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Why has there been no mention of Jimmy Mizen on here?

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wannaBe · 12/05/2008 12:48

his mother is a better person than I am


OP posts:
TheDevilWearsPrimark · 12/05/2008 13:09

I wondered too. It's horribly sad. I saw his schoolfriends lying flowers on the news this morning. It seemed he was massively loved. So tragic.

His mother seems an amazing woman, did you see he is one of 9 children.

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 12/05/2008 13:12

It sent shivers down my spine when he said 'we have beautiful memories of our son, though his life was stolen, but what those parents will have to face I cannot comprehend'.

FunkyGlassSlipper · 12/05/2008 13:20

I saw his mother speak on the news last night. Very touching and so thought-provoking for the rest of us.

What a terrible tragedy.

francagoestohollywood · 12/05/2008 13:22

Poor boy

68 under 25 killed in London since 2007 !

Piffle · 12/05/2008 13:23

mother said an incredibly powerful thing. Have shed tears for the blatant waste of young life.

blinkingthreetimes · 12/05/2008 13:24

Very sad I look at my ds now (10) and I get frightened about him getting older I can't imagine how I would feel if anyone did something like that to my ds ,and it is so sad we have to worry about our dc this way.

For your child to go out and be taken away in such a shicking act of violence it dosen't bear thinking about

donnie · 12/05/2008 13:25

I saw his parents on the news last night as well. I thought they were just lovely but also in shock. What a waste of a life.

His father was saying that their son was quite happy to kiss them and show affection unlike a lot of boys, which made me feel so sad.

Bridie3 · 12/05/2008 13:26

Why is it always the really sweet boys? The ones the world needs?

KerryMum · 12/05/2008 13:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Piffle · 12/05/2008 13:29

why any boy, life has so little value for some people. Is it no knowledge of consequences?
A bloody bakery fgs a bakery!!!

2shoes · 12/05/2008 14:24

this scared me ds is 16 and I feel like I want to keep him in all the time(I won't) poor family

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 12/05/2008 14:25

What's more sad is that this is lower in the news than house prices.
wtf is more important?

It's as if people have been numbed to such thing. If so how do we expect change?

DefinitelyNotMARINAWheeler · 12/05/2008 14:31

Know the shop, know the church, know the school especially well - it's actually our closest secondary, although as we are C of E, the dcs wouldn't go there.
All very close to home .
The Mizens are clearly a wonderful family, well-supported by their friends at Our Lady of Lourdes. I thought Mrs Mizen's message was an amazing one too. All the more reason to mourn a lovely boy with everything to live for and so much to give.
The police know who they are looking for, although they will not name him or describe him. He has gone into hiding locally. Hopefully someone will have the conscience to turn him in.

SixSpotBurnet · 12/05/2008 14:35

So sad . Just every mother's worst nightmare. I was welling up on the bus reading the newspaper report of it this morning.

MargaretMountford · 12/05/2008 14:37

I was amazed by the good and generous heart of the boy's mother - poor,poor people

2shoes · 12/05/2008 15:23

TheDevilWearsPrimark sadly mn only get really upset if it is a small child. I found this last year when a young lad wasshot(sorry his name escapes me) it barely got a mention.

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 12/05/2008 15:52

It's shit isn't it? This keep bothering me.

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 12/05/2008 15:53

(to 2shoes)

MargaretMountford · 12/05/2008 15:56
MargaretMountford · 12/05/2008 15:57

even now nobody is posting !

AitchTwoCiao · 12/05/2008 16:02

i hate this po-faced 'why has there been no mention of JM on here?' what conclusion are we to draw? that no-one gives a shit? or that no-one could be arsed with Yet Another sad faces thread? if you want to post, post. don't sit in judgement over everyone else, using an utterly tragic story and devastating to do so.

so there isn't much to discuss, is there, wrt the subject line. the OP, on the other hand, yes, his mother is amazing. that is the true power of religious faith, it seems to me, i hope it keeps sustaining her and her family. so why not 'i am so impressed by JM's mum' as a subject line?

ah, is it because you'd lose the opportunity to imply that you are better than everyone else just because you posted on the subject while others were posting about house prices? perhaps that's it.

MargaretMountford · 12/05/2008 16:04

that's a little unfair - I'm certainly not posting so that I can feel righteous - I just agree that the boy's mother must be a very good person and how very sad it is to lose a child


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AitchTwoCiao · 12/05/2008 16:07

i am talking quite specifically about the subject line on this thread. it's not unsurprising that not many people are posting on it, really, given the tone.

AitchTwoCiao · 12/05/2008 16:07

i also agreed that the mother is amazing, and i think that another subject line would be less off-putting.

FioFio · 12/05/2008 16:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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