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Shannaratinger · 03/01/2008 03:37

Morning all

babysteps day3

Back later

OP posts:
yaddayah · 03/01/2008 08:06

Morning Shanna !
Ds back at school today so all up and at 'em

Need to :

Sort out dining room (currently storage area for Xmas decs)
Keep on top of laundry
Usual routines
Properly clean kitchen floor
Wash dd's bedroom throw (cat keeps sleeping on it and it's covered in black fur .. yeuch)

Oh and Madhouse.. you are not responsible for your Mothers happiness.


DontDreamItBeIt · 03/01/2008 08:10


Back to school here too

Lunches done.
DDs are gtting dressed.

Back later too

Shannaratinger · 03/01/2008 08:15

Morning yaddayah and everyone else

Have toddler grp am, morning routine done inc. 2nd load of washing in and yesterday's clothes put away.

I've also got to clean the kitchen and bathroom floor, i hate doing it.
Also need to hoover all rooms, although can't see the carpet in ours as everything has been dumped on it, again = a big hotspot.


OP posts:
TheMadHouse · 03/01/2008 08:25

Morning all

Wow we have snow, I have dressed the boys accordingly padded trousers and jumpers.

Morning Routine

Up and dressed - Done
S&S - Done
Make Beds - Done
Empty Dishwasher Done
Wash Breakfast Pots
Hang Out washing/washing in dryer - Done
Sort out lunchtime meal - Done
Hoover and Mop Floors downstiars
Empty Bins - Done

Lunchtime Routine

Feed the boys
Tidy and wash lunchtime pots
Sweep dining room floor and clean table
Lunch for me
Sort Dinner for all

Busy day today as it is home bleuring for me.

Nothing for the children starts here until next week, DH has gone to work today, but is off tomorrow and monday to come to the hospital with me for my tests.

Anyway off to feed the children and then get DS1 to nursery and do some shopping - wish me luck never driven in snow before (only passed my test last year)

FunkyGlassSlipper · 03/01/2008 08:26

Morning all.

Morning routine done.

Back later.

ludaloo · 03/01/2008 08:55

Morning All

I was just about to ask if anyone had snow...have you got a lot Madhouse?
We have had severe weather warnings and there are big black clouds looming, but at the moment it is just really really windy! Wheelie bins all over the place, and a few trees have come down in the village.

I really want to crack on with the house today, but I have been volunteered (as usual) to clean the nursery (long story about a misunderstanding with the hall cleaner....who now refuses to clean the nursery room so it is left to the leaders and parents) I'm a bit miffed its me though...there are 11 other parents quite capable...and I was voted to do it in my absence!!! Plus non of my kids actually go there now!

Anyway, I had better get on...the sooner I get there the sooner I can come home.

Simply · 03/01/2008 08:56

Hello to all. I've just spent my MN time on the au pair threads so I've got no allowance left until I achieve something! I have found the school term dates and printed them off (for 07/08 and 08/09) for ds, dd and the au pair, so that's something. It should help with their forward planning.

Right. I'll come back once I've done the following:-
~ Showered and dressed
~ Stripped the beds and gathered all the towels for washing
~ Made a list of things to be done today - I have 3 things to return to shops/post and must do those today

Back later!

ludaloo · 03/01/2008 08:57

Oh and careful driving in that snow xx

Simply · 03/01/2008 08:58

luda That is not fair! My usual rule is that you do your bit when your children go to something but the new parents do their share and take over the tasks once their children start. Otherwise it is the same ones doing it all the time for years! It's not on. I will ring you, btw, re: this w/e. I hope I can find your number somewhere! I'll e-mail you if not.

SaggyOldBagpuss · 03/01/2008 09:02


Morning routine underway.

Dressed done
Dishwasher emptied done
Washing in done
Tumbling in done
Breakfast done
S & S not yet as ds needs to do teeth etc

Am off to Weight watchers this morning (wish me luck!!)
Then to church to take down the advent decs before sunday.

ludaloo · 03/01/2008 09:04

Oh its always the same simply...there are only a handful of parents that ever do anything regarding the nursery/school. I am usually roped in for pretty much everything because I'm too soft and don't object (I awlays do things in the hope of benefitting the children really)
Now DS is going up to the primary school, and DD2 doesn't start nursery until Feb, but I was put down to do it before the holidays (apparently)
Oh...and ring or email...that's fine
I'm out now though until after lunch though xx

ludaloo · 03/01/2008 09:06

Good luck with Weight Watchers bagpuss

yaddayah · 03/01/2008 09:28

luda Thats sooo cheeky ! Some people have no shame.. lazy sods !
Well done on going to WW bagpuss -
I am SO not getting on the scales, I have eaten and drunken (and boy was I drunken) soo much, am finishing up the Christmas goodies (well I don't want to waste good food then I'm on the carrot sticks and mad longing for chocolate diet

Gah !

Right need to get off MN and finish that toast and marmite (ahem.. I mean clean the kitchen)

Lazylou · 03/01/2008 09:35

Morning all. After my blinding start yesterday, I have only just got up (which is still quite early ) and am now going to tackle my jobs list for today, although I've got ante natal appointment at 11.20 so won't get that much done before I go. Have put on first load of washing and that is on atm.

As ide from my normal list, I have decided to be brave and tackle the mission this morning, seeing as the focus appears to be in the entrance (haven't got any of those other rooms). Have I got this right?? Or should I be doing something else?

