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Washing machines - which brand?

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Mañanarama · 16/01/2023 20:19

My washing machine died today. I’m delighted because I hated it. It was an Indesit eco water balance thing that used a thimbleful of liquid unless I did a 4 hour wash. Slight exaggeration but you get the drift. Anyway, I need a new one asap.

Question 1: what brands are good/crap? The engineer said in his experience LG are the best. Can anyone with an LG tell me if there’s a short ish 40° or 60° cycle?

Question 2: it was silver. The matching tumble dryer is also silver but is 7 years old. There is a dearth of silver appliances, they’re nearly all white or dark grey/black. The rest of the kitchen is white so do I get a white washing machine or will it look weird with a silver tumble?

It’s frying my brain and my husband is getting irritated with me faffing about and showing him pictures so please help me make my mind up!! Budget £350-£450.


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OP posts:
goinback · 16/01/2023 22:02

Had an LG that went faulty during lockdown and had no engineer to fix and no stock to replace was told 2/3 months so John Lewis replaced with a Samsung auto dosing machine which has been brilliant. Quick 15 minute program for small loads and it works out most eco setting for normal wash. Was shocked when a load took nearly 3 hours but used practically no electricity. 5 year guarantee and DP loves getting notifications from it on his phone.
DM has had a John Lewis own brand(AEG) washer for nearly 15 years with no issues .

SpaceCandyCoconut · 16/01/2023 22:06

My dad always said to look for the brand with the longest guarantee.
And also don't spend loads extra on a top of the range on because they'll be the same build quality as a cheaper one made by the same manufacturer, just with a few extra bells and whistles and programmes you probably won't use.
Better to buy bottom of the range model from a better quality brand.

Blowyourowntrumpet · 16/01/2023 22:11

I bought a Samsung eco bubble mainly because of the free 5 year guarantee. It's fabulous. I've had it six years and it's never gone wrong. The worst I had was a Hoover and I had an AEG which constantly broke down.

Yirk · 16/01/2023 22:18

Another vote for samsung eco bubble machine, best washer I have had, good choice of programmes.

Paddingtonthebear · 16/01/2023 22:27

Just bought a Bosch Serie 4 and pleased with it. It’s way better than anything we’ve had before

Copperoliverbear · 16/01/2023 22:33


Alfiemoon1 · 16/01/2023 22:35

Another vote for Samsung eco bubble

Pearfacebanana · 16/01/2023 22:36

We've recently had an LG.
It's shocking. Don't go there. Already been repaired, seal broke, regularly leaks.
I was a Bosch fan until ours set on fire! I would have a Miele if I could afford it.

byvirtue · 16/01/2023 22:41

We’ve got a Samsung, had it for 6 years still going strong. My favourite feature is the door in the door that you can open mid cycle and add that missing sock, or top you just spilled your dinner down. I use the bedding cycle for virtually everything at 1hr40 it hits the spot. Has a big drum so I do less loads in fact sometimes I struggle to fill it.

oakleydoke · 16/01/2023 22:41

Another vote for Miele. And if you visit their outlet page, there are usually some for the top end of your budget. Returns/refurbs but 30% off list price, two year warranty (same as new) and free delivery to anywhere in UK included. Also offer installation (£25) and removal of old appliance (£20) as additional costs.

The UK outlet is in Oxfordshire if you were nearby and wanted to go and look for yourself. But Google Miele Outlet and you'll be able to download the list of available stock. Updated every week so don't lose hope if there isn't the one you want!

Can't advise on silver models though Smile

spotddog · 16/01/2023 22:50

Was once a loyal Bosch fan. Last machine broke down in under a year. Service was appealing. I requested a refund after nearly 10 weeks waiting to have it repaired. Fortunately had purchased from John Lewis so no issue. Bosch are made in China, charge German prices.
Also had very bad experience with Boots who cancelled order for no reason and did not notify or apologise. My money was in their account while I was being given the runaround.
Whatever you decide, I'd go for white. You kitchen will look more streamlined. You may be able to paint tumble dryer.

mightymam · 16/01/2023 22:58

Wow. I had no idea boots did appliances! Thanks to the Pp recommending them :)

familyissues12345 · 16/01/2023 23:04

YourWinter · 16/01/2023 20:34

If you buy through Boots Appliances it comes from AO at the same price as AO but you get Boots Advantage points.

Oh bugger, wish I'd known that! Ordered a tumble dryer from them yesterday Sad

PinkButtercups · 16/01/2023 23:13

We have a Hoover in black.

I like it except the fact it sounds like it's trying to leave terminal 5 in Heathrow on a spin cycle.

paintitallover · 16/01/2023 23:15

I've always had mid priced Bosch but I think Siemens have the best reviews.

user12653085 · 16/01/2023 23:17

Dunno about the new Bosch machines but my current one has been on the go for 20 years...

Borborygmus · 16/01/2023 23:49

We had a Siemens which lasted 20 years. When it eventually failed we replaced it with a Bosch (which is part of the same group). The Bosch is pretty poor, very flimsily constructed in comparison with the old Siemens. There's no way it will last 20 years. So personally I'd avoid Bosch.

Mañanarama · 16/01/2023 23:54

I realised I have a 10% John Lewis reward which I can use, so I think I’m going to go for a Bosch 4. It’s white with a silvery door and I like the look of it. Most of the LG’s are out of stock. Need it fitting properly so will have to wait a week for delivery, though!

OP posts:
Mañanarama · 16/01/2023 23:56

Borborygmus · 16/01/2023 23:49

We had a Siemens which lasted 20 years. When it eventually failed we replaced it with a Bosch (which is part of the same group). The Bosch is pretty poor, very flimsily constructed in comparison with the old Siemens. There's no way it will last 20 years. So personally I'd avoid Bosch.

And then I read this…

OP posts:
808Kate1 · 16/01/2023 23:57

Top choice for me is Miele, they last forever. Like AEG as well.

Theoldwoman · 17/01/2023 00:29

I’m early fifties so have had a few machines inc borrowed one when I moved countries.

I have a Miele now and hands down the best machine I have ever had.

spotddog · 17/01/2023 00:52

Siemens were a fantastic brand. Unfortunately Bosch took them over. I'm using Siemens washer and dryer. Would not recommend.
If you can stretch to a Miele you will not regret it. They are built like a tank. If you have 20% off with John Lewis it would be worth investigating.

BerylOnTheBuses · 17/01/2023 01:08

I used to have a Miele but this time around I went for a Samsung (the one which you can stop and add small items to the wash that has already started via the door at the front). I love it!

Theoldwoman · 17/01/2023 03:51

My Miele can be stopped for those forgotten items.

Mañanarama · 17/01/2023 09:21

Miele is just a bit over budget, I’ve ordered a white Bosch from John Lewis for under £400 with my discount. Happy with that!

Thanks all.

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