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Shannaratinger · 03/01/2008 03:37

Morning all

babysteps day3

Back later

OP posts:
ludaloo · 03/01/2008 16:47

I have no idea why we are always so ill....
Maybe I'm a bit too anal about germs, but that's only because we are constantly poorly.
I woke up this morning with dodgy guts...and all the kids are making grim smells (apart from DD1 who absolutely insists the smells aren't she doesn't ever trump!) kids are so funny....I heard DD1 and her friend upstairs in fits of laughter, so crept up to see what they were so tickled about...
They were in some strange 6 year olds world, making up jokes, which weren't actually jokes...or funny at all, but they were both in stitches!

I caught my DD2...who is nearly 2 1/2 dancing like a member of the "Village People" to MIKA, and she was really going for it too, until she noticed me watching!

DS ...who is 4, just potters around in his own little world picking his nose a lot!

Kids....its funny what they do when they think noone is watching LOL!

Anyway...I am determined not to be ill all this year...maybe I just need to let a bit of muck gather??

Grouchyoscar · 03/01/2008 16:57

Ed's jokes

Why did the elephant go to the doctor's?

BECAUSE HE HAD A CRACKERBOX 'lots of really hearty giggles' {DH and me look at him like we've seen a surrealist painting

Grouchyoscar · 03/01/2008 16:58

His best one is

How does a monster count up to 15?

FunkyGlassSlipper · 03/01/2008 16:58

luda - DD1 (who is nearly 4) hast started picking her nose a lot...sigh.

Jas - (can i still call you that?) I get eczema too and it sucks. Your poor DD.

Have had a lovely time playing with DD2 while DD1 was on cbeebies website this afternoon. She is so good on it!!

I've also sorted through christmas cards and have a pile with new phone numbers/email addresses etc. The rest have been cut up for our scrap box and the white parts are all on the recycling box in the garage...

Will do evening routine later.

DontDreamItBeIt · 03/01/2008 17:01

They really are quite wonderful, our children, aren't they?

I do think that some people just pick up bugs more than others. I'm hardly ever ill, and the dds are the same as me. DD1 has only been sick once in her life. Not bad at 8!
DS always gets colds. I don't think there is much you cando to change it. Certainly not anyhing you haven't already done Luda

OTOH, I have a friend who is OC about housework and it made her dd ill as a baby due to the about of bleach she was using!

RubyRioja · 03/01/2008 17:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Grouchyoscar · 03/01/2008 17:08

Jas my mate who is an aromatherapist does the following cream

60ml aqueous cream
10 drops lavender essential oil
6 drops cammomile essential oil (Pricy, about £10 for a 10ml bottle but you get 10 drops per ml)

Mix together and apply a small amount to affected area

I did some for a workmate's son, His wife had tried everything inc chinese medicine. He said he put some on him at night and in the morning his DS was much better. As he said '400 years ago you'd have been burnt at the stake'...Lovely bloke, I miss him

TheMadHouse · 03/01/2008 17:11

Afternoon all

well the snow is freezing I hope Dh gets home OK. Took me an hour to do 2 miles this morning - people are pants. we had about 2 inches of snow and looks lovley.

I have managed most of my list bar the ironing and the mission, but I will try harder tomorrow.

go punchline please - pretty please.

Ruby My mother thinks mine are feral.

Luda dont worry sometimes you just can not help getting ill

FGS What do you use on your Exama?

Oh must dash boys are at war

DontDreamItBeIt · 03/01/2008 17:13

I'm happy to still be Jas.

I hav lavender and aqueous cream already. I'll get some camomile and try it out on me, thanks(mine is extremely persistan, where the dds seems o flare up for brief periods and then get better.)

Go on the GO. How does a monster count to 15?

Grouchyoscar · 03/01/2008 17:17

Jas Ed says:

It uses it's fingers

all his own work

Grouchyoscar · 03/01/2008 17:18

and that was for TMH too

yaddayah · 03/01/2008 17:37

grouchy Thats actually a really good joke !

luda I'm afraid I agree with jas (must stop calling you that.. dream) We don't tend to get huge amounts of DV yet my friend is constantly ill and anti bac's like .. well like luda

Ponders loo (well I did clean it yesterday , but my clean is a quick scrub after a dash of bleach, and a wipe with hot soapy water

God i'm actually boring myself writing this

ambles off to ponder

Gah !

yaddayah · 03/01/2008 17:45

gigglewitch Hope you have a bit of a lie in.. cleaning in the dark is always a bit for me
(can you tell from my posts I'm a semi reformed slattern!)

lazyloo Congrats on a good scan !
bianca we'll be in Devon .. can you wave as you're passing through ?

