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Oh Goody gumdrops its the fabulous FLY thread, lets all put on our pinnies and dust our skirting boards !

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sagacious · 18/02/2008 08:05

Hurrah for it is Monday !

OP posts:
Shannaratiger · 18/02/2008 10:03

Morning all
Saga you sound nice and cheery this morning. Is that because your DC's are back to school?
Babies on day date. Great idea though.
Puppy one of mine usualy wake at around six so i understand about the early waking. Have fun at the park when every where defrosts.
icoffee well done on the morning routine, it definately makes a good start to the day, even if that's all you manage to do.
TMH for you and DS2, which one is 2?
Simply enjoy a whole week of DC's but no work

Well the morning routine is done. 2nd lot of washing in the machine and 1st lot out on the line , it was frosty and freezing hanging it out.
It's so nice not having to worry abotu getting organized for 11am trip to playschool. DS hasn't had a nap yet as don't have to wake him back up at 10:30.
DD & DS are both in good moods, they were playing together with the weeble castle earlier . Brought DD a pack of night garden knickers yesterday, didn't imagine a 1.50 pack of knickers could make someone so happy
Anyway DS is wanting attention and DD has lost her glue.
Have a good day
Have just realised that all the symbol keys on the keyboard are mixed up !? v. confusing

RubyRioja · 18/02/2008 10:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Simply · 18/02/2008 12:15

Hello to all.

I've only dd at home today Shannaratiger. Ds is out most of today and I need to pick him up late afternoon. Tomorrow and Weds I've work as usual and they've got school (as half term was last week) - well, ds has something on as well as school so I'll have some running around to do but I can survive that. So long as I can manage to park near work again afterwards, of course. Hey ho. Actually, I did bring some work home analysing figures and information ready for a presentation I have to make in about a fortnight. I'd better do some of that today. I might ask dd to help me. I did that a couple of years ago when I had a deadline. I picked her up from school and took her back to work with me. She said she couldn't believe how boring my work was! I've now changed roles so it'll be interesting to see what she thinks of it. I love it!

Simply · 18/02/2008 12:17

EHM Sorry, I forgot to include this in my last post. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow.

ludaloo · 18/02/2008 12:30

Hello all

Have still not actually done any house work..apart from washing...but must get on with it.

Dh is taking the afternoon off work, and we are all going to the beach

Hope all is well xx

cleaninglady · 18/02/2008 12:55

peeks head round door
I have been lurking for months on these threads the anti-fly thread prompted me to come out of the closet

Right, here goes..
On the surface Im tidy/clean etc etc but behind closed doors (kitchen cupboards/drawers/wardrobes etc etc) its a whole other story !
Can this flying stuff help me with that or is it more suited for normal cleaning/tidying around the house?

I have a (could be) lovely utility room that is drowing under "stuff" and laundry and I really cannot get it under control so that is my first test - any ideas ladies?????

FunkyGlassSlipper · 18/02/2008 13:05

Hi Guys,

I've been at work this morning but did load the w/m and d/w before I went.

DDs have had lunch. I need to do an online shop in a minute and then will work through my routine.

welcome to anyone new

sagacious · 18/02/2008 13:05

I have in true 1950's housewife style:

Cleaned (lovingly) ds's football boots
Swept (dutifully) the kitchen floor
Sorted (throughly) the laundry
Dealt with the post
Picked up dd from nursery (exclaimed over the brilliance of her sticking a cut up birthday card to a piece of paper)
Read the paper and had a cup of coffee (fairtrade with organic milk)
Organised 2 playdates and replied to party invites (my life ..oh the social whirl!)

My hair sadly doesn't suit ribbons, am tempted to try out a pipecleaner decked 'up do' in the style of ds's pipecleaner valentines flower now adorning my bag.. would that be too much ?

Hello to doodle

OP posts:
sagacious · 18/02/2008 13:08

cleaninglady welcome !
15 mins, pull out a drawer/tidy a heap whatever needs doing the most.

