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Oh Goody gumdrops its the fabulous FLY thread, lets all put on our pinnies and dust our skirting boards !

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sagacious · 18/02/2008 08:05

Hurrah for it is Monday !

OP posts:
sagacious · 18/02/2008 08:08

Welcome welcome one and all !
Got to get the mini Sags off to school and nursery but will be back bright and breezy for my lovely house blessing

Cheerie bye byes for now

OP posts:
BabiesEverywhere · 18/02/2008 08:30

I was going to start FLYing today but I forgot DH has taken today off work so we can have an belated valentine date.

Nothing very exciting, as DD doesn't sleep at my mum's house so we have day date not evening dates. We are going out for a spot of lunch, shopping and properly the cinema. Then home to ignore the housework

I'll start properly tomorrow

PuppyDogTails · 18/02/2008 08:33

Babysteps Day 1 - I have shiny sinks

I'm really struggling at the moment with DS's early waking - I can't be doing with getting up before 6am but I can't seem to break the cycle. The main suggestion seems to be to cut out his morning nap so that he has a longer early afternoon nap. The problems with this are (1) with a 5:45am wake up, how is he meant to last until lunchtime? And (2) he invariably wakes up after 40 minutes at lunchtime even without his morning sleep (or 15 mins at most). The only way I can get him to sleep well after lunch is to go for a drive, but there are only so many times I want to drive for 2 hours early afternoon!

I am having to exert extreme willpower to stop myself posting on the anti thread again, how can people be missing the point so spectacularly?

I may do some more FLYing today, but it is babysteps after all, so I might just take DS down the park to enjoy the sunshine.

Have fun you bunch of oppressed women

PuppyDogTails · 18/02/2008 08:37

Have a nice day Babies , I'm sure there are more interesting things to do with a house to yourself than FLYing!

intravenouscoffee · 18/02/2008 08:49

Morning everyone. Have tried a proper morning routine for the first time and so far have put the first load of washing on, made and eaten breakfast and washed dishes, got myself and DD dressed and scrubbed the high chair. Am feeling most proud of myself. Admittedly this was all helped by DD deciding to get up at 5.45 - Puppydog I feel your pain!

intravenouscoffee · 18/02/2008 08:51

I have no idea what's going on with the whole anti-thread. I've only been doing Fly for a couple of days (so time will tell if I manage to stick with it) but already I feel better about my house and therefore better about myself generally. I'm sure there are people who don't feel irritated by a messy house but unfortunately I'm not one of them so if Flylady will help me sort my house out then all credit to her. And my sink has never looked shinier

Simply · 18/02/2008 08:52

Morning all and thanks for the thread sagacious.

A belated valentine date sounds lovely BabiesEverywhere.

PuppyDogTails I'm afraid my two are teenagers so I've forgotten about little ones and their naps and mine didn't wake up early. You've tried the white noise stuff, such as washing machines, dishwashers and the hoover to lull him to sleep, have you?

Dd wants to declutter her room today and ds has something on for most of today. I don't have work as there is no school. A funny thing happened twice in the night. There was a short, loud noise like something falling. I wondered if it was a walking boot from the shoe rack as I couldn't find anything when I walked around upstairs. Our dog didn't bark so she wasn't worried by it but it was noisy enough to wake up both dh and I.

Right. I'd best crack on. I'll feed the birds and then get showered I think.

Done list:-
~ investigate noise in the middle of the night!
~ feed a neighbour's fish and cat (not one to the other) - Oh dear, I'm in a silly mood today!
~ have breakfast and take tablets
~ fold a load of washing and put a load in the w/m (everyone returned home yesterday so I'll have a bit to do today)

See you later!

TheMadHouse · 18/02/2008 09:00

Morning all

The sun is shining and my boys are already at war - DS1 poured a jug of water over DS2 in bed to wake him again this morning - so all his bedding etc is in the wash. Oh the joy of two year olds

Mourning routine done, but it is half term here, so none of our organised activities are on, can not cope with staying in the house, so I have my thinking cap on. It is too frosty for the palk - all will be wet and icy it was -8 last night brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I am going to read the anti fly thread, but I think we should all just ignore it. They are getting so wrapped up in the wrong part of it - balls to them all.

Re the early waking, how about a drink of water nad then putting backdown. How old?

Babys a date day sounds wonderful to me, I may have to suggest that to DH.

Simply · 18/02/2008 09:03

Morning ic. I'm pleased to hear it is working for you to date. This is a great thread for friendship and motivation so I don't use the FLY site except for a quick look now and again and I don't receive the e-mails. This thread is enough for me and I was just thinking last night (prompted by dh who said "Hmm this room is looking a lot less cluttered, isn't it?") that the house is coming on well.