BiancaCastafiore · 03/01/2008 09:37

Morning all

How exciting to have snow TMH We've been forecast snow later this afternoon so I hope some falls for the kids to enjoy. It's freezing outside at the moment. Hope you have a good day
Btw - you are not responsible for your mothers happiness x x

Luda about nursery for you. It's the same here - I ended up being stuck on the committee for 9months when I had no children at the pre-shool just because no-one else would take the role! I've avoided the school committees so far....

shanna Thanks for the thread and links

yadda, dream enjoy getting back to noramlity with the kds back at school

simply hello

I'd like to take the tree down today but the kids are insistant it stays up till tomorrow so I'll do my best to clear up around it.

Need to do
~laundry (as always)
~mission (but I'll freeze outside!)
~all the usual routines

Better start with getting the kids dressed.
See you later x

jellyshoeswithdiamonds · 03/01/2008 10:31


Can anyone just jump in here?

Grouchyoscar · 03/01/2008 10:39

Morning ALL

Been outside Ed wanted to play in the snow (snow, hah!) and I had to join in...before breakfast or a coffee I am frozen solid and I'm trying to defrost.

To chilly to get my routines going. I've done a few but I'm not doing too well.

I'm also severely hacked off by the foliage in the front room. DH decrees it remains until Sunday But it's blocking the shelves and the train basket so I can't really declutter the front room

I have Ed's room to sort out. We had a situation exaccerbated by Ed and DH and my poor DIY skills. DH left me feeling totally and utterly useless. DH has taken it down and left it, I as always have to clear up.

Sorry, I'm just feeling low and needed to rant. I'll be better in a couple of hours, honest

DontDreamItBeIt · 03/01/2008 10:50

Snow! [yuk] I do't like being cold.

GO I hope you perk up a bit later on.

jellyshoes - just shine your sink and join in We are regular FLYers and babysteppers all together. The babies are only on day three if you want to start there. Links at the start of the thread.

I've just had to go and get dd2 froom school. Eczema is causing problems, so dp has taken her ot his drs appoinmet. I just hope they agree to see them both. He doesn't realise how difficult drs surgeries can be.

Can' remember anythig else. Sorry.

I'm off upstairs to start on the dds room

jellyshoeswithdiamonds · 03/01/2008 11:23

dreamIT TY, how long have you all been flying? I found FL about 2 years ago, things are starting to get better around here, not perfect by a long way. I still have to keep on top of the d/cl and stop getting sidetracked tho.

List for today:-

~ coffee
~ errands
~ lunch
~ walk pup
~ feed pup
~ finish ironing clothes
~ put clothes away
~ d/cl :15
~ prep and cook tea (chicken pie)

BBL ~poof~

Bewilderbeast · 03/01/2008 11:49

Good morning all


rubbish out
kitchen floor swept and mopped
bathroom floor mopped

waiting in for a courier for another 15 mins and then I am off to M & S to pick up clothes for DS for the next year in the sale.

AnnaKeyrules · 03/01/2008 12:06

think I'm starting to get the idea, now!
the 15 minute missions seem a good idea.
I have to do some ironing, then after lunch I'll try 'the mission' then go out and play in the snow- all 2cm of it

FunkyGlassSlipper · 03/01/2008 12:09

Hi Guys,

Just having lunch then will do afernoon routine. No way I'm doing today's mission because it is freezing cold here and I'm not going outside again for anyone....

Sonnet · 03/01/2008 12:34

Hi Ladies - bit late signing in today

Had a great day yesterday even thogh at work - but DC stayed at GP's overnight which may have had something to do with it

Did all my chores for yesterday inc the mission and the book/mag task.

I am at work again today but here is my list:

Shine sink - done
Get all ready - done
swished and swiped - done
Made beds etc done
unload DW - done
unload WM and reload done
unload TD - put away or for ironing done
reload TD - done

all before work!
WORK - doing

Post work:
Fruit and veg shop
update money spreadsheet
Pick DC up
Prepare and cook supper
Spelling/reading book with DD2
Bath/bed routine
update new calender ( before I'm in feb!!)
Shine sink
Sort clothes out for tomorrow ( not at work yay!)
Load WM
Do mission

so how am i doing??

I am finding it hard doing the daily mission - should it only take 15 mins?

I'm popping out now to do the F&V shop....

tibni · 03/01/2008 12:45

Hi all,

Best laid plans and all that! dd covered head to toe in rash - she has very sensitive skin and the rash started new years day but I just started the usual cut out all fragranced products and applied aqueous cream.

Took her to dr and they are saying viral or allergy!

So only limited done so far today so off now to get more done.

Have a good day

Shannaratinger · 03/01/2008 12:49

Afternoon everyone

TMH hope your first drive in the snow went ok. i took my driving test in teh snow, i was v. worried about the emergency stop
We've also had snow forecast, but we never get much here thank goodness.
Luda would be really p*ed off if i was voluntered to do anything esp. clean a nursery that my dc's no longer go to. How's it going with teh au-pair?
bagpuss hope weight watchers went ok, you're v. brave going this close after christmas.
Lazylou hope the appointment went ok. Yes the focus this week is the entrance. The zones and missions have to be adapted to your situation eg. we've only got 2 bedrooms, no dining room and a shared entrance hall!
Grouchy you're brave playing outside in the snow that early. Leave the DIY to DH next time, we can't be experts at everything.

Hi jelly bewilderbeast & Keyrules.

Had better finish lunch, and get the floors cleaned.


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