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Friday FLY

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BiancaCastafiore · 18/04/2008 07:52


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BiancaCastafiore · 18/04/2008 07:54

Babystep day 10

OP posts:
BiancaCastafiore · 18/04/2008 07:59

Morning all

Tort hope dd feels better this morning and you are able to go swimming x
Ruby I know the disappointment of shopping but finding nothing that fits - soooo annoying!

I'm tired this morning.
I thought the weather was supposed to be bad so was planning a bit of a duvet day but so far the morning is looking lovely.
Ds has just woken up saying his tummy feels a bit better so fingers crossed the bug has passed.
I need to get the house tidier today as it's starting to affect my sanity! I'm going to get my routines done properly (have slacked off over the holidays) and try to restore some order.
I could do with mopping all the floors so will do the mission too, hopefully.
Dd wants to make playdough...

OP posts:
sagacious · 18/04/2008 08:04

Morning !
Just checking in for later !

DontDreamItBeIt · 18/04/2008 08:32

Morning...just bookmarking for later. Toddler grop this am, so catch you all this afternooon.

Shannaratiger · 18/04/2008 08:34

Morning all

Bianca Thanks for the thread. They forecast bad weather here today as well.
We are having a staying in day dd still has a v bad cough and me and ds have now got the cold
RR I can never find clothes to fit, 5ft 10 wth 34" inside leg is too big for most main stream shops Hope you find something today. Hope DD1's tummy is feeling better today.
TMH sounds like you have a really busy day today, hope it all goes well, esp party fo 3yr old.

Need to do the mission today, haven't done the floors for ages, is my worse job. The hoplidays have also put my cleaning routines behind, not that they were any good before

Had better go and put DS back to bed, DD has only just got up as she didn't go to bed till 9:30 because she ptu herself to bed at 4 yesterday afternoon.

Hope everyone else a good day

Janni · 18/04/2008 08:57

Morning all
Bianca - making playdough and clean floors don't belong in the same sentence
My flat is a mess. Again.

First things first:

hang laundry and put clean away
tidy kitchen
DD morning routine
breakfast, get dressed
phone call re DS2

FunkyGlassSlipper · 18/04/2008 09:00

Morning Guys,

I soooo need to catch up on stuff so I'm going to set my timer today for first time in ages

intravenouscoffee · 18/04/2008 09:00

Morning all. Hope you're having a good day.
Shannara So at your long legs! Sure it must be a real pain getting trousers tho. I have the opposite problem and dread having to go shopping for trousers cos I know I'll just feel lke a shrimp and look like I've been in the dressing up box
DD slept really well last night and is practically crawling. She can go backwards and wriggle across the floor so is basically mobile, just not very fast! We're having a lazy day too. Need to pop to the shops for a few odds and ends but other than that just catching up on flying and taking it easy. Well, as easy as you can take it with a fairly mobile 8 month old. See you all later.

Simply · 18/04/2008 09:07

Hello to all. Just a quick post to say I haven't forgotten you, I've been busy and then away for a bit. Yesterday I was at home but was tackling my bedroom at long last! I am still at the decluttering stage on the whole house, I'm afraid. Still, once that's done (end of this year I reckon, what with work, kids, running the house etc), I hope to be a proper FLYer! Sorry that I'm not reading the threads properly so I don't really know how you all are. I only skim through for about 30 seconds a couple of times a week which is not enough to keep up with everyone, that's for sure! I do think of you all, though!

Right. Back to that bedroom. I really want to see a huge improvement by the end of the w/e - yes, it is that bad!

BiancaCastafiore · 18/04/2008 09:09

Good to see you simply

I have almost done my morning routine. We all just need to get dressed now.

OP posts:
TheMadHouse · 18/04/2008 09:12

Morning all

Not feeling my usually self this morning. I am really tired. It is so dark that I have the light on in the house and the boys are on a wrecking mission this morning.

I have done my morning routines, but had to use the TD as it is raining again.

I am 5 foot nothing with a really short inside leg.

Bainca Glas DS is feeling better
Shanna I wish I was tall
Janni Is DD OK?
IVC Awww I love this stage

Catch you all later

Ludaloo · 18/04/2008 09:24

Morning all

Just walked the school looked lovely from inside, but when we got out it was really windy! I have just come in now and my hair has stuck up and stayed there!

Bianca I'm pleased DS's bug seems to have passed. My DS has been complaining of a headache....I gave him some neurofen this morning and asked the teacher to keep an eye on him....he seems quite spritely other than his headache.

TMH I know how you fel...I am 5ft 4" and I have short stumpy legs.....I'd love to be taller too.

Simply Hi there....I keep meaning to email you to see how things are going....I'm glad all is ok

IC Awwww I remember the backwards wriggly phase...will be no time at all before she's off!

Big Hi to shanna and dream and saga and FGS

whispywhisp · 18/04/2008 09:37

Hi...I'm new to this thread. Can someone please explain the Fly thingy to me? Sorry for appearing ignorant! All I know is when I've got a house in order...tidy and clean...I always feel much happier in myself! x

TheMadHouse · 18/04/2008 09:44

Welcome Whispy Fly is a routine for cleaning, but this thread is much much more. It is my sanity, we chat and also some post lists of what to do and then post what they have done.

