, hairiness and thinning hair. Are you on meds for PCOS?

OP posts:
Determined123 · 06/01/2015 11:57

Thanks Brownstag. I may look into Serum tests.

I generally ovulate around day 21-24 with a 28-32 day cycle (The months I got preg naturally I was using agnus castus and ovulated earlier around 17/19).

On SO it was cd 14 and this last one (natural) was day 21. Luteal phase generally is around 8 days although I had one 12 in September (Oct conceived and then again in Nov so not sure yet if I have had an improvement on this and this is why??).

I have been taking extra B vits, having acu to help. There is myoinositol in my multi vits too but not sure of the dosage - how much do you take?

Thats interesting about endo and prog! Pcos wise my biggest and always has been problem is acne, around my chin/jaw. I started taking metformin 3 tablets a day which has definitely helped but I still have issues (although this could be the steroids). I have also been drinking mint tea this last month (spearmint is meant to help reduce androgens but can't find 100% spearmint) have you tried it?

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