I like to check if I've just x-posted with someone but I really am off now. Time to get ds up and ready to leave in an hour.

sagacious · 18/02/2008 09:21

forgot mission

Twitters .. silly me

OP posts:
BabiesEverywhere · 18/02/2008 09:23

TheMadHouse, do suggest it to your DH. It is so nice to get out together and have an adult conversation without a (wonderful very loved)toddler underfoot.

PuppyDogTails, Congrats on the shiney sink Feels good when you get up tomorrow and it is still there clean.

Simply, The fish to cat thing made me laugh, please keep being silly we need more humour in our lifes I don't use the Fly emails either, I did make some lovely Fly lists last time, going to dig out my folder today to review before tomorrow.

sagacious, What a lovely happy mood you are in today

intravenouscoffee, Don't get bogged down by the anti-fly thread. That is a great thing about Mumsnet, opinions run very differently at times. The tide will turn against something/one else today

BabiesEverywhere · 18/02/2008 09:25

I am so ignoring today's mission...our room is the last really cluttered room left to do and the underbed would take hours to clear...maybe I should do 15 minutes daily on it starting tomorrow.

Mainly craft stuff, no time to do it these days but I don't want to chuck it.

EHM · 18/02/2008 09:26

Morning All

Welcome to any newbies & hello to all my usual fly friends.

saga thanks for the thread love the title
babies belated valentines date sounds fabEnjoy what a lovely DH.
TMH I agree with you I am not going to read the anti-fly thread I know I will be at the comments & really don't give a shit about these people & what they think!
puppy good luck with baby steps & enjoy the sunshine with ds.
IChope you get some rest after that very early start.
simply hello you, we keep missing each other
The fly thread is fab for me & the friendships are invaluable. Thank you ladies
Not around much busy week with being chained to the sink, keeping the house to the level of a stepford wife just incase we get another viewing.
Clinic tomorrow & ellie's bust social calender has half term over here.

Hope all of you & your lo's are well.Have a good day all.x.x

morningpaper · 18/02/2008 09:28

The problem with the sun shining is that everything looks FILTHY

I actually looked at my skirting boards today - they are DISGUSTING.

EHM · 18/02/2008 09:29

will hoover & wipe down surfaces/window sills in bedroom. no need to declutter, we have declutter our house so much we have very little left

morningpaper · 18/02/2008 09:30


It's single brick so it's minus 15 there today

I've got about six weeks of veg boxes piled up - and they are full of rotting veg

And I'm over-wintering my 5 foot banana plants in there

Things have got SLACK I tell ya

sagacious · 18/02/2008 09:30

babies just do the 15 mins, you know it'll make a difference.

Waves to ehm hope you're ok .. are you still on injections ?

Right I am procrastinating
Have set my timer for an hour and I will have done the bleurghing

I will
I will
I will

OP posts:
EHM · 18/02/2008 09:32

hello to morningpaper saga yes still injecting....hopefully tomorrow they will give us a date/day for embryo transfer following by a very long wait. Hope all is well with you...are you still wearing your flower as promised?

sagacious · 18/02/2008 09:33

Morningpaper I hope you've scraped up the cheese, you slattern

OP posts:
DoodleToYou · 18/02/2008 09:34

Message withdrawn

sagacious · 18/02/2008 09:35

Flower has morphed into a rather charming bag accessory (it scarily looks rather cool!)


OP posts:
intravenouscoffee · 18/02/2008 09:49

Agree with Morningpaper - my windows look horrible in the sun. However, have other things to do today so will try to ignore them. DD asleep finally (think she has given up sleeping for Lent)so am having a quiet 5 minutes to check MN and emails. BTW does anyone know if there's anyway of getting the Fly emails to arrive at GMT rather than American time? I'm not keen on an email telling me to go to bed but especially not when it arrives at 4am. Even I'm not that useless!

morningpaper · 18/02/2008 09:51

yes windows looks terrible

also the sunlight shows up DUST everywhere


TheMadHouse · 18/02/2008 09:58

Waves to all the newbies. Fly is great, just done subscribe. I just use the missions and the system and these lovley's

Well I have another load in the washer and the slow cooker on so we will be off out soon.

Sun and windows - oh we have blinds hides all that - he he he and also with fly I have no cobwebs.

EHM Hope all goes OK with the clinic

glitterfairy · 18/02/2008 10:00

My windows have just been cleaned (smug emoticon). Actually I am on holiday so was woken up by it!

Am going to have a good day and this is my list.

Tidy and clean kitchen
Sort out my bedroom
Clothes sorting

Also my friend is coming round whose husband died two weeks ago and we are spending time together so ds has made her a chocolate cake. Her ds is coming as well who is 13.

Hello everyone I love the sunshine at the moment it is getting lighter as well

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