Hope everyone had a good day

I've just put out the recycling (reckon they'll need a lorry just for out stuff... and as for the wine/beer bottles...

Have a good night y'all

DontDreamItBeIt · 03/01/2008 17:48


You can call me Jas, but it will confuse all the FLYbabies I'll wait til everyone gets used to Dream and then change back[evilgrin]

Grouchyoscar · 03/01/2008 18:04

Dreamit I nearly called you Jelley

The kids at the old next door used to have snots and sniffles and D&Vs and everything thats going around and their mum used to clean non stop with dettol this and anti bac that. Great gran used to say that 'a bit of muck never harmed no one' I still remember a 10 mth old Ed eating mud out of a neighbour's flowerbed. Thing is, nothing ever sprouted on him

Yadda Loo cleaning at Grouchy Towers is a cistern block, a wipe round with a cloth, a loo brush down the pan, a mop round the base and if it's been good a squirt with a toilet duck if it's lucky

Cleaning up wee accidents is a dry with a towel, boiling water with disinfectant poured over then blotted off if a hard surface or clean towel and steam iron if on a soft surface until dry.

God I'm so slack

We can get too hung up on the actual ins and outs of the cleaning (says the MNer who'sbeen on the FLY thread for 8-12 months )

DontDreamItBeIt · 03/01/2008 18:10

That will really confuse everyone Grouchy

Grouchyoscar · 03/01/2008 18:14

Hey, I confuse myself most of the time (ref last post for an example)

DH home so I'll say night night to you all

Hang on who's this bloke in my home?

beautifuldays · 03/01/2008 18:17

hello everyone, haven't done much flying today as i had to go see to a friend who's had a bit of a crap time with her bloke
but have just checked the day's baby step and it's just to do the same as yesterday, so i am not behind after all

i am not going outside and cleaning my front door though, it is far to cold although we don't have any snow yet

well done everyone, you all seem to get a lot done!!

TheMadHouse · 03/01/2008 19:00

wow Ed is cleaver - it was a cool joke.

DH is home and the boys are behaving like monsters. DS2 is egging on DS1 and he is really pushing his luck. even DH resported to timeout.

I have yet another load of washing on and have managed to change the bed too.

Plan for this evening is to have a bath and then do the ironing while my hair dries.

So catch you all later

tortoise · 03/01/2008 19:42

evening all.
I ahve decided housework will have to wait until kids are back to school! I just can't keep up with their mess.
Off to cinema tomorrow.
We didn't get any snow.
Bianca Hope you found a nice holiday place. Fingers crossed for better weather for you this year.
I am pretty sure we won't be able to do our planned April (My 30th birthday!)Haven break. Couldn't book before and now probably too late plus am so skint at the moment i wouldn't even be able to pay a deposit. I will keep checking for any last min deals.

hope everyone is keeping warm. Blooming freezing here!

Bewilderbeast · 03/01/2008 20:13



WM unloaded and re-loaded with all my sale bargains for DS. he now has a wardrobe for at least the next year give or take a few little bits
All fed and watered
Shopping put away
kitchen cleaned and sink shone
DS asleep in his own cot (first time since the start of his latest illness so about 3 weeks)

DP and I are just about to sit down and pack all his baby clothes up to store away, I can't believe that he was ever that tiny

tortoise · 03/01/2008 20:39

Wow BB well done on your sales bargains. I haven't managed to get to one sale!

Well, i have looked on Haven website and i was right. Am too late. Uner booking it says payment in full due by today.
Oh well.
I know The Sun hols starts soon but the only date close to my birthday is the day after. Thats no good and because school hols its pretty unlikely we would get that one anyway.

I am so bloody useless at getting things organised in time. with myself.


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BiancaCastafiore · 03/01/2008 20:42

Good evening.

I have had another fairly FLY free day but remarkably the house is looking after itself pretty well so I guess I'm beginning to do the routines without thinking about them

I've just watched that Fake baby programme which was on channel 4 last night - very odd.

Grouchy Eds joke made me lol
Tort haven't booked anywhere yet, have made a few enquiries though so hope we get somewhere, we seem to have left it late this year, lots of places are booked up already!
Luda I'm sure your run of bugs is not a reflection on you - just bad luck.

BiancaCastafiore · 03/01/2008 20:43

Tort no need to be disorganised this year - you have your OM calender to keep you in check from here on

tortoise · 03/01/2008 20:48

yeah thats true! I just need to fill it all in.

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