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Washing machines - which brand?

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Mañanarama · 16/01/2023 20:19

My washing machine died today. I’m delighted because I hated it. It was an Indesit eco water balance thing that used a thimbleful of liquid unless I did a 4 hour wash. Slight exaggeration but you get the drift. Anyway, I need a new one asap.

Question 1: what brands are good/crap? The engineer said in his experience LG are the best. Can anyone with an LG tell me if there’s a short ish 40° or 60° cycle?

Question 2: it was silver. The matching tumble dryer is also silver but is 7 years old. There is a dearth of silver appliances, they’re nearly all white or dark grey/black. The rest of the kitchen is white so do I get a white washing machine or will it look weird with a silver tumble?

It’s frying my brain and my husband is getting irritated with me faffing about and showing him pictures so please help me make my mind up!! Budget £350-£450.


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OP posts:
Lily7050 · 04/02/2023 12:54

Wildeheart · 20/01/2023 16:23

I know you have a separate tumble dryer but I have a Bosch Serie 6 10kg/6kg washer dryer and it is honestly the best machine I’ve ever had! You put a load in and when you come back it’s washed and dried perfectly. Super silent too. I recommend it to everyone!

I had the same washer/dryer (Bosch Serie 6 10kg/6kg) since 2019. It died in the beginning of January. It is over one month, trying to repair it through John Lewis Added Care, The Warranty Group and Capital Repairs. Both The Warranty Group and Capital Repairs are crap. I am in search of a new washer dryer and hoping to sell Bosch to someone for parts maybe.

Izzy24 · 04/02/2023 13:01

John Lewis completely useless re faulty goods. I now only buy from local appliance shop.

Lily7050 · 04/02/2023 13:02

@Spottiwatty : which washer dryer did you buy after discarding Bosch Series 6?

Nannyfannybanny · 04/02/2023 13:11

In the past,had a lot of different makes. At the moment I have the LG True steam,9kg. Most items washed on 30 minutes wash cycle, cold water. I had an LG before that for 15 years. It wasn't cheap,20 years ago it cost £500 in a sale, but lasted us and 4 kids, towelling nappies, then the grandkids, when the kids moved out and had kids. Bought from John Lewis because of the 5 years guarantee.

seratoninmoonbeams · 04/02/2023 13:15

Always had Bosch or Zanussi. Well. One of each as they lasted so long. My most recent one is an LG 10.5kg and it's excellent. Does a 14 minute wash which you can increase the spin and temperature so it ends up about 28 minutes and has a spin only option etc etc.

Ohnonevermind · 04/02/2023 13:45

I’ve a miele, it’s seventeen years old and still going strong, the engineer said it had done 23,000 hours (a beko averages 3,000) in his experience. He expects the miele to do about 30,000 hours so spending more upfront can be cheaper in the long run.

Lily7050 · 04/02/2023 17:45

@Ohnonevermind : as pp mentioned Miele reduced their warranty to two years. I guess they do not expect the new machines to last long as the older ones.
@seratoninmoonbeams : LG on your link must be a good one. I cannot imagine AO doing 500+ fake positive reviews.

IbizaToTheNorfolkBroads · 04/02/2023 17:52

I've always been impressed with Bosch, but I'm intrigued by British made Ebac washing machines.

Velvetear · 04/02/2023 18:00

I have given up on Bosch they die just after the two year warranty. So went left field recently with a Haier. So quiet I have to check it is on, great cleaning so far...

Ohnonevermind · 04/02/2023 18:33

My repair man, says to avoid anything with too many fancy things you won’t use as this is where the money gets spent instead of the actual drum and motor.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 04/02/2023 21:32

I had a Bosch when the bigger drums were introduced about 16 years ago , 9kg . The machine itself was huge .
When it was gone , I looked at the new Bosch but they seemed flimsy ,
Bought a Miele - the drive belt shredded after less than a year . Not impressed . Got it fixed . About 5 years it leaked , badly .
Considering these are meant to last we considered repair or replace and replaced it .
I wouldn't bother with another Miele TBH.

Got a Hotpoint 10kg , huge capacity , good cycle range . I use the Eco-cycle overnight , it is very quiet , and there is an ultra quiet mixed cycle that takes 7 hours for overnight .

I put a KS 7.5 tog Supremely Washable M&S duvet in .

It has a dark glass door so I cannot see the washing sloshing about sadly .

Notplayingball · 06/02/2023 18:16

Hisense. 12kg drum capacity. Quiet machine. Perfect as I have four DC.

Imwalkingonsunshine · 11/02/2023 19:58

PinkButtercups · 16/01/2023 23:13

We have a Hoover in black.

I like it except the fact it sounds like it's trying to leave terminal 5 in Heathrow on a spin cycle.

I've got one in graphite and its exactly like yours. It washes well but it's a racket on the spin

goingtotown · 12/02/2023 16:16

We had a Hoover from it was awful the 1400 spin danced around the floor & left the clothes soaking wet. After a week AO changed it for a Bosch, the spin is excellent & so quiet.

VickyMumsnet · 14/02/2023 13:18

Hi @Mañanarama, just wanted to pop on with our link to our dedicated Swears By page for the best washing machines for you or anyone still looking. 🙂All our model and brand recommendations come from Mumsnetters and are updated regularly to reflect current stock. We hope you find it useful, and if you have any feedback, please get in touch. 💐

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