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Marc Bannerman beat hi girlfriend?

72 replies

DrNortherner · 25/11/2007 12:50


I find this really odd, tyhe whole falling in love with Cerys thing.


OP posts:
bossybritches · 25/11/2007 16:48

Wow didn't take her long to cash in on the "story" did it?

Saturn74 · 25/11/2007 16:51

So much for her claims that it would all be discussed behind closed doors.

Maybe she meant the closed doors of The Sunday Mirror offices?

Peachy · 25/11/2007 16:52


really sad if it happened, but why suddenly develop a problem with it now I wonder? very sceptical

noddyholder · 25/11/2007 16:54

I think the whole reality tv thing isd starting to implode and destroy itself.Every series now ends with some awful situation

IntergalacticWalrus · 25/11/2007 16:56

They said on TV the otherday that the whole thing is a set up.

It was on GMTV, so it must be true

MarvinSuggsAndTheMuppephone · 25/11/2007 17:00

The timing of her revalation is a bit odd isn't it? She is humiliated () on national telly and all of a sudden he is a wife beater.

If it is true, then I feel for her, but my sceptic radar is beeping away here.

Hekate · 25/11/2007 17:02

Well, if she's hurt and angry, what better way to lash out? Next she'll be in mews of the world saying how he has a 1/2 inch penis, wears women's underwear and couldn't get it up unless she pretended to be pingu.

bossybritches · 25/11/2007 17:04

Me too marvin!

Could be they were splitting up anyway (for whatever reason) & because he was a bit of a prat & humuliated her on national TV she's kicking off big time.

I can hear the producers of Celebrity rubbing their hands from here!!

Elizabetth · 25/11/2007 17:06

HIm beating her up was reported in the papers before this so it's not all of a sudden he's a wife beater. Also if you read the report she reported it to the police and they pressed charges - all in the public domain before IACGMOH.

I can't believe people think she's lying. The guy is obviously a complete scumbag.

Hekate · 25/11/2007 17:11

So it was a drink fuelled argument that got physical (no excuse of course) which she forgave him for (I bloody wouldn't have). So she's not telling her story about it now because of the attack itself, but because she is hurt angry and humiliated...understandably so.

NomDePlume · 25/11/2007 17:12

Gawd, this really is torrid tabloid shite, isn't it ?

bossybritches · 25/11/2007 17:14

Not justifying it at all Elizabeth, but why bring it up now as if it's news, suits her as Hekate said because she's been hurt, & she's an actress so any publicity is good publicity.

Elizabetth · 25/11/2007 17:14

Here's a report of what happened that was published in 2006. He attacked her. It's scary to hear women defending violent men.

She ended up with bruises on her face. Marc Bannerman on TV at least looks massive and apparently likes to use his fists on women.

bossybritches · 25/11/2007 17:15

NDP- jusut what the producers/directors want isn't it?

Makes people talk about it & watch the programme, good for viewing figures, it's all a game!

Elizabetth · 25/11/2007 17:16

He's just humiliated her on national TV. Why not bring into the public domain what kind of a man he is? She's probably well shot of him but Cerys needs to watch out.

If she'd published her story in Relationships here, people would be supportive and outraged on her behalf. I don't really understand the different reception.

NomDePlume · 25/11/2007 17:16


bossybritches · 25/11/2007 17:17

They were both drunk & she withdrew her charges & the case was dropped. Boith as bad as each other when drunk I should think!

Peachy · 25/11/2007 17:17

Eizabeth- nobody defended violent men. We can't all be aware of every news story that ahs ever happened and it DOES seem suspicious with the timing!

MarvinSuggsAndTheMuppephone · 25/11/2007 17:19

Well if it is true then I am sorry and I take back what I said.

However why wait until now to go to the papers with it? Like Hekate said, what he did was unforgivable and if I were her I would have left him there and then. The timing of her revalations still cause me to raise an eyebrow.

bossybritches · 25/11/2007 17:19

For heavens sake this is a report in the Sunday Mirror!

Hardly worthy of a serious conversation- save your outrage ladies for genuine abuse & violence!

Elizabetth · 25/11/2007 17:22

Actually people have been quick to accuse his poor girlfriend (who has already been treated horribly by his humiliation of her in public) of lying, Peachy. Now bossybritches is saying they are both as bad as each other when he attacked her so violently he left her bruised.

The police took it seriously enough to continue with the charges after she'd dropped them but people here are happy to brush what happened aside.

bossybritches · 25/11/2007 17:30

We don't know the facts Elizabeth & the one thing we do know is it's VERY convenient timing. I'm the first to condemn violence but I also know that every man is not a drunken bastard & every woman is not a manipulating bitch .......but there are some of both in all walks of life.

I for one can not take this at all seriously & will continue to watch this story unfold from the sidelines with all the others.

Good for you for being so passionate about it all but it exhausts me!


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LittleBella · 25/11/2007 17:37

We do know the facts.

He beat her up and the police arrested him and pursued a prosecution.

They didn't prosecute her. They obviously didn't agree that they were both "as bad as each other".

Also, he wasn't treated for injuries. So medical staff also didn't find that they were both "as bad as each other".

The evidence for them both being as bad as each other, is a little thin.

Elizabetth · 25/11/2007 17:37

I guess I feel differently because I heard about this on another site before his girlfriend went anywhere near the papers, bb. The facts we do know are that her face was bruised, she felt it was serious enough to call the police at the time, she decided to drop the case but the police wanted to continue with the court case (so they obviously thought it was serious too). He's not a nice man. I don't believe in stereotypes but I do believe it's possible to judge people's actions.

bossybritches · 25/11/2007 17:54

Lb - she says he beat her up (& later dropped the charge)

The police have to persue a prosecution these days because otherwise it's seen as an unsolved crime & is bad for figures. They don't always want to.

From what I read in the link Elizabeth posted neither went to hospital & she cannot remember how she got the bruises.She would have been seen by the police MO as would he if the police thought it necessary.

None of us have seen a crime sheet or read a hospital treatment sheet so cannot comment other than on what we have read in the media which at best is often biased.

I don't automatically jump to defend the "defenceless" woman anymore having worked in A&E for years & been married to a police officer called to more domestics than you have had hot dinners.

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