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Boris or Ken - ramblings of a undecided voter - please help

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K20 · 29/04/2008 10:25

I want to vote for Ken (despite him being the labour candidate) again as I think he has worked hard to give London a modern identity and increase tourism, promoting London with good advertising and events.

Why should Boris the Buffoon ride his coat tails and be given all Kens good work to flag wave as his own? Crime, Environment, Housing, Greenbelt etc, obviously whoever is chosen will do their best for London - its all hot air to win votes, these type of changes will be made by whoever is London Mayor.

I feel I voted Ken in with gusto a few years ago on a wave of London Pride (not the beer) and that I should give him the job again. He's fearless of Government and will not be dictated to unlike ......

opinions please

OP posts:
TheBlonde · 29/04/2008 10:30

Ken will not be getting my vote
Fed up of tax bill for the assembly, price rises on tube, him paying his mates, worthless jollies for him to South America
I would like to see bendy buses scrapped and motorbikes allowed in bus lanes

DeeRiguer · 29/04/2008 10:33

yes its the fact he is the official labour candidate this time that i cant stomach, and what he did to the beloved route masters, that was unforgiveable in my book

i cant vote for ken nor boris

did you get the leaflet recently? there are other candidates, it will give you a laugh at least...but it does not inspire..

sorry not much help

southeastastra · 29/04/2008 10:33

i'd vote for brian no way would i vote boris, haven't you been watching the debates

orangina · 29/04/2008 10:33

hear hear theblonde.... but don't know what to do with my vote? Apart from make sure Ken doesn'[t get it....

K20 · 29/04/2008 10:37

I believe Ken will bring Routemasters back - it's such a London icon and keep the bendy buses. They are great to keep commuters moving on the mornings in central london

OP posts:
breadandroses · 29/04/2008 10:38

why the feck are BNP first party

in booklet thingy [cross]

southeastastra · 29/04/2008 10:39

because it's alphabetical

DeeRiguer · 29/04/2008 10:40

why would he bring them back seeing as it was he who disposed of almost all of them?
teh bendy buses may shift commuters but they are ugly and difficult for cyclists to overtake...
also he re-joined the party of war
cannot and will not ever vote for that shower of murderers

orangina · 29/04/2008 10:41

I've got to do a bit of research... don't know what I'm going to do...

blueshoes · 29/04/2008 10:43

Desperate as well. No sure what to do.

TheBlonde, who would you vote for then?

foxythesnowfox · 29/04/2008 10:45

Well, Boris is a twat IMHO.

Ken might be a bit of a plonker, but I do genuinely believe he wants the best for London. And with the Olympics, he will do the best job for sure.

orangina · 29/04/2008 10:46

but the corruption that comes with ken? i couldn't possibly vote for that again...

MamaChris · 29/04/2008 10:52

I'm with foxy. Ken is a plonker, but genuinely loves London. To prevent this cosmopolitan city being represented by that prejudiced twat Boris, I will vote Ken.

hanaflower · 29/04/2008 10:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

foxythesnowfox · 29/04/2008 10:53

I don't believe any polititian comes squeeky clean though, either themselves or those around them. They are all corruptable, I think.

hanaflower · 29/04/2008 10:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southeastastra · 29/04/2008 10:56

i suppose brian is just concentrating on one area too isn't he, policing.

oh let ken have it again, we can all blame him for the olympics then.

DaDaDa · 29/04/2008 11:07

I'm not happy to vote for Ken this time. I think his arrogance has overtaken his ability to get the right things done. Boris would be a disaster though.

I'm going to vote for Paddick and probably Greens 2nd choice, but I am concerned I'll be letting that buffoon in and he's nowhere near as harmless as he makes out.

solo · 29/04/2008 11:08

I've already placed my vote and it wasn't for Ken. Look at how much the Olympic bill has gone up by from his first could he get it so wrong?! The Route Masters were going out anyway, largely because they couldn't get the parts anymore(I used to drive them and asked a few years before they were scrapped)though I don't think bendies were or are the answer, they are truly dangerous! Motorbikes should be allowed in all bus lanes too.
The Congestion charge has improved the traffic in London, but the cost for those that have to enter it is astronomical and should be reviewed.

Ken though, just like all the political persons, is just out to line his own pocket.

marina · 29/04/2008 11:13

While I think we could do with a change from Ken and there are aspects of him and his recent regime I really don't like, I honestly feel that Boris Johnson is not up to the job.
I like Brian and think that although his media campaign has focussed too much on policing, he has some good ideas on transportation too.
He'll get my vote. Not sure about second vote yet but I'll be using it.

IorekByrnison · 29/04/2008 11:19

This will help you to decide.

SydneyB · 29/04/2008 11:35

Boris is a fool. PLEASE DON'T VOTE FOR HIM. Ken is by far the best of a bad bunch. This article articulates my thoughts better than I can though: here


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southeastastra · 29/04/2008 11:36


girlfrommars · 29/04/2008 11:36


Boris is already taking money (free office space) from people and completely coincidentally saying he'd scrap the rules they're complaining about. I also think that anyone else coming out with racial comments like his would be toast- he seems to get away with it because of his 'blundering schoolboy' reputation.

I would not want my vote going to someone the BNP is recommending their voters choose as a second preference.

Brian seems rather good, but hasn't got a chance of winning. I'd give him my second preference vote.

Ken is annoying, whingey and very good at what he does.

malovitt · 29/04/2008 11:40

If Boris gets in, I will have to move out of London. He will be a disaster. How could anyone seriously vote for a man who, whilst editor, allowed an article to be published which stated that black people have a smaller brains and a lower IQ than other races?
Listen to him waffle on. He is clueless.

Vote Ken and Sian.

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