OP posts:
ludaloo · 18/02/2008 13:26

Hello to cleaninglady
I'm glad the other thread didn't put you off

FLY will help I am sure. Just babysteps will help you to get on top of things.
And yes it will help with all the stuff behind the closed doors!
Have a good look on the FLY site

Personally I would blast the utility room and get it tidy...might be a good place to start...but FLY would probably tell you to do it bit by bit

JingleyJen · 18/02/2008 13:29

not been in for a while but still FLYing High.. I love it and will evangelise to anyone who wants to listen.. if they don't want to hear it then I won't waste my breath

Hope you are all well.. will try to catch up on threads soon,
J x

mummag · 18/02/2008 13:44

what does fly mean, sorry to be dim but dont understand at all.

sagacious · 18/02/2008 13:46

see here for FLYLADY

OP posts:
Bewilderbeast · 18/02/2008 14:04

afternoon all

hope all are well. Hopefully I will be back in decent FLY mode today after the debacle that was last week.

I have read the anti-fly thread. I am not posting on it because I think I would be rude. No one makes me FLY, I choose to do it, it helps me stay organised and I love talking to all of you and the moral support that we can give each other. Nuff said!

washing put away
ds dropped off at granny's

I am feeling very broody today

FunkyGlassSlipper · 18/02/2008 14:21

I need some motivation...

sagacious · 18/02/2008 14:23

Get off that bloody anti fly thread FGS !

Don't you have dusting to do ?

Stern look

OP posts:
PuppyDogTails · 18/02/2008 14:32

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the antiFLY thread has actually brought a few people out of the closet! Hello cleaninglady, I think I've seen you on the Cheshire threads, are you near me?

I'm just back from a 2hr drive to make DS have a decent afternoon nap - it worked, I just dread to think how much it has cost me in petrol!

sagacious · 18/02/2008 14:40

puppydog how old is your ds (ie would he sleep in a stroller?) That way you could rock him to sleep at home (I used to put on the same cd .. Dido if I remember god it was dull) and then have a chance for some time for yourself (I speak from experience on this one)

And you're not wrong I suppose I should bump it and thank Madamez for the free advertising

OP posts:
PuppyDogTails · 18/02/2008 14:56

He's 9mo so yes, he would and does sleep in his stroller. The main problem with his napping is that after 30-40 mins he's often wide awake and the challenge is getting him to sleep again. He goes straight back to sleep in the car, sometimes does in his stroller, hardly ever does in his cot. I'm just trying to enforce a routine at the moment (one nap after lunch) and thought the car was probably the safest way of ensuring a good nap. He'll be starting nursery soon when I go back to work and their routine is one nap after lunch. I should probably have taken him for a long walk given how delightful the weather is today, I was just being lazy!

FunkyGlassSlipper · 18/02/2008 15:00

puppydog. at 9mo boith my DDs had 2 x 40 min naps but no more. Some babies just arent meant to sleep more. Sigh.

OK, just got the washing out of the machine, but it's half term here and I've been planning how to entertain the kids.

DD2 is only just on the mend and still very clingy. DD1 is being a star - she is so helpful sometimes and I cant believe she's 4 next month!

PuppyDogTails · 18/02/2008 15:04

FGS I'm just trying to lengthen it because a few people have suggested to me that it might help with his early waking (usually 5-5:30am). I'm that desperate that I'm prepared to try anything! I'm not asking for much, a time starting with a 6 would be fine!

FunkyGlassSlipper · 18/02/2008 15:06

what time does he go to bed? and what time does he nap?


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PuppyDogTails · 18/02/2008 15:14

His day has been:

Wake say 5:30am
Nap around 8am for about 40 mins
Nap around 2pm for about 40 mins
Bed around 7pm

I'm now just trying to change his naps so he has a longer one after his lunch, today he went to sleep at 12:10pm. I'll take him for a bath around 6:15pm, he'll have a story, breastfeed and bottle of milk around 7pm. He then usually sleeps through until morning, often wants one small feed in the night so I don't think his early waking is out of hunger.

TsarChasm · 18/02/2008 15:20

Can someone please explain this Fly thing to me.

I have looked on the site and there seemed soooo much to read through I gave up.

The only thing I got was that I should shine my sink. How does that tidy up the whole house and de clutter everything? I don't get it (but I sort of want to )

PuppyDogTails · 18/02/2008 15:22

The place to start TsarChasm is with the babysteps, this gets you going slowly and explains how the rest works as you go along.

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