Read more about Fly here

You can use what you like, the theory is that you split your home in to zone and work on a specific zone each week, along with developing a morning and evening routine to keep the house ticking over.

whispywhisp · 18/04/2008 09:48

Thank you Madhouse. xxxxx

Well I'm off to pull the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard, load the w/machine and feed the kids...and then put the kettle on - although I think the caffeine fix is needed now rather than later so it'll be kettle first.

intravenouscoffee · 18/04/2008 10:08

Right, bathroom cleaned and morning routine done so I feel as if I'm getting somewhere! Not getting too worked up about the housework cos as you all say the wriggling stage is a lovely one so I'm just enjoying it and playing lots with DD- she's so happy now that she can get around a bit on her own
Welcome Whispy. I think most of us are on this thread cos we're not great fans of housework but love a tidy house and Fly lady makes it all managable.
DH was telling a friend of his at work about Fly and how much of a fan I was. She's been on the website and came to thank him the other day cos she'd sat down in the evening with a glass of wine and felt really pleased with how her house looked for the first time since she had her DS 16 months ago. Such is the greatness of fly. And being on this thread is lovely - no bitchiness or cliques, just lovely friendly Fly ladies. (Sorry, have only been flying for a couple of months and get a bit evangeliacal about the whole thing )
Right, off to wriggle on the floor and stop[ DD from eating her socks. See you all later.

Ludaloo · 18/04/2008 10:20

Hi whispywhisp I think the other two summed it up quite well.....come and join us all and hopefully you will see the benefits of a manageable home, and we are always here for help

BiancaCastafiore · 18/04/2008 10:27

welcome Whispy

Jannai you're right about the playdough and floor mopping combo Floor mopping will wait till this evening.

dd and I have made playdough - she's suprisingly into it considering her age (I thought she'd have grown out of it by now...) Ds isn't romotely interested - he's too busy playing on the playstaion. I'll have to encourage him away from it soon and perhaps have a walk to the shops/library/post office.

Off to put the 3rd load in the wm....

OP posts:
whispywhisp · 18/04/2008 10:30

Thank you intravenouscoffee (I like that name!) and Ludaloo.

I always feel more in control with a tidy clean house. It seems to set me up for the day. I can't stand clutter. I live with a DH who is a hoarder so we're often having heated discussions about the amount of rubbish he could throw out but insists on keeping. He has a workshop in the garden which is so full I can't even get my foot in the door. Every time I put something in the wheelie bin at the top of the garden I discover it in his workshop a few days later. His opinion is 'oh it'll come in day'. I must admit I can be quite ruthless when it comes to throwing out. I quite often blitz the kids rooms when they're at school and you can guarantee they don't notice and rarely ask where something has gone.

RubyRioja · 18/04/2008 11:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar · 18/04/2008 12:06

Hello you lot

EHM hope the pain is under control
TMH I quite like strange and quirky
RR I'm currently having a top crisis myself, Womens' tops are never long enough and I end up with a muffin top and I've lost my long cardi that skirts round a multitude of sins and I can't get another.
Welcome Whispy FLY is great my home is much more presentable and my head is kept sorted too. You'll like it here, the FLYers are just wonderful

Done all my morning routines, been to coffee morning, had my nails sorted, good chats etc. I feel really good now.

Ed is being farmed out overnight on Sunday so we can see a band in Manchester. I'm working out what I should leave with the neighbours for him (It's like mobilising an army tbh

So far I'll leave
My mobile number
MIL's details
A note saying the neighbour can act on my behalf in an emergency (Spot the person who works in childcare )
Pile of books
Paper and pen and writing book

Can you think of anything else?

Got to get them a nice thankyou pressy too. A bottle of wine or two?

sagacious · 18/04/2008 12:52

If sleeping overnight:

New clothes

Favorite cereal

Enjoy the band (anyone I'd know ? [nosy])

sagacious · 18/04/2008 12:54

Am off to tidy up

Today I have:

Gone to ds's school assembly
Found his hat
Written up and send out PTA notes

Errr thats it
The breakfast stuff is still out
The place is a mess (caveat not as messy as pre FLY .. Its the sort of mess 30mins proper work will fix)

So I am setting the timer for 10 mins and getting off here !

(welcome whisp BTW)

grouchyoscar · 18/04/2008 13:10

Saga I'm seeing Edgar 'Jones' Jones and the Joneses. Chances are you've not heard of them. If you were ever into indie bands in the Early 90s He was Edgar Summertyme in The Stairs

I'll go back under my rock and put my anorak on

whispywhisp · 18/04/2008 13:20

Hi and thank you to everyone who has welcomed me here. Its very kind of you all.

How I would love an evening out with my DH without the kids. Last time was when dd1 was about 3yrs that was 6yrs ago. Got a phone call half way thru the meal to say the spag bowl she'd had for her tea had made a re-appearance. Needless to say we had to leave our lovely cosy corner in the local pub and head home.

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